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Best Co2 Cartridges For Air PistolPicking up the best CO2 cartridge can be difficult as thousands of products carry the same features. However, we make that part easier for you, we do the research, and you buy. CO2 cartridges are an ideal pick for air pistols as they allow you to shoot in rapid succession without the need to pump between shots manually. These cartridges are so small, light in weight, and come in compact sizes that one can easily carry. All these products listed below are compatible with any air pistol, paintball, or other device requiring a CO2 cartridge.

Best Co2 Cartridges For Air Pistol

Read this buyer’s guide till the end to know the best out of all.

1. Umarex CO2 Cartridges For Air Pistols

Umarex CO2 Cartridges For Air PistolsA value for money product. 


  • It renders clean, reliable power that doesn’t let your air guns break down and prevents the valves from clogging. 
  • With Umarex high-grade CO2 cartridges, the O-rings and seals do not deteriorate, thus increasing the gun’s life span. 
  • This cartridge ensures a lifetime of performance with its 12-gram capsules that are tested and proven clean.
  • The performance of the air gun’s valve and seals depends heavily on the cleanliness of the CO2.


2. Gamo Air Gun CO2 Cartridges

Gamo Air Gun CO2 CartridgesA decent compressed air for CO2 firearms.


  • This Co2 cartridge is the best pick for Air pistol and features a silver finish that will shoot up to 80 times.
  • This cartridge is compatible with an airgun, airsoft, paintball, and bike tire inflator that requires a 12gr CO2 cartridge.
  • Its CO2 power allows you to shoot in rapid succession without manually pumping between shots.
  • It is tested and proven clean, which means it does not dirty your air gun valves.


3. 16g CO2 Cartridges For Air Pistols

16g CO2 Cartridges For Air PistolsThe one with the highest quality of CO2 gas


  • The length of this cartridge is 3.05-inch and has the highest quality European CO2 gas.
  • It is built primarily to work with most co2 inflators that take non-threaded cartridges.
  • It has a great flow control mechanism and helps regulate and moderate the pressure of CO2 released from the cartridge.
  • It has a condensed design and is relatively light in weight and easy to carry.


4. Asura 12g CO2 Cartridges

Asura 12g CO2 CartridgesThe best cartridge for airsoft guns. 


  • It is best compatible with airsoft and paintball Gunn as it gives a consistent and robust power source.
  • It is ideal for paintball games and airsoft competition games as it does not require recharging. 
  • It lets you shoot in rapid succession and does not stop the game because your gun lacks juice.
  • It is designed for Airsoft, BB and paintball guns and is widely used in pistol and handgun style recreational devices.


5. Swiss Arm 12g Co2 Cartridge

Swiss Arm 12g Co2 CartridgeThe best in quality and quantity. 


  • Swiss Arm cartridges are of excellent quality with 12 grams each and compatible with all airsoft guns.
  • It gives you a snug fit and a solid seal for reliable, consistent performance when attached to any airsoft gun.
  • It comes with an added silicone lubricant that helps preserve the airsoft gun’s seals.
  • It has a strong potency from approximately 40-50 shots per cartridge at a blowback and 50-60 with a non-blowback.


After much research, my choice is the Umarex High-Grade CO2 Cartridges. It is made with precision that provides the best performance, depending on how you use it. 



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