Best Wireless Bike Speedometer & Odometer


Best Wireless Bike Speedometer & Odometer

If you are passionate about cycling, then you will be probably looking for the best gadgets for it. Some of the most useful things you should have for a nice cycling experience are a good quality Bike Speedometer and Odometer. There are a big number of brands providing cheap and multi-functional wireless bike speedometer and odometer, so you should choose the best one to have a complete cycling experience with an easy to use functionality. Check this list of the “Wireless Bike Speedometer & Odometer” and choose the speedometer and odometer for bike according to your budget, requirements, and use of your mountain bike or commuter bike.

Best Bike Speedometer

Bike Computer, Raniaco Wireless Bike Speedometer, Odometer for BikeThis combo of wireless bike speedometer and wireless bike odometer from Raniaco is the bestseller on Amazon in the category of Speedometers. This multi-functional, wireless bike computer will give a phenomenal experience of cycling.

Features of the Raniaco Wireless Bike Speedometer & Odometer are:

  • This cutting-edge, modern wireless bike computer comes with an easy-to-read LCD display, which helps you to read your statistics easily
  • It is a small sized, light-weight gadget with multi-functions
  • It has a waterproof and wireless design, which makes it more durable and convenient for use
  • The backlight can be set to complete white or green color
  • It has a built-in steel ball switch, which automatically wakes when receives signals
  • A perfect device for all kinds of bikes including commuter bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, etc.

CatEye Strada CC-RD300W Wireless Bike Speedometer & OdometerThe CatEye Strada CC-RD300W wireless bike computer is the best gadget to complete your cycling experience. The Cateye speedometer is optimized for consuming low power and delivering elegant performance.

The CC-RD300W CatEye Speedometer & Odometer have features like:

  • It is sleek, lightweight and elegant wireless bike computer
  • Fits in all handlebars and stems from a size range of 22 to 31.8mm
  • It has a bright LCD display with an easy to read numerals
  • It is an 8-function wireless bike computer with a universal handlebar and sensor mounts
  • It displays current speed, average speed, total distance, time consumed, clock, etc functions for a convenient use
  • It includes two CR2032 batteries

Blusmart® Waterproof Wireless Bike Odometer & Speedometer with LCD BacklightBlusmart has designed this waterproof combo of wireless bike speedometer & odometer which has a sensor and receiver distance of up to 60CM. It can be easily mounted vertically or horizontally on your commuter bike or mountain bike.

Check the features of the Blusmart Wireless Bike Speedometer and Odometer below:

  • It comes with an anti signal interference which prevents it from interfering other electronics and wireless devices
  • It has an auto sleep and wake functionality, after 300 seconds of inactive use, it goes to the standby mode and starts automatically if it detects any move or if you press any button
  • The multiple functions it has are speed comparison, average, maximum, relative traveling time, riding distance, auto on/off, etc.
  • You can choose M/H or KM/H modes for a smooth operation, which makes it more convenient
  • Has an LCD backlight for easy readings

AllThingsAccessory® Auto Wake Waterproof LCD Wireless Bike Computer Odometer & SpeedometerSpecifications and features of the wireless bike speedometer & odometer from AllThingsAccessory are:

  • It comes with an easy-to-read display which guarantees an easy statistics reading of your riding details
  • It is a multi-functional, light-weight, and small sized speedometer and odometer for bike
  • The waterproof and wireless design makes it more durable and convenient bike computer
  • You can set the LCD backlight in white or green color
  • The wireless computer for bike automatically awakes from the sleep mode if it detects any movement or you press any button
  • Suitable for all types of bikes such as commuting bikes and mountain bikes

AllThingsAccessory has developed this wireless bike computer speedometer and odometer is a newly launched model in 2016 with the new and improved features. The product is backed by the one-year manufacturer warranty to offer you a hassle free purchase.

Garret Pro Best Wireless Bike Speedometer, Odometer and Calorie CounterThe Garret Pro has built an awesome wireless bike computer to improve your cycling performance by monitoring and tracking every detail of your ride. It is able to track your speed, distance, heart rate and calories consumed for the ride.

Check the features of the Garret Pro Best Wireless Speedometer and Odometer for Bike below:

  • It works on wireless technology with 125k frequency transmission
  • The wireless bike Speedometer tracks and displays the average, current and maximum speed and the speed tendency
  • The wireless Odometer for bike tracks and displays the trip time, total riding time, trip and total distance and calories consumed for the trip
  • It is also equipped with a wireless 5.3KHz heart rate monitor and calorie counter
  • It has an inbuilt time display for Hour/Minute/Second

WFR® Wireless Bike Computer With Smart Speedometer and Wireless Odometer for BikeThis sleek, lightweight, and elegantly designed wireless bike computer from WFR lets you know about each and every detail of your ride. It has an operating distance of 60cm and the power source backed by the CR2302 battery.

The WFR Wireless Bike Speedometer and Odometer have features like:

  • Made from a lightweight and durable material with CE certification
  • Comes with 15 powerful functions and a manual switch
  • You can set it on M/H or KM/H and 12/H or 24/H clock
  • The flexible control switch lets you start it by pressing any button
  • Displays speed, distance, clock, time, calories consumed with an auto sleep and wake up functionality

If you want to measure the distance you have completed with your bike, the total time for that, how many calories you have consumed, what was your average and maximum speed, and such other things, then the wireless bike speedometer and odometer are the best choices to have. The above list of the “Wireless Bike Speedometer & Odometer” will help you to choose the excellent working gadgets with multiple functionalities and highest durability. Have one of these best bike computer speedometer and odometer for having a whole new experience with your commuter bikes or mountain bikes.



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