Best Wireless Bike Computer for Mountain & Road Bikes


Best Wireless Bike Computer for Mountain & Road Bikes

Love Cycling? Fan of Commuter Bikes? Then you should probably know that for having the best experience of cycling, you need to have best gadgets in your basket. Let us go with the wireless bike computer, which is among the top useful gadgets for bike commuting. Here you will find the information and buying guide for the best bike computer available in the current market. Every year, there are so many wireless bike computers are launched, which makes the task of choosing a best road bike computer a bit difficult. I have tested and reviewed some of the top brands for mountain bike computer and created this list of the “Wireless Bike Computer for Mountain & Road Bikes”. Check the bike computer reviews below and have a whole new experience with your mountain bike or commuter bike.

Best Wireless Bike Computer

CatEye CC-VT220W Urban Wireless Bike Computer from UnknownThe CatEye Wireless Bike Computer is a simplified Urban wireless computer. It has nine functions and large font size for an easy operating and view to help you keeping track of every detail of your ride.

Check the features of the CC-VT220W CatEye Wireless Bike Computer below:

  • The Urban wireless bike computer has a handlebar size of 22 to 32mm
  • It has an auto start/stop and auto power saving mode functionality
  • An average speed measure and FlexTight universal bracket give you a whole new riding experience
  • The nine functions include an odometer, calorie consumption, clock, elapsed time, carbon offset, trip distance, current, average and maximum speed to enhance your riding
  • Simply the best wireless bike computer for your mountain bike or commuter bike

Planet Bike Protege 9.0 Bike Computer for Road or Mountain Bikes with 4-Line Display and TemperaturePlanet Bike has made this amazing wireless bike computer with 9 functions including speed, distance, time, ride time, temperature, odometer, calorie consumption, etc. The 4-line LCD display of the computer shows up to 5 pieces of data at a time.

The Protege 9.0 Bike Computer from Planet Bike has features like:

  • It is designed using the sustainable methods and high-quality materials
  • The product is tested under various conditions for ensuring quality and durability
  • Comes with 9 functions and a 4-line LCD display
  • It includes a dual odometer for 2 wheel sizes
  • Easily fits with the handlebars having size of 25 to 31.8mm
  • Limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer

CatEye CC-MC100W Micro Wireless Bike Computer by UnknownCheck the details about the CC-MC100W CatEye Wireless Bike Computer:

  • It comes with 10 functions and 12 features
  • Includes LED backlight and a programmable odometer
  • It can be simply mounted on both the handlebars and stem with easy-to-use bracket
  • It has an auto power saving mode functionality
  • The pace arrow function lets you know whether you are riding above or below your average speed
  • The sensor and computer run on CR2032 batteries

The CatEye CC-MC100W Wireless Bike Computer is a popular bike computer for mountain bikes and road bikes. It comes with a universal sensor mount, which can be easily attached to both the mountain and road bike forks. It is a durable, reliable, and accurate wireless mountain bike computer.

CatEye Micro Wireless Bike Computer for Mountain and Road BikesThis is an awesomely designed micro wireless bike computer from CatEye, which enables you to customize the LCD display to view it on a larger screen with an LED backlight. It is having a slim design and available in black or white colors.

Features of the CatEye Wireless Bike Computer are:

  • Having the functions of odometer, speed, time, distance, stopwatch, calories consumed, etc
  • Customized display allows you to set the functions to be at the top or bottom according to your interest
  • Auto or manual start/stop, pace arrow, FlexTight bracket functionality
  • Comes with a stopwatch with an auto mode feature
  • You can record the time for a specific travel distance
  • LED backlight for the display

Sigma Sport BC12.12 STS 12 Function Wireless Bike ComputerSpecifications and features of the Sigma Sport Wireless Bike Computer are:

  • The wireless bike computer comes with 12 functions
  • It has a full-text display with large and easy to read digits
  • It’s an easy to program computer with a tool free installation
  • A low battery indicator and a memory chip also included
  • It is waterproof and comes with an optional USB docking station

The BC12.12 STS Wireless Bike Computer from Sigma Sport is designed with functionality and simplicity by keeping the user in mind. A large and well-structured display shows up to two functions at a glance. You can use the Sigma Data Center Software to program the wireless bike computer.

CatEye Strada CC-RD430DW Digital Wireless Bike ComputerThe updated wireless bike computer from CatEye is now available for the heart rate counter and cadence measurement. You can track all your riding details, no matter which type of bike you are using.

The CatEye Strada CC-RD430DW Wireless Bike Computer has features like:

  • It is designed with Strada simplicity to provide digital reliability
  • The extra functions like heart rate and cadence measurement are included
  • Uses the latest digital wireless speed of 2.4GHz
  • Comes with a detachable fabric HR sensor to provide more comfort
  • A low battery alarm comes for both the computer head and sensor

Blusmart® Waterproof Wireless Bike Computer with Touch Mode and Automatic Wake-up Large LCD Screen DisplayThe Blusmart has designed this fully functional wireless bike computer for allowing you to have a whole new enhanced cycling experience with your mountain bike or commuter bike. It comes with a touch mode, which allows controlling the bike computer with a gentle touch.

Features the Blusmart Wireless Bike Computer have are:

  • Comes with 22 functions to complete your all riding needs
  • The waterproof design makes it more durable and reliable
  • Comes with a large LCD display with green backlight and auto wake-up functionality
  • The touch mode helps to control the bike computer with only a gentle touch
  • Fast and convenient to record the speed and mileages

Cycling is a brutal sport. The gadgets are shown in ads sometimes can not deliver the potential output as they are claimed to give. So, you need to understand what exactly you need and what the product is delivering to you. This list of the “Wireless Bike Computer for Mountain & Road Bikes” will help you to choose the best cycling computer for your road bike or mountain bike. Like and share this list to help your friends finding the best wireless bike computer for their bikes.



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