Bosch Heated Jacket Review – Why Should You Buy It?


By and large, people prefer coziness, panache, and sturdiness for their winter clothing. In the market, many top brands of the heated jacket are present like Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Bosch. But you will observe that the best-heated jacket on the market which offers more comfort lining and provides warmness to your body is Bosch heated clothing.

Bosch Heated Jacket Review

Bosch Heated Jacket Review 

Bosch provides the battery powered men and women heated jackets that enjoy lots of features. To make you aware of the quality of the product, I will throw light on the features of this eminent jacket. Let’s discuss the features in detail.

Bosch PSJ120M heated jacket features the rechargeable lithium 12-Volt Max power tool battery system that will keep you warm.

  • It holds two heat zones on the chest and the back one so separately you can control the three heat zones.
  • The quantity of heat is controlled by three settings. In seconds the low, medium and high push buttons manage the warmth.
  • To charge smartphones and tablets or any gadgets, the jacket owns USB connection.
  • You will enjoy five pockets out of which three are external and two internal. You can check the news from They take account of two hand pockets, battery receptacle, large document, battery holder and two side pockets.
  • The garment will provide you backup power and warmness.
  • On the quiet setting, it provides maximum heating time up to 6 hours.
  • With the help of belt clip, you can make use of jacket to backup your devices.

Now after talking about features let’s discuss the pros of Bosch Heated Jacket so that you can gain the clear view of it.

  1. It looks nice as it is not bulky.
  2. On a vehicle, you will enjoy the comfortable ride.
  3. It has charging capabilities with cell phone pockets.
  4. It maintains the feel of lightweight.
  5. The high number of pockets of this battery powered heated jacket offers easy and efficient storage.
  6. This heated clothing provides warmness in freezing conditions with good mobility.

Every coin has two sides so after making you aware of the pros of battery operated heated jacket; I will talk over on the cons too-

  1. The on/off button can be problematic to you.
  2. It freely attracts dirt.
  3. You can only hand wash it.
  4. For whole day it requires three batteries.
  5. It is expensive and features left-hand zipper.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for the complete heating solution in winters, then make a choice for Bosch PSJ120M 12V Heated Jacket as it is one of the top heated jackets. It works for the longer time as such you can enjoy the comfort. It will not only provide you warmness but can also charge your cell. Being water and wind resistant, it will deliver you durability.

From this post, you can gather the review about Bosch heated jackets. It has been tested and found the best that not only keeps you warm but also gives you stylish look with comfort. In the cold weather, it will be boon for you.



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