Best Wrestling Shoes on the Market


Best Wrestling Shoes on the MarketAre you a wrestler experimenting with shoes to find the ones that offer the comfort and grip that you need in a wrestling match? Be it an amateur or a professional, your wrestling shoes are your faithful companions during a game and might give you that crucial edge you need against your opponent. Here, we have come up with a list of the best wrestling shoes on the market that will help you with your search of top-quality sports equipment.

Best Wrestling Shoes

ASICS Men's Split Second 9 Wrestling ShoeA split second is all it takes to turn a match in your favor, and these split second shoes from ASICS give you the much-needed momentum. The split sole design in these shoes provides the flexibility you need, and the tread pattern helps you maintain your balance on the mat even in tough situations. The mesh helps you keep your feet cool with continuous air supply.

Asics wrestling shoes are reputed for their excellent grip and flexibility. As a brand, ASICS offers apparel and accessories that promote good health and bring harmony to the body and the soul.

The features of ASICS Men’s split second 9 wrestling shoes are:

  • Snug fit and a rubber sole that offers excellent grip on the mat
  • Flexible and durable with split sole design
  • Breathable upper mesh that keeps feet cool

Adidas Wrestling Men's Combat Speed 4 Wrestling ShoeThese leather wrestling shoes from Adidas are perfect for wrestlers of any skill level. Comfortable, breathable, and durable, they offer the sock-fit that the traditional wrestling shoes of the 1980s provided. Made with suede leather, these shoes have a breathable body due to the mesh covering. The Velcro strap seals the lace, and the sock-like fit provides great comfort. The suede outsole overlay offers the right amount of spin on the mat and gives perfect stability. The shoe also provides for a specific attack stance with its unique die-cut midsole.

The features of Adidas wrestling men’s combat speed 4 wrestling shoes are:

  • Leather shoes
  • Sock-like fit for proper support
  • Mesh for breathability and stripe support
  • Suede outsole for spin control and Velcro strap for laces

TAsics Men's Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoehe best wrestling shoes from the ASICS family, this newest update does not disappoint. An ankle strap closure provides a secure fit and also offers you the customary lace garage system. The updated outsole provides unmatched traction for the wearer. If you are a wrestler ready to face challenges and to look for a shoe that offers the durability and flexibility, then this shoe is for you.

The features of Asics men’s Aggressor 2 wrestling shoes are:

  • Durable and flexible material
  • Rubber sole that offers secure grip
  • Hook and loop closure that secures the pump in its place
  • Outsole that provides the desired traction
  • Lace garage system

Adidas Performance Men's Adizero Wrestling XIV Wrestling ShoesThe coolest wrestling shoes from Adidas, these shoes offer the comfort that every wrestler needs. These shoes are quick drying and are engineered to provide maximum flexibility for the wearer. The smooth, slippery, and welded upper eases the escapes. The outsole has rubber and suede inserts that provide you the perfect grip. With their cool look and the maximum level of comfort, these Varner wrestling shoes offer the best value for your money.

The features of Adidas performance men’s Adizero Wrestling shoes are:

  • Material that provides flexibility
  • Rubber sole that cushions your feet and gives you the grip you need
  • Shoes perfect for the wrestling mat
  • Quick dry shoes
  • Designed to the specifications of Olympic champion Jake Varner

Adidas Wrestling Men's Response 3.1 Wrestling ShoeThese men’s wrestling shoes from Adidas feature a synthetic upper with a round toe. The sole made from flexible synthetic fiber provides traction and protects the shoes from wear and tear. The design features allow for lateral grip when you are on the mat. Available in various colors and sizes, they offer the best value for your money.  The shoes provide a snug fit and are sure to win compliments for the wearer.

The features of Adidas wrestling men’s response 3.1 wrestling shoe are:

  • Synthetic fabric
  • Rubber sole that offers grip on the map
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Mesh upper that provides a snug fit
  • Outsole that guarantees perfect traction
  • Measurements: 0.75″ heel

ASICS Men's Dave Schultz Classic Wrestling ShoeThe classic wrestling shoes from ASICS are a collection inspired by Dave Schultz and other top wrestlers of their time. The design is borrowed from the older version of the ASICS shoes preferred by these wrestlers. The ultra suede upper from heel to toe offers a snug fit. The thin one-piece outsole features a 360-degree stitch-down construction that provides extreme durability.

From a reliable brand like ASICS, these Dave Schultz Wrestling shoes are durable and offer a perfect fit with great ankle support. Ideal for the classics fan, these shoes do justice to their price.

The features of ASICS Men’s Dave Schultz Classic Wrestling Shoes are:

  • Synthetic fiber that is durable and flexible
  • Rubber sole that offers a good grip on the mat
  • Shaft measures 6” from the arch
  • Ultra suede uppers that provide a snug fit
  • 360 degree switch down sole that provides durability

ASICS Men's Matflex 4 Wrestling ShoeThese lightweight and flexible wrestling shoes deliver the much-needed traction without compromising on the durability of the shoes. With a firm grip, they allow you to pack more power into your punches. The mesh covering near the arch of the shoe allows for maximum air flow in the shoes. The soles are soft and flexible and offer you the agility you need. The shoes are light and comfortable and provide great flexibility. With their great ankle support, the shoes provide a snug fit.

The features of ASICS Men’s Matflex 4 Wrestling Shoes are:

  • Synthetic fiber that is durable
  • Rubber sole which offers excellent grip
  • Lightweight and flexible shoes with lace-up closure
  • Sticky traction outsole

We hope this list of the best wrestling shoes helps you in finding shoes that meet your requirements. It is mandatory for aspiring boxers to have good boxing shoes as well as a part of their sports accessories. Choose the right pick after you weigh in all your options from the list.



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