Top Five Websites Like Quizlet: List of Study Sites On The Web


At present, the technology has taken the significant place in the minds of the users. Now students prefer to take online guidance from the study methods of different subjects. Day by day, learners are getting acquainted with study sites on the web.

Top Five Websites like QuizletThese study aids change the learning materials into games which help the scholars to learn and hold the facts. The number of websites like Quizlet support in studying. Here I will make you aware of the top five sites similar to Quizlet so that you gain knowledge about other study websites.

Quizlet Alternatives

1) Khan Academy

Khan_Academy_logoAnyone can enjoy the outstanding education provided by Khan Academy. From anywhere you can make use of this online site to understand the concepts of your course materials. It will aid you effectively by providing extra lessons so that you can get in-depth knowledge about the various subjects. It contains videos that cover all issues from mathematics to history. This online site offers free tools to parents and teachers. Every day many students learn various facts and theories in this global classroom. In more than 36 languages, the study materials are available.

2) Memrise

memriseIf you want to learn vocabulary in multiple languages, then this tool will serve you in a better way. On this online place,  the learner will get enriched flashcards, skills of excellent memory, public involvement and spaced repetition. If anyone adds the flashcards, lists and mnemonics then all the users can access it. You will find it a friendly and operative way to learn terminology free of cost. Ed Cooke and Greg Detre have designed this tool.

3) StudyBlue

StudyBlueThis mechanism works on the strategy of teamwork or group efforts. Collaboration is its chief task. Some people create the information which covers the precise facts of the chapters or specific classes. The best way to use this leading crowdsourced learning collection is to craft the content individually or in a group. At the time of studying material, you can perform many other tasks like talk or discuss in a group, track your improvement, set reminders, save notes and create custom exercises. Quickly and directly, you can convey messages to other teams. From anywhere you can learn faster and in a more accessible way with the help of this online tool. Now it is possible for you to take full advantage of your free time and enjoy better grades by making use of digital tools.

4) Trello

TrelloTrello is the digital tool like Quizlet that will allow the participants to shape and place in order the projects in a flexible and gratifying manner along with fun. All these activities are possible due to Trello’s cards, lists and boards. From beginning to end you can work together on projects. You can get yourself familiar with the details by adding comments and attachments. The Trello cards will make your task more comfortable and secure. It can coordinate with any team whether it is meant for work, a side project or even the next family vacation. The team remains organized in this tool. You can meet the unique business needs by powering up the workflow on this useful platform. From anywhere you can work together with your team. Now you can work on group projects without any chaos. Per plan, it holds the list with allotted dates to various types of folders.

5) GoConqr

GoConqrIt will cover information and knowledge about the vast range of courses due to its rich digital library. This tool will bring learning to life. Here you will come across with new ways that effectively display the old information. All the valuable ways like flashcards, quizzes, flowcharts and much more for learning are made available via images, embed links and other techniques. Share your ideas and advice on this study group and widen your area of education. Like other sites it is also available everywhere and all the time. You can set goals along with events and while studying you can check your progress too.

Final Say

From this article, you will get accustomed to the sites like Quizlet. All these are helpful which you can access from any corner of the world. The best point is that they all are free of cost. Anytime you can gain information by discussing the point of your choice individually or in a group to widen your knowledge and understanding of various concepts.



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