Is Legit or a Scam Shopping Site? Check Reviews Here


E-commerce is covering the maximum market share when it comes to people buying online and where several ecom stores are coming up in the market daily copying Amazon to bag in some quick cash questions are revolving around such ecom stores. One such e-commerce store is

Before buying anything outside of Amazon, you as a customer will always have these questions in mind:

is reliableIs safe?

Is it a scam website?

What if my money is gone forever.

If you have any such question in mind, then stick around with me because in this article I’ll be debunking all the myths regarding “is reliable?”

Who Owns is owned by Marc Lore who is an experienced guy when it comes to e-commerce. Previously, he was the CEO of and which was later acquired by

What Exactly is is another e-commerce store like Amazon where you can shop anything online. Features

Now that you know what exactly is let’s quickly have a look at its features.

Score Credits:

The Jet Anywhere program gives you the ability to shop from various merchants and score savings for your future purchases which you can discount from the original price of the product.

More than 6000 brands have participated in this program, and you get the credits stored in JetCash for future shopping.

Bulk Buy gives you crazy discounts as you buy more from their platform.

Quick Delivery

As the Ecom store is competing with Amazon, they are trying to replicate them, and they are doing a pretty good job. You get your orders delivered at your doorstep within 2 days of order with, and anything above $35 gives you free delivery.

No Annual Fees

Unlike Amazon Prime, you don’t need to pay any annual membership fees to enjoy additional benefits with It’s free and always will be.

Save on Payments

If you choose to process all your payments via debit or a Mastercard on, you don’t need to pay the transactional fees, and that amount is given back to you. However, if you pay with a credit card, you’ll have to pay the additional costs. Shipping

Well, there so many reviews being found on the Internet regarding shipping. Let me clear it for you. is not as fast as, and we as a consumer are now habituated with faster deliveries. You don’t need to worry about your money with as it’s a renowned site, but their shipping takes time.

They have also mentioned that on festivals the shipping might delay more as there are more orders for them to fulfil. vs Amazon

I’d like to break this comparison into small bits and pieces.

Pricing: is very competitive when it comes to price the products. In most of the cases, it gives you the best price available in the market beating Amazon.

Product Availability: cannot beat Amazon here as it is one the largest E-commerce store all over the globe and you can get anything you’d ever imagine on Amazon.


Amazon is known for its fast shipping, and with Amazon Prime, they are revolutionising the whole shipping process. can’t stand in terms of shipping compared to Amazon at all.

Customers Reviews

Unlike Amazon on you are not given any customers reviews option to share your experience. From a users point of they cannot trust an image and order any expensive product online, they want to read reviews and know what others are saying about the product before making their final purchase.

Is Safe?

I know you are waiting for this final verdict since long and no doubt I have created a lot of suspense lately. Let me finally break it for you.

Is legit? Yes, it is 100% legit.

Walmart now owns the company so you can blindly trust the brand. There are several issues with the store yet like product selection is limited, shipping is slow, customer reviews aren’t available but, there are thousand more good things to talk about.

You cannot compare directly it with Amazon and start judging Amazon is on to a next level, and is not even close. But they have taken a different path in ecom world by introducing the store credits system. This will make users buy more and generate more revenue (win-win situation).

Can be my next online shop?

Well, it entirely depends on your personal needs. If you are okay with late shipments but interested in huge product discounts then yes you can use it as your daily online shop. If not, Amazon is always there for you.


I hope you are now clear that is a safe website to use and you can place all your orders on that website without having a second thought. If you think I have left something uncovered in this article, do let me know in the comment section below.



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