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G2A is one of the top online resources to buy Steam CD keys. G2A is a digital gaming marketplace which is growing quickly on the global platform. We all know that the websites like G2A can be the excellent source for finding some fantastic offers on various video games.

Best Sites LikeBut you know what? It might be the best site, but not the only place where you can find cheap steam keys. In this article, you will get the detailed reviews of the top 5 G2A alternatives. Read further and get the ideas.

G2A Alternatives

1) Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is also known as GMG. It is a global e-commerce company for video games. It is considered as one of the top most sites like G2A. We have researched a lot in this segment and felt that many interested customers and gamers suggest this ‘Load. Play. Trade.’ Green Man Gaming.

It is a helping hand for the players, which helps them to purchase cheap promotional codes and CD steam keys. It provides;

  • Connection and various discounts with play fire.
  • Promo/voucher codes on new or pre-releases.
  • Rewards for activities in the game.
  • Online PS4 game keys.

Apart from the Mac and PC, GMG also lets you play on the platforms like Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, etc. gaming consoles. It is also an official distributor of Steam, Uplay, Sony PS4 and Rockstar Social Club games.

There is only one minor minus point, i.e. it does not offer refunds on the keys to other stores. That means you will have to deal with the keys origin store for any issues occurred. Otherwise, Green Man Gaming is our number one suggestion for you.

2) Gamers Gate

Gamers Gate comes with a massive selection of video games to choose from. It took its place as G2A alternative because people can save up to 90% with certain online game types. The headquarters of GG is in Stockholm, and it is a privately owned Swedish company.

The site offers many options for video games. Moreover, gamers may play even without third party participation. Here you will be able to play;

  • Action games,
  • Adventure games,
  • Strategy games,
  • Simulator games,
  • RPG games,
  • Sports games,
  • $1 or fewer for games, etc.

Here, you can also get the facility of gaming discussion and other innovative, modern GG gaming tools. It has a variety of video games for multiple platforms like PC, Mac, Linux, and Android. It provides good prices and lots of offers every week. So ultimately, it is fair to consider Gamers Gate as websites like G2A.

3) Kinguin

As per our research, there is a whole category which is in love with Kinguin as the best G2a alternative. If you are a diehard fan of video games and want to play a lot without spending too much money, Kinguin is ‘your’ place.

It has a vast collection as well as amazing discounts which can help you to save a ton of money and helps you in buying cheap steam keys easily. Here, you can also build up a little credit per purchase. There are many other advantages of Kinguin;

  • If you have some unwanted product keys which you don’t need, this site is one of the perfect places to sell second-hand game keys.
  • If you have an account here, you can get some cents after every purchase. So think, how much difference it can make in the future if you are a regular customer of Kinguin!
  • It was founded in the year 2013 and has a client base of more than 4 million currently. It proves that it has earned the trust of a big bunch of people.
  • It is the cheapest way to get the keys of different games online to almost every corner of the planet.

We can guarantee you that here you can find everything that you are looking for – from the tons of standard steam codes to PS$ keys and from numerous Xbox one game keys to many PC games!

Do you want the newest released? Go to the Kinguin. Do you want to buy some old classics? Go to the Kinguin. It may become your one-time solution. Go and check it out!

4) CD Keys

CD Keys is undoubtedly an excellent place to buy Steam CD keys online. You can get full video games at reasonable rates and also purchase console memberships like Xbox gold with the great deals and low price.

With CD Keys, the players can take their gaming experience to the next level, and that too, in the minimum amount of payment as they can enjoy all the budgeted gaming consoles. At CD Keys, you will get;

  • PlayStation network cards,
  • PC games or expansion packs,
  • Xbox Live points and subscription at fair price,
  • Provision of digital codes,
  • Catalog of 3D S digital games, etc.

There is a broad range of payment options and offers available in CD Keys. It also gives multiple options for platforms like PC, PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo, etc. There are also many top-up plans available. In short, you can consider CD Keys for the other sites like G2A.

5) Desura

Desura is known as one of the coolest G2A alternatives in the gaming market. It promotes indie titles which you can redeem whenever you want. You can get games in various indie bundles.

One Play has recently bought the desura and Royale assets from Bad Juju. Desura is also affiliated with, and indie Royale is a joint venture of Desura.

  • Desura’s core feature is its Linux support. So it is an advantage that it has a strong Linux presence.
  • Its early access program ‘Alphafunding’ allows the sale of work which shows a minimum level of development, must demonstrate active development, or risk being removed.
  • Indie Royale sells many exciting games with a minimum price. Here you have to pay only for the games you want.

Apart from all these features, Desura contains automated game updates, community features, and developer resources. The player also enjoys the facility to create and distribute game modes as well.

Save Money to Play More

So, these were the top sites like G2A. If you are a true gamer and breath online games, then you should also try to save money when you go for shopping of video games. The saved money will help you to buy some other cool games or game keys. Explore these given options and find the best and suitable one for you. Be smart, enjoy games, save money, and keep playing…!



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