Is Truthfinder Legit or a Scam – Get the Best Reviews


TruthFinder is a website wherein you can find people’s information about their birth, social media profiles, married status and many other things. In order to find the information, TruthFinder database uses hundreds of thousands of records if not millions to provide us the data.

Is Truthfinder Legit

But the real question is Truthfinder legit? Are you getting the real information for what you are paying or is truthfinder just a scam? Let’s find out together.

Truthfinder Reviews

How Truthfinder Works?

Unlike all other public access, background websites work Truthfinder is no exception. While entering the website, you’ll see fields to enter the first name, last name, and state on the Truthfinder Home Page.

As soon as you hit the Search button, it will show your search related information. If more than one results are being shown, then you can sort it with the best result. After selecting the best record click on “Access Report,” this will take you to the pricing page.

Truthfinder Subscription Plans

First things first, you need to provide your credit card information to access even a single report. Even if you try using the free report option, you’ll eventually be landing on the pricing page.

Here are some of the plans they showed me:

1 month: $27.78

2 month: $46.04

Both the plans come with unlimited searches, and your subscription will renew every month unless you cancel the subscription.

Mobile Options

There is no mobile support for this application as of now. You can only search for information on your PC.

Is Truthfinder a Scam?

Our main purpose from this article is to find out whether the truthfinder website is legitimate?

  • The answer is YES, it’s a legal website. As far as you see a green padlock in the URL area, you can trust that the site is using HTTPS connection to secure your information.
  • Also, their plans are valid, they are not offering any coupon code or additional discounts on the plans which is one more sign that they are not fooling us.
  • Truthfinder is not violating any policies of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Is Truthfinder better than other platforms?

Most of their customers claim that the information they provide is very general and something which can be directly found by a Google search. Moreover, they are not any different from other platforms as they are collecting the same information from where other platforms are gathering the info.

Many people feel that its a scam as they charge very high for providing plain text information and nothing special for the bucks they are charging from us.

Search Online Before Using Truthfinder

If you are tight on budget, then I’d recommend better go to Google and do a manual search. Although, Truthfinder claims that they search deep through the Internet for gathering the information which search engine lacks to provide. But, I think that’s just a marketing strategy. Instead, you should try searching on Google and if you are not yet satisfied with the results they you can subscribe to any paid plan of Truthfinder.

Wrap Up

I hope this guide on truthfinder review helped you gain some serious insights about the tool. It’s definitely a good tool if you have a dedicated budget to spend on the tool. But if you are just starting out start with the manual Google search to find the information.

If you think I have missed out on anything feel free to share it in the comments section below.