How to Get Rid of Ferret Odor in Room: Top Solution by Experts


Ferrets have always been considered with their remittance of unpleasant odor. Even these pets have their name according to Latin taxonomy as “Mustela putorius furo” which adds up to their stinky fame. This name basically means “mouse-eating, stinky thief”. You might have also noticed that the first thing which any person would react to when suggested to have a ferret as a pet would be regarding their smell. Not to forget, they would do so with a wrinkled expression and nose.

How to Get Rid of Ferret Odor in RoomDifferent species have distinct smells of their own. The owners of cat have to deal with the odor of litter box and an owner of a dog will have to deal with the “wet dog” smells during the rainy days. Different birds and fishes also have their own odors. It can be said that no pet can be taken care without having the challenge to deal with regarding odor. Most of the owners of ferrets, however, love the unique and musky smell of their ferrets. However, the owners of ferrets need to know how to get rid of ferret odor in the room so as not to scare ways their guests or be embarrassed due to the unpleasant fragrance of their pets.

If you are thinking about how to make ferrets not smell, you need to keep this article handy. Here are certain tips that come straight from the experts that you can follow:

How to Make Ferrets Not Smell

1) Change food

Food has a lot to do with the entire system of your pet’s body. It also has a strong effect on the odor of the ferret’s stool. If you happen to notice that the stool of your ferret is offensive, and the vet has ruled out any medical cause or illness, you need to switch your Ferret’s food slowly. Slowly mix new food into the daily meals of your ferret over the duration of a couple of weeks. You need to continue this till you can replace the food completely. You can find the difference in the odor of your ferret’s litter.Change food

2) Maintain cleanliness of the litter box

You need to clean the litter box every day as a part of the maintenance of your house. If you happen to use a very small box for your ferret’s litter, you will have to scoop them more often. You need to dump all litter and clean the box with water. Rinse the box and dry before using it for the next day. The stale urine traces get converted to ammonia and result in unpleasant of odor.Maintain cleanliness of the litter box

3) Use different litter products

All kinds of litter product do not control odor effectively. If you happen to experience unpleasant odors from the litter box, you need to switch the type or brand of litter products that you use.Use different litter products

4) Maintain the cleanliness of the bedding

One of the prime sources of bad odors of your ferrets can be denoted to the bedding of your lovely pets. The fur of your ferrets absorbs the smell of your lovely pets. If the bedding of your ferret has been not cleaned for three days at a stretch, the oils of the stable body accumulate in the silk and fabric.Maintain the cleanliness of the bedding

5) Clean up the cage

Food crumbs, coat from the last season and litter dust can adhere to the cage of your ferret. This results in a lingering smell. If the stale food gets damped, the smell can give you a headache. Hence, you should always consider cleaning up the ferret’s cage. You need to remove everything from the cage, clean it up with sudsy water and then dry it under the sun.Clean up the cage


So, I hope your doubts are cleared about the ferret smell and how to get rid of it in your room. All the tips mentioned above are useful and will surely help you to remove ferret odor from your house. If you know any other experimented method then this, then visit the comment section below and let the world know about it.



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