Can Dogs Eat Tomato Sauce: Get the Quick Answer Here


Almost all of us must be aware of the liking, disliking, and health of our beloved pets. We know what they love to eat and where they want to go. We know the reasons behind their happiness or sadness, excitement or nervousness, and love or anger. As we all love our favorite companion so much, we don’t want to take any risk relating to their health or behaviors. So that, we often refer many essential things for their betterment by taking help of internet or asking the vet doctors.

Many of my readers asked me about the tomato sauce – whether it is healthy or harmful to dogs! So today, I want to answer the question – Can dogs eat tomato sauce? If you are one of them who always have such confusions for your pooch, don’t worry as you will find all the answers here, just by reading further.

Tomato Sauce in the Dog Food

Tomato paste contains many ingredients, including the toxic alkaloid tomatine, naturally. This component is harmful to canines. When we talk about tomatoes, fresh and ripe red fruits are safe for your pooch, but not the green portion of the tomato plants. They contain much more tomatine which is not healthy.

Tomato sauce includes much other stuff like onions and garlic, chives, etc. Dog’s body is not comfortable with all these ingredients at the same time. Tomatine can harm your pet’s heart. If the fruit is wholly ripped, then your dog can have it as it is safe for them as a berry. But, one thing you should take care of is that all the other parts of the fruit like leaves, stems, and vines are dangerous.

Why Eating tomato Sauce Is Dangerous?

Dogs who come in the contact of higher amount of tomatine in their food may suffer from;

  • drooling,
  • diarrhea,
  • vomiting,
  • decreased heart rate,
  • tremors,
  • seizures,
  • irregular heartbeat,
  • lethargy,
  • dilated pupils, or
  • paralysis

Don’t panic, but also don’t wait much. Take your dog to the vet clinic or animal hospital as soon as possible if you find any of these symptoms in his body.

As I have mentioned earlier, tomatoes are safe for your dog’s body, and many studies have proven that fact. But, as here we are talking about the tomato sauce or tomato paste in dog food, you should understand that there are also garlic, chives, and onions in the ketchup which is harmful to your favorite in-house buddy!

My Dog Licked Tomato Sauce

If you are worried about your dog as he has licked a small amount of tomato sauce, then don’t freak out. It is completely fine! The only thing you should watch out is that he does not do it every day. Put the tomato sauce bottle at some other place where he could not reach and there you go. Problem solved! Its portion on a daily basis might result in some digestive issues and other health issues.

Can Dog Eat Spaghetti Sauce?

The same theory applies to this question. As we all know that the spaghetti sauce also contains a significant amount of onions and garlic, which is not suitable for the dogs. But if given in a small amount, it is entirely okay! So next time, when your dog knowingly or unknowingly eats your food bowl full of spaghetti, just chill if there is the lower amount of sauce. It will not hurt your pooch.

I hope now you are quite relaxed after getting the reasonable answer to tomato sauce queries regarding your pet. Make delicious Dog food for your beloved companion and make him healthier as only it will lead him to the ultimate happiness.



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