How to Kill Horsetail in the Garden – Destroy Easily?


The presence of horsetails in the garden is very annoying and disturbing as it harms the garden, plants, and soil. The main reason for the growth of horsetail weed is insufficient oxygen level, near to the ground pH level and inadequate nutrients. The environment which is hard for the existence of this plant is the best way of horsetail weed control.

How to Kill HorsetailHere I will provide you the significant guiding principles to destroy the horsetail easily. Let’s move ahead to get acquainted with the same.

How to Kill Horsetail Weed?

  • Apply chemical – Spread on the SedgeHammer chemical which will not only kill the horsetail but also check its rapid growth. The SedgeHammer chemical is active which will destroy the horsetail weed present beneath the top layer of the soil. Without affecting the vegetation or garden, this compound will prevent the growth of horsetail stalk.
  • Look after the cleanliness – Ensure that the soil drainage should be in improved and healthy condition. You can make use of organic matter to modify the compressed soils. Any holes in the ground where water collects should be cleaned. The proper drainage system is essential for which you can place drainpipe to divert the water.
  • Dispose of wreckage – Remove all debris which you found around the plants or vegetation. Make sure you take away plastic or any wastage located near the plants. If the wastage is not disposed of timely, then it will collect and destroy the growth of the plants by affecting the quality of the soil.
  • Use of dolomite lime – Onto the soil smear the particles of dolomite lime. Make sure you wear gloves while spreading the granules. The area to which you have smeared must be watered lightly. For fortnight you can’t add fertilizers too.
  • Check the small plants – You should be particular about the control of small plants as they contain little pores which serve horsetails. All the short stems and fallen leaves should be wiped out entirely. The new plants develop from the small spores that eventually lead to horsetails.
  • Large sheet plastic – Spread the large layer of plastic over the vegetation that is prone to horsetails. For minimum one garden season you can leave the spread plastic which will help in controlling the growth of horsetails.

All these are the practical ways that will make you aware regarding how to get rid of horsetail. Employ the techniques mentioned above to make your garden and vegetation-free from horsetails. Generally, horsetails are found in waterways, nearby ponds, sideways of the roads and in the fields and garden. All these are the likely areas to horsetails weeds.

So you have to take care of all these areas to make sure horsetail weed control. If you work on these sensitive areas, then slowly and gradually you can prevent the growth of horsetails weed and make your yard save and secure. The surroundings where horsetails are hard to persist will make you stress-free from bearing this fast-growing enzyme.



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