Best Tool for Digging in Clay – Make Holes in Ground Like Moles


Best Tool for Digging in ClayYou can scratch the earth’s surface easily, but to dig deep, you have to break that tough soil layer to plant trees. While every ground property is different, the goal is the same: digging.

Best Tool for Digging in Clay

I have gathered the list of the best five tools for digging in clay that makes you sweat less.

1. Auger Drill Bit for Planting

Auger Drill Bit for PlantingBest tool for clay digging.


  • The increased shaft length of the Auger Drill Bit allows you to dig deep into the ground.
  • Using it is easy. Just plug it into a ⅜” hex drill machine and start digging. Adjust the drill machine torque according to need.
  • It’s forged from heavy-duty steel, ensuring its durability, and the black coating protects it from environmental effects.
  • The drill bit is available in different sizes; you can pick according to your preference and start digging.


2. ProPlugger Lawn and Garden Tool

ProPlugger Lawn and Garden ToolA tool every garden owner must own.


  • It’s a sturdy hollow tool that weighs five and a half pounds and can quickly create a plug hole into the ground.
  • It is easy to use. Keep it vertically on the ground and apply the pressure on the given foot pedal, and you are good to go.
  • You can create seven to ten holes with a depth of 15-20 centimetres in the ground in less than an hour.
  • Use the flexible rings to analyse soil quality and other ingredients available in the clay that you dig out.


3. Edward Tools for Digging in Clay

Edward Tools for Digging in ClayAn easy to use clay digging hand tool.


  • It features high-grade polished stainless steel that makes this tool durable and bend-proof.
  • It lets you move heavy clay soil in a larger volume to dig faster into the ground.
  • The manufacturer offers a free replacement if these hand tools get bent from excessive force.
  • The handle comes with a contoured finger grip that allows tight holding of this hand tool.


4. Estwing Geo & Paleo Rock Pick

Estwing Geo & Paleo Rock PickA bit pricey but is strong as hulk.


  • It is a sturdy tool made of high-quality steel and can deeply break the ground surface.
  • The vinyl cushion grip offers a stable holding and delivers less counter trembling when digging.
  • It has a chisel end and pointed tip. Use tips alternatively to see which works better on your ground.
  • It’s a made in USA product and has a length of 25-inches. It’s easy to hold and offers the best gardening experience.


5. Yard Butler Terra Tiller

Yard Butler Terra TillerSuitable for small garden owners.


  • It’s a 2-in-1 hand tool. You can dig into the ground to break hard clay and chop the roots of wasted plants.
  • It comes with a robust build quality. The handle has a cushion grip which transfers less vibration to the hands.
  • The manufacturer provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring the brand has a top-level trust in its product.
  • It’s small in size, durable, and convenient to use—a perfect choice for people who own small gardens.


I like ProPlugger; it is easy to use and does the job correctly. I do not dig deep, so the ProPlugger works for me. Try Auger Drill Bit or Estwing Geological Tool if you want to dig deeper.



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