Best Photo Paper for Printer


You spend a lot of time on researching and finding the best printer and camera for your professional or personal use. But you may not have to think about the photo paper to work out with your chosen printer. You put a lot of efforts in capturing high-quality pictures and want to store your memories for a long time. And with the technology advancements, you use hard drives or flash drives to store them and sometimes print them on paper. When it is a matter of printing your favorite moments, then using any paper from the office supply doesn’t make sense.

If you care about your picture quality, then you must be serious about choosing the photo paper for printing it. You may not find any difference between the varieties of photo papers, but there is a lot of technical and scientific difference between them. Different kinds of photo papers are suitable for various types of applications. So you should be serious about choosing a photo printing paper just like you would be about selecting a camera and a printer.

Best Photo Paper for Printer

Best Photo Paper

HP 112400 Paper LaserJet Poly WrapGet professional and lab-quality photo printing whenever you print with the HP photo paper. The HP photo paper for laser printer provides high-quality and crisp photo prints for your every precious moment. This photo printing paper from HP is the bestseller on Amazon in Laser Printer Paper category.

Features of HP 112400 Paper LaserJet Poly Wrap are:

  • Its ultra-white shade is perfect for any document and photo printing
  • You can make print on both sides without any show-through
  • Glossy, matte, or satin; you can choose any photo paper finish which fits your needs
  • Suitable for both office and home printing
  • The HP photo paper comes with coating on both side especially for printing high-quality pictures
  • You can print business photos, friend’s gatherings, snapshots, podcasts, marketing materials, and any photo print you need
  • It is certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • Comes in four different sizes from 2X to 8.5 x 11 Inch
  • 500 Sheets / 1 Ream

Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II 2311B023With the Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, you can give a traditional look and feel to your photograph. You will surely appreciate the beauty of your picture with its faster stabilization of color reproduction.

Features of the 2311B023 Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II are:

  • It provides exceptionally vibrant colors and glossy finish to your photo prints
  • The Canon photo paper offers a perfect result for your any photograph
  • The 4×6-inch size fits in any printer
  • It includes 100 sheets to print your favorite pictures
  • Canon is one of the world’s most premier companies in the imaging and optical products specialization
  • The 2311B023 is the best Canon photo paper for printer

Epson S041465 Premium Glossy Photo PaperThe S041465 glossy photo paper is perfect for the Epson Stylus Photo Printers. This borderless photo paper from Epson provides a perfect home photoprocessing solution.

Features of Epson S041465 Premium Glossy Photo Paper are:

  • The 8×10-inch size is ideal for any home printing need
  • You can print high-quality images for photo frames, albums, portfolios, and enlargements
  • The bright white shade, ultra-smooth, and heavyweight photo paper is water-resistant and quick-drying
  • Also available in other six different sizes and as 100/20/25/50 sheets

Canon 7981A004 Photo Matte PaperThe Canon photo matte paper is still perfect for photo printing and now also great for printing arts and crafts. With vibrant colors and excellent end results, you can have a look and feel of traditional photo printing.

The Canon 7981A004 Photo Matte Paper comes with features like:

  • The 8.5 x 11-inch size is a perfect fit for any printer
  • Arrives in a pack of 20/50/120 sheets
  • The 7981A004 is an excellent inkjet photo paper
  • It delivers professional-quality prints for your photo albums, brochures, Christmas cards, etc.

HP Q6638A Advanced Borderless Glossy Photo PaperThe HP borderless glossy photo paper provides bright and instant-dry photo prints on any inkjet printer. The brilliant colors and deep black make it a perfect solution for the picture albums and photo frames.

Features of HP Q6638A Advanced Borderless Glossy Photo Paper are:

  • This high-quality glossy photo paper dries quickly which allows you to share your photos instantly when you print them
  • It comes in a size of 4 x 6 inches and a pack of 100 sheets
  • The instant-dry without smudging is perfect for quick photo stacking
  • Water-resistant material makes it great for printing in humid environments

Canon Pro Luster Inkjet Photo PaperWith a high color saturation and soft feel, the Canon Pro Luster is a perfect inkjet photo paper. It is ideal for printing of wedding photography, portraits, fine arts, and other professional photo shoots.

Features of Canon Pro Luster Inkjet Photo Paper are:

  • It provides beautiful finish to all types of photo prints
  • It is fingerprint-resistant and virtually anti-glare inkjet photo paper
  • Comes in 8.5×11-inch size and a pack of 50 sheets
  • It works best with Canon photo printers
  • For a perfect result, use the shiner side of the paper which you can check it from the packaging or hold it in front of light or window

HP Laser Q6608A Double Sided Glossy Photo PaperThe HP Q6608A laser brochure paper is perfect for those who need a double sided glossy photo paper. It is specially made for the color laser printers and has a thick and cumbersome material.

Features of HP Laser Q6608A Double Sided Glossy Photo Paper are:

  • Comes in an 8.5×11-inch size and a pack of 100 sheets
  • The double sided glossy photo paper allows you to print stunning photos either on a single or both sides of it
  • Instant-dry feature without smudging allows sharing the prints right out of the printer
  • You can use Marketsplash app from HP print and design free professional brochures

You may find it funny, but when you are going to choose the photo paper, then do not think about the start, but think about the finish! The photo paper for printer comes in various categories like double sided glossy photo paper, photo matte paper, and sometimes with more textured as the art papers have. It is quite easy to choose the photo paper for printer to upgrade your image quality. Get some sample papers, spare some time for experimenting them and make some prints. The above list will surely help you to end your search for the photo paper for your modern-day, digital darkroom of your home or office.



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