Best Calligraphy Fountain Pens for Beginners


The best calligraphy fountain pen for beginners is chosen by depending on your experience, style of writing, personal preference and the type of calligraphy done by you. I provide you the list of the best calligraphy pens that will enhance your writing style. By using it you can endeavor to gain perfection. Have a look at the list below.

Calligraphy Fountain Pen

Best Calligraphy Fountain Pens

Pilot Parallel Pen 2Pilot Parallel is one of the best calligraphy pens that allows for easy color blending. It is excellent for calligraphy and for drawing due to its versatility. In it, the ink flows smoothly and steadily. It writes so amazingly smooth that it is perfect for beginners.

  • It contains 2.4 mm Parallel pen and 2 ink cartridges.
  • With it, you will get two cartridges and nib cleaner.
  • For the same nib, the two different ink colors can flow that give beautiful graduated effect.
  • Clearer sharper writing is produced by the unique parallel plate nib technology.
  • It is refillable and additional colors are sold separately.

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain PenPilot Metropolitan Pen is sleek and has incredible value. The body of the pen is metal based and the design is simple and elegant. The quality is great and the cost is low. The nib is smooth and lays down a fine line roughly to 5mm lead. The ink in it flows like a river.

  • It is of the finest quality.
  • It has a mid-range price.
  • The nib is fine and features black barrel.
  • It ships with one pilot black ink cartridge.
  • It also has one pilot press plate converter.

Tombow 62038Tombow Fudenosuke is the calligraphy pen for beginners. They are easy to use and write well. Many of the artists for their artworks use it. Their function and quality both are superb. The flow of the ink is great and smooth. On using you will certainly love the quality.

  • Both soft and hard tip is contained in it.
  • For different lettering and drawing techniques, it features a flexible brush tip.
  • It can change brush pressure to create extra fine or fine strokes.
  • For calligraphy and art design, it is great.
  • It features soft tip and hard tip that is water based. It is pigmented black ink.

Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy PenSheaffer Calligraphy ink pen is easier to hold for fancy work. It is quite smooth and has line variation is noticeable. The price is cheap and has the functional design. It is one of the top felt tip calligraphy pens. It has the bright yellow barrel with ink view slot.

  • It features a stainless steel nib.
  • It has fine point of 0.8mm
  • The Sheaffer Skrip Classic ink cartridges are included in it.
  • With 2 Sheaffer Skrip ink cartridges, it is packed on the blister card.
  • It monitors easy ink supply by the window in the barrel.

Parker IM BlackParker is the fountain pen for beginners. In it, cartridges can be changed easily. It has a good balance and feels very natural and comfortable in the hand. It is the sturdy and well-finished pen. It is the decent pen with the decent price.

  • It includes stainless steel nib.
  • It has the metal in Parker’s style.
  • It reworks Parker’s expertise to match form with function.
  • It does not include ink converter.

JINHAO 250JINHAO is the calligraphy fountain pen of very high quality. It is one of the cheap calligraphy pens. It writes very smoothly and the weight is lighter as compare to other fountain pens. It provides stability and coziness. It works well and the ink plunger cartridge makes it useful to draw up your own ink.

  • It is the classic smooth writing pen.
  • It features 18k gold plated stainless steel nib.
  • The type of the cap is the push.
  • It is 100% brand new.
  • The ink cartridge is of international standard. It has the removable converter and is refillable.

Lamy Joy L15 ABSLamy is the one of modern calligraphy pens that you will experience the lot of fun to write with. You will get the results with the custom colored links. It is an awesome and one of the good calligraphy pens. The nib is wonderful. It is perfect for signatures and art. If you write with it then you will really make love to words.

  • It features T10 cartridge.
  • It features stainless steel nib.
  • It is in black shiny plastic.
  • It includes one blue T10 ink cartridge
  • Modification with converter Z24 is done for the usage.


All these pens are of best quality and will make your writing style decent and graceful. You can try any of these pens confidently. The style, nibs, and ink all are of good quality. All these calligraphy and fountain pens for beginners are worthy of purchase. So you can choose any of them for your office and school supplies.



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