Best Dry Erase Marker Reviews of 2018-2019


If you are a teacher, professor, or marketing executive, your task is to have to explain every single data of the research visually. Most of the people working in this field use washable dry erase marker and colored dry erase marker to explain the charts or data in an attractive way. If you choose a cheap dry, erase markers, the tip of the marker will be smashed, and ink will dry out very quickly. You will find the list of best dry erase marker in the market that will last long and budget friendly, here.

Best Dry Erase Marker

Best Dry Erase Marker 

Board Dudes Dry EraseBoard Dudes Magnetic Dry Erase markers are for teachers and professionals who keep misplacing their markers. Just stick your magnetic colored marker on the side of the board when not is use. This dry erase marker comes with a fine point for clear and sharp writing on white boards. It is the bestseller on Amazon in Dry Erase Boards & Markers category.

Board Dudes SRX Magnetic 6-Pack Assorted Colors Dry Erase Markers comes with these following features:

  • The Markers has magnets under the marker caps so you can stick the marker on any metallic surfaces.
  • Use on the board for clear written presentation, and wipe cleans the board without making any mess.
  • Specially designed eraser tips on the top of marker for immediate correction without any hassle.
  • Fine point tips for sharp writing.
  • Comes in an assorted six color pack.
  • Board Dudes Dry Erase markers has little odor

EXPO Neon Dry EraseShare your thoughts with the help of EXPO dry erase marker which comes in a pack of 5 different vivid colors. With the specially formulated ink, this marker will last long and gives clear and bright writing which is readable from a distance. The bullet tip is designed to give sharp writing even after extensive use.

EXPO Bullet Tip Assorted Neon Dry Erase Markers comes with these following features:

  • Pack five vibrant neon colors that work best for both black and white board
  • Can be wiped quickly on dry erase surfaces
  • EXPO dry erase marker comes with the bright, vivid ink made by the unique formula that last long and give low odor.
  • Durable bullet tip that gives broad think writing even after months of use.
  • Dark color marker for clear visible writing that is easily visible from a distance.
  • Best accessory for the classroom, office boardroom, and homes.

Quartet Dry Erase MarkersQuartet markers for black dry erase board gives a strong, bold color lines on whiteboards or any other non-porous surface. With the quick drying technology, this low odor, and non-toxic ink won’t stain your clothes. The sharp tips make writing or drawing bold lines easy. With the see through ink gauge, you can see the remaining ink left.

Quartet 12 Bold Color Dry Erase Markers Pack comes with these following features:

  • EnduraGlide markers for black dry erase board comes with a low odor non-toxic ink that give intense, bold color on whiteboards or non-porous surfaces.
  • Arrives in a pack of twelve assorted neon and classic colors: Black, Red, Blue, Neon Blue, Lime Green, Purple, Orange, Pink, etc. dry-erase markers.
  • See the quantity of ink remaining with the See-through ink gauge.
  • Roll resistance cap keeps the markers prevent from drifting.
  • Three separate chambers ensure the constant flow of ink.

AmazonBasics Low-Odor Dry EraseAmazonBasics brings low odor dry erase markers specially designed to work on whiteboards and nonporous surfaces. Be it writing a theory in the classroom, office message, business presentation or to do list at home, this pack of 12 low odor dry erase markers will be the great help to you. Each market comes in a slim barrel with comfortable grip to write with ease and cap that save ink from drying.

AmazonBasics Chisel Tip Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers 12 Pack comes with these following features:

  • Arrives in a pack of 12 different colors markers.
  • The set includes two black, red, pink, blue, light blue, green, light green, yellow, orange, and brown.
  • Special formulated low odor DryGuard ink makes writing and cleaning easy.
  • If left uncapped, the marker won’t  dry for two days.
  • Chisel tip for thick lines and clear, bold writing.

Best Dry Erase MarkersGet the cheap dry erase markers at value pack of 36 that comes in 12 different colors, 3 of each. Best Dry Erase Markers also gives a guarantee that if the customer is not happy with our product, we will offer a full refund without asking any questions.

Best Dry Erase Markers in Bulk Set of 36 Assorted Colors comes with these following features:

  • Get a huge pack of 36 washable dry erase markers at the nominal price.
  • Low-odor, long lasting dark color in and ASTM approved color markers.
  • Unique tip for sharp, clear writing on the whiteboard.
  • Full refund to the customer if not satisfied with our product.

EXPO Low-Odor Dry EraseExpo chisel tip dry erase markers is known for their conventional markers with the smart writing and marking using different colors. Pick from 20 bold colors for your next presentation. Expo low odor dry erase markers are the choice of many customers because of their great value and quality ink feature.

EXPO Low-Odor Assorted Colors 8-Piece Dry Erase Set comes with these following features:

  • Bright, vivid, non-toxic ink is quick-drying, smear-proof, easy to see from a distance, and provides consistent color quality.
  • With quick drying technology, have brilliant smear-proof writing which can be clearly read even from a distance.
  • Choose from 20 vivid colors.
  • The dry marker ink can be cleaned easily with the dry cloth or Expo special eraser.
  • EXPO Low odor dry erase comes in three tip styles, fine, chisel and bullet.
  • This product is made in the USA.
  • Expo uses Certified AP Nontoxic ink in dry erase marker.

U Brands Erase MarkersGet U Brands colored dry erase markers that come with bold and vibrant colors that will give life to your business presentation or lecture. These dry erase markers work best on any dry erase surface or whiteboard. The long-lasting, low odor and non-toxic ink won’t  irritate your senses. U Brands erasers come with a medium tip and magnetic cap that will help stick the marker on the side of board easily.

U Brands Medium Point Magnetic Dry Erase Markers With Erasers comes with these following features:

  • Magnetic dry erase markers with Medium point tip in 6 assorted colors like black, red, orange, purple, blue and green.
  • Low odor ink, Non-toxic, and quick dry technology makes this best-quality dry erase marker popular among customers.
  • Magnetic marker caps helps to stick it on the metal frame easily, and contoured shape prevents it from rolling off from the flat surface.
  • Perfect for whiteboards and glass boards in the classroom, home or conference office rooms.

Crayola Washable Dry-Erase MarkersCrayola dry erase markers should be your number one choice if you are planning a presentation on whiteboards. With 12 bright colors, dry erase markers, you can write notes, mark calendar or let your children creativity flow on the whiteboard or nonporous surfaces. With bullet tip, make bold designs with just one stroke or highlight the design using 12 different color markers.

Crayola Washable 12 Bright Color Dry-Erase Markers comes with these following features:

  • Bullet tip marker for writing notes or numbers on board.
  • The pack of 12 bright color markers to bring out creative art in you.
  • Crayola dry erase markers are best for using art on whiteboards or any smooth surfaces.
  • Wipe the ink with the clean cloth.
  • Easily washable from hands and clothes.
  • Parents supervision advised if used by children under 4.

Pilot BeGreen V BoardWrite your message in the bold and clear letter with Pilot’s Vboard Master Whiteboard Markers which is made by using 91% recycled materials, and is the best refillable dry erase markers you can find on the market. It has Twin Pipe Feed system that regulates the ink flow in even manner till the last drop.

Pilot BeGreen Chisel Point, 5-Pack, Assorted Colors Whiteboard Markers comes with these following features:

  • Manufactured by using 91% recycled materials.
  • Top Refillable dry erase markers available in the market.
  • Dark color, long-lasting ink that highlights your text on the whiteboard.
  • Chisel point for smooth writing.
  • Available in 5 colors – black, red, blue, green and orange.
  • Can refillable four times with only Pilot refill model #VBMR-BLK which is sold separately

There is the time when we make mistakes using the whiteboard and dry erase marker. The most common errors are by accidentally staining your clothes with the marker or using permanent marker on the whiteboard. Both these cases can be quite frustrating. So, we thought of putting down permanent solution for these two problems.

How to remove dry erase marker from clothes?

If you accidentally stain your clothes with the marker, then instead of washing with detergent, place the garment with the towel inside it. Now apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol directly on the stain and rub slightly with the sponge. Both the stained area with clean cloth and rinse with clean water.

How to remove permanent marker from dry erase board?

While working on the whiteboard, most of us have made a mistake of using permanent marker on the whiteboard which cannot be erased. Under such circumstance, use dry erase marker on the writing and wipe it with a clean cloth. Do this until the coloring of the permanent marker is completely removed.

I hope this list of “Dry Erase Marker Reviews of 2018-2019” will help you pick the best stationary supplies among the lost. Also, if you accidentally, make the mistakes mentioned above, the given solutions will help it solve with ease.



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