Best Negative Film & Slide Scanner Reviews of 2018


The world of smartphone and DSLR cameras has made huge progress in the way we take pictures and the quality of the outcome as well. Long before all this hullabaloo we had simple and good old cameras that used films and slides. If you are one among those photo buffs who has a collection of negatives and slides that you want to digitize, then this article featuring the best negative film and slide scanners, is perfect for you. Each of these products has been vetted and approved by customers who have bought them.

Best Negative Film & Slide Scanner Reviews of 2017

Best Negative Film Scanner 

Epson Perfection V600 Color PhotoThis best negative scanner from Epson can be used in your home, office, or studio. This scanner can produce quality scans in an instant and is the best way to preserve your memories. With its high resolution (6400*9600 dpi), this scanner gives precise and vivid reproductions. You can use the transparency unit to scan negatives, slides, and any other documents. You can use this to restore your old photos with the Arcsoft Photostudio, and Digital Ice features for both film and prints.

This slide scanner from Epson is the best seller on Amazon in Flatbed Scanners category. in also allows you to convert your scanned documents into editable text using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. You can use the scanner to scan, copy, scan-to-mail, or to create PDFs. With great energy efficient features and versatility, this scanner is a must have in your home or office.

The features of the best negative scanner reviews are:

  • Gives 6400*9600 dpi resolution for enlargements up to 17*22 inches.
  • A built-in transparency unit that allows you to scan slides, negatives, and medium format film.
  • Digital Ice for both prints and films.
  • Remove appearance of tears and creases from photos.
  • Remove the dust and scratches from film.
  • Easy photo fix that can remove faded color photos.
  • Scan area: 8.5in * 11.7in.

Jumbl 22MP All-In-1 FilmDo you have any collection of old slides and negatives that you want to digitize? This best negative and slide scanner is perfect for immediate scanning and viewing. The best part of this device is that it allows you to view your images without the necessity of a computer.

The powerful 14-megapixel sensor can scan all your 35mm, 110, 126, and super 8 slides and negatives. This device can convert even a 14MP resolution to 22MP.  This device comes with speed load adapters that you can use to scan films and slides continuously. All you need to do is push the adapter in and then feed in slides or negatives one after the other without removing the adapters.

At one press of a button, this best 35mm negative scanner converts your films and slides into digital images in the jpeg format. You can save these to the internal memory and watch them whenever you want.

The 2.4 inch LCD on the device can be used to view your photos and the device has image flip that allows for error correction during scanning. You can also adjust the brightness, coloration, and scanning resolution using the menu option.

The features of the best negative slide scanner are:

  • Can be used to scan and digitize- 35mm slides and negatives, 110, 126KPK
  • Speed loaders for faster loading of screens
  • Improve the image interpolation using the 22 MP
  • No external memory or cable required; can be stored and viewed once
  • You can watch them on your device at your convenience.

Wolverine F2D MightyThis best negative scanner and slide scanner from Wolverine is a perfect gift for someone who loves converting their photos to the digital format. You can use this device to convert 35mm, 127,126, 110 slides/negatives, regular and other image types into digital images.

This negative scanner from Wolverine can help in converting your film into 20MP digital images in an instant. You do not need to install a software or connect it to your PC. All you need is to press a button and scan as many as high-quality resolutions as you can.

The features of this Wolverine best negative scanner are:

  • 7 types of film can be converted into digital images in just a few seconds. Be it your old 35mm, 127,126KPK, 110, and 35mm library archives, you can easily digitize them.
  • Comes with speed load adapters for fast loading of slides and negatives
  • No computer required. Can hold up to 40 images in SD cards.
  • 2.4” color screen to view images
  • TV ou jack to connect to your TV and view images
  • Compatible with different operating systems such as Windows and Mac operating systems.

Jumbl 5 Mega PixelThis 35mm negative scanner from Jumbl is the perfect gift you can give to someone who closely guards his collection of negatives and slides. The 10 MegaPixel camera in the scanner converts those negatives easily into JPEG format. You can watch the converted images easily on the full-colour LED screen or connect it to your TV.

The device is very fast and can easily convert over 750 pictures in just 2 evenings. Also, it accepts SD/SDHC cards up to 32GB that makes storing easy. It is an efficient and one stop solution to address all your negative to digital image conversion needs.

The features of this film slide and negative scanner are:

  • Converts negatives and slides into easily viewable jpeg format
  • Full-color LCD screen for viewing pictures
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC

Canon CanoScan 9000FThis best 35mm negative scanner from Canon is perfect for scanning 35mm films as well as photos and documents. It is a high-speed scanner with 9600*9600 maximum color dpi and can be used to produce both business documents and photographs.

This best slide scanner uses My Image Garden software to scan your files. This 2 in 1 scanner can be used for your business documents and your personal slide collection as well. The Super Toric lens is a special feature of this device that lets it deliver sharp images.

The features of this Canon slide scanner are:

  • FARE (Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement) feature helps in automatic correction of photos and film. Removes dust and scratches to restore the original color of the picture.
  • Low power consumption as it uses super-efficient white LEDs
  • Auto scan mode to automatically adjust your scan settings
  • Compatible with multiple OS

Epson Perfection V550This popular negative scanner from Epson is another device that is suitable for converting your old photo films and slides into vivid digital images. With the help of the Digital Ice feature, you can now easily restore your favorite childhood pictures. Additionally, the Ready Scan technology lets you scan photos instantly without any warm up time.

The best part of this negative scanner is that it lets you scan and upload your images to Facebook, Picasa, and many popular cloud services.

The features of this amazing negative scanner are:

  • Flatbed color scanner that can give you a maximum resolution of 12800dpi
  • Works on multiple operating systems
  • Digital Ice feature to touch-up and restore any images

Each of these devices can convert the negatives and slides that you have into digital images that last forever. We hope that these best negative scanner reviews can help you in choosing the right office device that can preserve your special moments and memories.



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