Best Orchestral VST Software Plugins of 2018


Digital technology progression translates to sonic expansion! Today, you can create music your way; you can tweak sounds to create your own! The plethora of options in the audio business can be overwhelming. “Which is the best orchestral VST in the market?” is a question rather tedious to answer.

Best Orchestral VST Software Plugins

So we took it upon ourselves to make your task easier. After sifting through the array of options, we bring to you reviews on a few selected products. Take a look at the top notch in the market!

Best Orchestral VST

Garritan Personal OrchestraThis iconic software presents to you a massive 500 plus instruments. A true winner in the field, the Garritan Personal Orchestra replicates sounds of the musical instruments in a symphony orchestra straight from your personal computer.

The award-winning Personal Orchestra has truly elevated the bar for orchestral sample libraries. So wait no longer to put together your own ensembles and orchestras!

Have look at its state-of-the-art features.

  • Brings to you above 150 orchestral instruments -lush strings, intimate woodwinds, joyous brass, powerful percussion, a Steinway virtual concert piano, Stradivari violin, a glorious concert organ, heavenly harps, select Program SAM brass and much more than you can ever imagine
  • The collection is integrated with the ARIA Instrument Player
  • No requirement of a separate sampler
  • Allows easy and quick musical expression
  • Compatible with all popular formats, Mac, and PC, as a standalone program or as a plugin
  • VST, RTAS, and OS X Audio Units

MagicScore MaestroMagic Score Maestro is way up in the order when it comes to being high end. This orchestral suite VST certainly furnishes the fastest mode to transform your musical ideas into real compositions. You are indeed set for life if this item is in your repertoire!

The features loaded in this product are only found in programs costing 4 times more – making this purchase totally cost effective and worthwhile!

Listed here are a few interesting qualities.

  • Smooth and fast entry of notes via the extensive Note/Symbol Tool Palette, a virtual piano or guitar, Chord Builder, or your MIDI device
  • Par excellence score creation and editing tools completely inaccessible in the offered price range
  • Complete control of page layout including text orientation and symbol placements
  • Hear music with the help of the built-in library of MIDI instrument sounds and/or 3rd party Sound Fonts (SF2) instruments
  • You can print, preview, or export music as PDF, BMP, JPEG, and GIF and thus publish your music via print or the web
  • Import/export MIDI and Music XML files for swapping with other music applications

Garritan Instant OrchestraThe name says it all! This versatile product is one of a kind in the league of convenient orchestration. Featuring an array of instruments, the Garrison Instant Orchestra is sure to surpass your imagination!

The product assists you from the beginning to the end to generate authentic music. The forte of this virtual orchestra software is making orchestration easy. With this product in your inventory, even stalwarts in classical music will be unable to differentiate between these sounds and the analog recordings.

Let us browse through some of its striking features.

  • Includes on-board ARIA instrument, OS X, VST, RTAS and audio units
  • Comes with incredible lush strings, bombastic brass sections, slivery choirs, low octave rumbling, ethereal textures, spooky wind textures, mega hits, wild overlays, light grassy harps, chaotic whirls, rises, glissandi, and chord clusters –the list is endless
  • Only one musician is sufficient to manage the show
  • The product showcases potential to mix orchestral instruments hailing from diverse  instrument families
  • Includes effects cardinal for film and game compositions
  • Compatible with Mac and PC in isolation or as a plugin (VST, RTAS, and OS X Audio Units)

IK Multimedia MiroslavRated as one of the best strings VST, this merchandise focuses purely on authentic classical music. One of the finest products of its niche, this purchase will definitely facilitate the creation of superlative music with assorted articulations.

In the domain of sound quality, this product is quite close to the Garrison Instant Orchestra. You will have to weigh the pros and cons as per your suitability as both items are flawless.

The IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra & Choir Workstation is a true value for money invested. The accessible cost strives to realize the dream of every musician. So go ahead and enjoy your craft as you too can now afford this compositional wonder!

Some of the incredible characteristics of this product are:

  • Features 16-part multi-timbral sample-based orchestral workstation
  • Includes 7 GB sound library
  • The product presents sounds performed by the Czech Philharmonik Orchestra in Dvorák Symphony Hall and recorded by the legendary Miroslav Vitous
  • Convenient usage owing to classical music-oriented parameter names
  • Can operate as a standalone item or as a VST

MIROSLAV PHILHARMONIKThis state-of-the-art piece is specifically customized towards classical music. It comprises the  legendary Miroslav Orchestra and Choir sample collection masterpieces.

This timeless instrument aims to make symphonic composition simpler and quicker. You will not get a better diversity of sound in this price range. A complete workstation with the most incredible look and feel awaits you. Go for it!

Have a look at its salient characteristics.

  • Comes loaded with fully integrated sample engine technology and built-in effects
  • Features include 1.5 GB, 250 sounds, 3 synth engines, 16 part multitimbral, 4 insert effects per part, 20 built-in DSP effects, 4 send effects, full MIDI control, zone editing, 256 note polyphony
  • Supports plug-in or standalone modes
  • Compatible with Mac OS (Universal Binary) and Windows (XP/Vista)

Garritan World InstrumentsIf there is one product that truly represents a piece of software fully loaded with an entire synth – it is Garrison World Instruments. You name an instrument across the globe and you will certainly find it the world instruments library.

It offers you the opportunity to create instrument groups as per your desire and taste. The product shoots down the necessity to invest in a separate sampler as the controls are meticulously standardized.

One of its unique features is its compatibility with Scala files. This implies that musicians have access to varied temperaments and tunings. It allows scores to be played in their native format.

Look at some of its amazing aspects.

  • The complete world instruments library is integrated into the ARIA Player
  • Progressive functions such as auto-legato, playable tremolos, alternation, tongue/slur, and Support both Mac and PC as a standalone program or as a plugin
  • A holistic world instruments collection
  • Vast range of high-quality instruments from different corners of the globe
  • VST, RTAS, and OS X Audio Units

ProjectSAM OrchestralProjectSAM has surely upgraded the notch by bringing this orchestral suite VST in the market. Skeptical selection of essentials from the highly acclaimed Symphobia series, True Strike series, and Orchestral Brass Classic has led to the conception of the versatile Orchestral Essentials Sample Library.

It doesn’t end there! There are novel instruments inclusions making this item a pro at filming and gaming. In fact, the abundant additions ensure the Orchestral Essentials turns out to be a rich inventory for the novice and veterans alike.

Read on to know the striking features of this product.

  • Truly exemplifies the essence of film scoring
  • Some of the predominant attractions include Epic full orchestra articulations; Symphonic string, brass and wind ensemble articulations; Legato ensembles with real note transitions; Classical, melodic and world percussion including timpani and Japanese drums
  • Provides cinematic effects, clusters and percussive hits
  • Multis12 GB library pool (7 GB compressed NCW format)1 Stereo mic set per instrument

Sound Magic China ImpressionThis virtual orchestra software is a repertoire of Chinese traditional instruments. The inclusion of China Story Erhu, Laurel Pipa, and Bamboo Dreams Bawu ushers the tang of Classical Asian and Chinese music.

China Story Erhu features Erhu. This version of the Chinese Violin forms the foundation of conventional Chinese music. Laurel Pipa features Pipa, also regarded as Chinese lute. The function of Pipa is very similar to the guitar in Chinese traditional music. Bawu, a woodwind instrument is typical of Bamboo Dreams Bawu.

An amalgamation of these three instruments not only adds a Chinese flavor to the music but saves the finances as well.

Listed below are some of its unique characteristics.

  • Comes in the form of VST/AU plug-in on PC and Mac, or sample libraries running under Kontakt 5
  • High Quality 24 Bit/96 KHz Sample.
  • China Story Erhu, Laurel Pipa and Bamboo Dreams Bawu in one package
  • Key Switch, Mod switch different groups of samples
  • Multi Layer Velocity Sample offers an original experience

Whether music is a hobby or profession for you, the sound quality of these plugins will certainly satisfy your requisites. Hopefully, after reading these reviews, you may have found the answer to your creative aspirations.

So go ahead and improve your production game by investing in the “Orchestral VST Software Plugins!”



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