Moovly Vs Powtoon : Check Comparison Before you Buy


Let’s face it…

2018 is the year of video marketing because no one likes to read that boring chunk of text anymore. It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, SaaS product company, life coach, or are in the B2C space. To make a brand presence or to dramatically increase your sales videos works the best.

moovly vs powtoonEveryone wants to grab the information as quickly as they can. So, if you want to remain in the competition, you need to make video content. Majority of crowd prefers video content because what text cannot explain in 10 minutes a video can do it in just 2 minutes.

Eight precious minutes saved. Isn’t it?

But, there’s a problem.

With more consumption of video, every day a new startup is coming up with new software. In this fuzz, how will you decide which tool is best for your business and will you the maximum returns?

Simple, get the best platform out there to make your marketing video.

Today, I’m writing this review article on Moovly vs. Powtoon. Both are the renowned industry brands and are very popular in the animation video space.

Read through this article to get the perfect software among these both.

Let’s get started.

Moovly vs Powtoon Which is the best?

Features Comparison

Moovly Features:


1. Animation Styles – With a vast library you can quickly create animated videos in under 15 minutes or less.

2. Display Ads – Surprisingly, you can also create banner ads for your website or blog.

3. Infographics – Create animated infographics.

4. Presentations – Gone are the days of those boring PowerPoint presentations, you can now create stunning presentations with Moovly.

5. Cloud Based –  A complete cloud based solution.

6. Royalty Free Assets – More than five lac+ royalty free images, and audio files are available.

Powtoon Features:

Powtoon1. Premade Objects – Powtoon is famous for it huge library of premade animation characters and objects.

2. Cloud Based – Powtoon is hosted in the cloud, so you don’t need to download the software.

3.Do It Yourself Options – The tool gives you the ability to add your audio and images to give it a more personal touch.

Pricing Comparison

It’s the most critical factor in choosing any of the tools.

Moovly pricing:

Moovly comes with three pricing plans namely the Free, Pro and the Enterprise plans.

The free plan includes 30-day trail with 100MB of video storage. However, you cannot remove the Moovly branding in the free version.

Pro plan costs $24.92/mo which has a 1GB of storage and supports HD video download, no branding, plus Shutterstock integration with discounts.

Enterprise plan comes at $125/mo which supports 5 accounts and gives a massive 5GB storage per account. You can download videos in 1080p and can use it for commercial purposes.

Powtoon Pricing:

Powtoon pricing is divided into 4 parts namely the Free, Pro, Business and the Agency plan.

Free plan comes with 100MB of storage with the limited use of their library. With the free plan, you can create videos up to 5 minutes.

The Pro plan comes at $19/mo with 2GB of storage, 25 Storyblocks exports and HD video download, and you can make a video up to 15 minutes.

The Business plan comes at $59/mo with 10GB of storage with unlimited Storyblocks exports and FULL HD video download. You can create 60 minutes of HD video and 8 minutes of Full HD video.

The Agency plan comes $299/mo here you get everything unlimited, but it’s still yet to launch.

Which one should you use and why?

It completely depends, if you want to make an animation style video than no one can beat Powtoon with its huge library of animated characters and backgrounds.

However, if you are looking to create all types of video like the whiteboard videos, real-life videos and some animation sales videos, infographics, presentations than Moovly would be a great option for you.

If pricing is your concern, then I would suggest you go with the Moovly Pro plan because in $25 you are getting access to their huge asset library plus you can create all sort of video and other types of content in there.

Which tool to use if you are just starting out?

If you are just starting out, take a trail of both the tools as it is completely free to use and see which one is better for you and suits your needs.

Over To You

If you liked the comparison between Moovly vs. Powtoon reviews than don’t forget to leave a comment below. Furthermore, if you still have any confusion, the comments section is all yours.



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