Best Niche Research Software and Tools


Best Niche Research Software and ToolsFrom the day SEO has been introduced, the most important factor of SEO is Keywords. Keyword Research or Niche Research is the initial part of any SEO process and if you use the service of a good Niche Research software and Tool, then you have more chances of getting targeted content ideas with great keyword planning. Whether you have selected the right niche and keyword or completely new to this process, these tools and software for niche research will make your work easier.

There are numbers of niche research software available in the market which can make you confused in choosing the best. I have filtered some of the niche research software and tools which will guide you in choosing the highly targeted keyword and niche and learn more about tools and software which help you in making your site ranking better in search engine result pages.

Best Niche Research Software 

LongTailPro – Most Popular Desktop Based SoftwareLongTailPro is one of the most popular niche research software these days. It is a desktop based keyword research software. It helps you in finding profitable keywords according to your niche. The tool is available as a paid version and provides you additional features of profitable long-tail keywords research.

If you are looking to purchase a best niche research software, then you need to go nowhere else. Try the 10-day free trial version of LongTailPro and experience its attractive features which will make you purchase this tool to have a compiled list of good keywords.

What’s the best in LongTailPro:

  • The tool is 8% faster than Market Samurai
  • You can find up to 800 keywords per seed keyword
  • Compiled list of thousands of keywords in seconds
  • All important data of SERP like meta tags, PR, domain details, backlinks, etc. included in competitor analysis
  • You can check whether an exact match domain available for your targeted keyword or not

Take a 10 day free trial of LongTailPro and then decide whether this desktop based niche research software fits your requirements or not.

market-samuraiIf you are looking for a complete internet marketers toolkit, then Market Samurai is the best option for you. It is a standalone SEO platform application which can be installed on your computer and helps you in making your targeted keyword research by focusing on your niche.

Market Samurai helps you to get deeper keyword suggestions and ideas for your niche and get higher rankings in Google search engine. It is a complete set of unique and useful tools like competitor analysis, rank tracker, domain samurai, etc.

You may want to get this useful knowledge about Market Samurai:

  • Site planning or improve your ranking, any task related to SEO of your website can be done by using Market Samurai
  • Keywords and domain research, content finding and publishing, monetization of keywords, all these modules are covered in Market Samurai
  • You can get this application with a one-time purchase also by spending  $149 only
  • You can easily learn to use this software completely in just 5-10 hours tutorial curve

Keyword Researcher ProKeyword Researcher Pro helps in saving your significant time while you are performing keyword research for your niche area by providing you targeted keywords and keyword phrases in the shortest amount of time. It helps you in generating thousands of long tail keywords with low competition by filtering Google’s massive database.

Important aspects of Keyword Researcher Pro are:

  • It has a simple yet powerful interface
  • Have an attribute named as “allintitle”, which gives a number used for measuring competitiveness of a keyword
  • Side by side analysis of a competition from the 3 major search engines
  • Monthly search volume compared between different tools like Google, Wordtracker, YouTube, etc.
  • YouTube internet marketing strategy can be developed with the help of this tool
  • Unique feature of calculating the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI), and Result/Search Ratio automatically
  • Complete PPC analysis with the keyword phrase suggestions

Check this popular niche research tool and boost your Google ranking in a short amount of time.

Niche Finder - Bradcallen

Niche Finder is an effective keyword niche marketing software available in a friendly interface, awesome results, and affordable prices. It helps you in finding untapped keywords with a low or minimal competition. So you can easily rank your content or site with these low competitive keywords with a minimal SEO process. This software also shows if there is an exact match domain available for the keyphrase or not, so you can easily rank for your niche targeted keywords.

Features of Niche Finder Tool:

  • It provides profitable niche suggestions in a few seconds for your entered keyword
  • It is a very simple yet very powerful tool available in three suggestive options (Red for stay away, Green for low competition, and Yellow for medium competition)
  • You can find exact match available domains for your specific keywords and can purchase through this software
  • You can see daily and monthly estimated searches for the targeted keyword
  • You can also filter the list of the targeted keywords according to the competition category

Übersuggest - Free Tool for Generating Long-Tail KeywordsÜbersuggest is a free keyword suggestion tool. It utilizes the Autocomplete engine of Google and other suggest services. It means when you start typing a keyphrase, it shows you the most popular autocompletion word to make your search easier and effective. Check this awesome video of Rand Fishkin featuring Google’s auto-suggest feature  in their “Whiteboard Friday”. It will show the importance of Übersuggest indirectly!

Simple tutorial to use Übersuggest:

  • According to your niche or generic term, write a short key phrase in the search box
  • Choose the source and language from the list
  • Übersuggest can provide search results from generic internet search or from some specific niches like shopping, news or videos
  • According to your keyphrase, Übersuggest extracts suggestions and adds a number or letter in front of it
  • You can get separate results for each keyword you have clicked from the suggestions
  • You can add keywords to your basket by clicking on the plus sign on the left of the keyword
  • You can add all the visible keywords in your basket at the same time by clicking on the gray button

Übersuggest is the best tool for long tail keyword ideas. Try this free tool now.

It is not recommended to purchase all the tools mentioned above, but these are the best tools filtered to make your selection easier. Choose the best tool which fits your budget and requirements. Hope you like the list of niche research software and tools and get one from it for your keyword research. If you know any other good niche research tool other than mentioned in the above list, please let me know in the comment. Share and like this post so that your friends and other needy people can also get good ranking in the SERPs.



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