Best Link Building Automation Software of 2018


The search engine algorithms which make an effect on your website ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing are changing periodically. The Link Building method helps you in a very good manner to achieve high rankings in SERPs but doing it manually is a very tedious and time-consuming task. There are some awesome tools available which can provide you right track in the link building strategy.

I will explain you about the best link building automation software of 2018, which will make your link building task easier and effective. Check out the list and choose the best suitable automation tool for you.

Magic SubmitterMagic Submitter is the most popular automated link building tool these days. It helps you to spin and submit your articles, blogs, press releases and videos to over 500 websites and provides you 1000 backlinks without much manual action. You can also add hundreds of sites and create automated backlinks anytime you want.

The amazing features of Magic Submitter are:

  • Create hundreds of accounts for you and validated them automatically
  • Spins your content and makes it 100% original
  • Automatically submit your content to over 2000 sites
  • Solve captcha codes by itself
  • Autopilot feature that submits and provide you over 1000’s backlinks
  • 24/7 marketing schedule
  • You can run the backlink campaigns for weeks
  • Instant reports created for your clients
  • You can add hundreds of additional websites with just a few clicks

Magic submitter is a proven system which is tested to deliver 100% satisfactory results in dominating the market. You can get qualified traffic and get the top position in google with Magic Submitter in an automated way!

SENuke-XCrSENuke XCr is a powerful backlink generation tool that provides the solution of laborious, time consuming and dull process of manual backlink generation. It creates and shares the automation scripts with the numerous nukers on the web. This process helps the tool to build backlinks from thousands of other sites and makes the tool one step ahead of its competitors.

SENuke XCr has following features:

  • Unlike its competitors, SENuke XCr has a very easy to use interface
  • Even if you know nothing about SEO, you can still set SEO campaigns within a few seconds with a super fast turbo wizard
  • SENuke XCr is the only link building software which uses crowdsource technology to share and create thousands of backlinks automatically
  • Have a step by step wizard of 15 minutes, which helps you to do everything right with your automation and campaigns
  • A scheduler which helps to schedule your campaigns and then run them on its own. If a crash happens, it will resume campaigns automatically
  • Automated link created for a website and you do not need to write a single line of code
  • Creates diagrams to show you the work of your link building
  • Uses powerful tool of link indexing to make sure all of the links indexed in search engines


SENuke XCr also provides a 14 days free trial. If you will not satisfy with the service, you can cancel the subscription anytime. Check its services and build thousands of backlinks automatically.

GScraperGScraper claims to be the cheapest tool to generate and get high-quality backlinks. It is available at $68-lifetime cost. It is the fastest and very accurate tool for scraping and posting on Google.

The features of the revolutionary software GScraper are mentioned below:

  • It provides thousands of proxies in just a few seconds
  • It supports multi-line footprints
  • Type, time, and language based scrape
  • Provides functionality of cleaning and sorting scraped lists
  • Function of checking DoFollow / NoFollow
  • Have the most powerful filter among its competitors
  • Very easy search filter to find auto approve list
  • For a particular domain, you can expand the lists
  • You can scrape keywords as well

GScraper provides 7 days of free trial. With the help of this tool, you can easily get backlinks from PR7, PR8, and PR9 sites.

GSA Search Engine RankerForget about creating manual backlinks again and use the service of GSA Search Engine Ranker. It is not like other backlink software who requires a database for link building. It automatically finds the sites according to your niche and submits your link to them. You can also submit multiple websites simultaneously with the use of this automated tool.

GSA Search Engine Ranker has following features:

  • Easy to use interface, you just need to fill 3 fields to start backlink search
  • Totally automated backlinks created
  • Submits to high-quality websites those are matching with your settings
  • No fixed database required, creates a dynamic database upon your entered keywords
  • After having a verified submission, it informs the search engines automatically to update their index for the backlinks
  • You just need to enter the keywords and data once, and it will create backlinks till you use the software
  • Spins your articles to make them unique
  • Uses external captcha services to solve the captcha codes
  • You will get free lifetime update and license
  • It supports over hundred platforms
  • Build backlinks until you stop the process from your end

GSA Search Engine Ranker is unbeatable for tier 2 and tier 3 backlinks. Check the plans and services of the tool and buy the automated link building software for the lifetime.

5. ScrapeBox

scrapebox-gui-automation toolAs the company says ScrapeBox is the most powerful SEO tool available of its kind! The tool is used by Major fortune 500 companies and freelancers all over the world. The users of ScrapBox have given the name ‘Swiss Army Knife of SEO’ to the tool!

The main and important features of ScrapeBox are:

  • It performs operations exceptionally by creating multiple connections concurrently
  • It provides a number of options to customize and expand functionalities according to your needs
  • It provides hundreds of SEO features at very affordable rates
  • Provides over 30 add-ons to expand new and useful features
  • Founded in 2005 and still working at its best
  • 24/7 support from a professional team and a number of videos to solve your issues

ScrapeBox helps you to make your day to day manual tasks of Internet Marketing and SEO fast and automated.

Automated link building works every time by applying the right strategy and using effective link building tools. It is highly recommended that you choose your automated link building software by understanding all the tactics it uses and keep in mind the search engine guidelines for website ranking.

Hope you like my list of ‘link building automation software of 2018’. Please like and share this list so your friends also can take advantage of that. Mention in the comment which tool you would like to use and give suggestions if you want. Enjoy making more money and increase your business revenue by ranking your niche websites with the help of these automated link building software. Good Luck!



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