Best Replacement Battery For Dyson V6 – The Five Popular Models


Best Replacement Battery for Dyson V6Hey there, if you are looking to replace your Dyson V6 battery, then stop right there before you land on the wrong products that may ruin your vacuum cleaner’s working condition. Here we have the top five best replacement batteries for the Dyson V6 guide for 2021.

Best Replacement Battery For Dyson V6

Read on till the end to know more about each of them in detail.

1. FirstPower Replacement Battery for Dyson V6

FirstPower Replacement Battery for Dyson V6The best battery replacement for this price range. 


  • This battery doesn’t easily damage and can hold its charge for up to 500 days.
  • It has a 4000mAh lithium battery with a higher capacity that gives higher performance for a longer duration. 
  • This replacement battery is upgraded and has a higher capacity providing super suction and more runtime.
  • It gives protection against overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuits.


2. DOWEOR Battery Replacement for Dyson V6

DOWEOR Battery Replacement for Dyson V6This one is an apt choice for Dyson V6. 


  • It is made to compete with the original Dyson V6 series but has a much longer run time. 
  • It has an integrated intelligent control chip that ensures safety while you use it for longer periods. 
  • It has an upgraded 4000mAh battery that makes your vacuum cleaner run longer time
  • It has a light indicator to show indications for charging levels and flashes yellow light to show some error.


3. AYTXTG Battery Replacement for Dyson V6

AYTXTG Battery Replacement for Dyson V6An excellent choice for Dyson V6 battery replacement. 


  • It is a lithium-made battery with 3800mAh and works perfectly with any Dyson V6 series.
  • It is quite an efficient battery with a long battery life that can run for longer hours in high-speed mode.
  • This battery chip comes with protection against short-circuit over-current, over-charge, and over-discharge, which extends its life.
  • It has a protective cover that keeps the replacement battery away from dust, debris, and water splashes.


4. Touyeet  Battery Replacement for Dyson V6

Touyeet Battery Replacement for Dyson V6This is exactly what you need to for your Dyson V6


  • It is a high-quality lithium battery with an extreme capacity of 3500mAh high capacity that lasts longer. 
  • It is designed with precision to give ultimate protection, especially when the battery over recharges itself.
  • This battery is a go-to choice for many users as it gives short circuit protection and a steady voltage circuit.
  • It comes with an indicator that shows you the charging level, making it easy to use for anyone.


5. Energup Replacement Battery for Dyson V6

Energup Replacement Battery for Dyson V6Maximum durability and excellent for the price range. 


  • It is a lithium-Ion battery with a voltage of 21.6V and a battery capacity of 3000mAh.
  • It is compatible with all series of Dyson V6 and makes your vacuum cleaner work more efficiently. 
  • It indicates two colors, blue and yellow, where blue means charging and yellow indicates any error. 
  • It has an ultimate protective short circuit design, and advanced technology improves energy destiny.


My pick for you is the FirstPower 4.0Ah Replacement Battery. It is by far the best battery replacement that we have our hands on for this year. 



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