Best Hygrometer (Humidity Monitor) of 2018


When you have the hygrometer in your hand, you can exactly measure the temperature and moisture level in your room. Whether you live in an apartment or a separate house, whether you are living in a warm region or preparing for the heating season of a winter, the quality of the air in your room is highly affected by the humidity. The better and correct way to maintain humidity in your home is to get the best humidity monitor and start measuring the humidity level. I have researched and compiled the list of the “ Hygrometer (Humidity Monitor) of 2018”. Get one from it and have an accurate picture of the humidity in your home or office.

Best Hygrometer

AcuRite 00613 Indoor Hygrometer (Humidity Monitor)The 00613 indoor hygrometer from AcuRite helps you to maintain the ideal humidity level in your room or home. It helps to get skin, allergen, and other health benefits by preventing the growth of bacteria, mold, viruses, mites, fungi, etc. asthma-inducing agents. It is the bestseller on Amazon in Humidifier Humidity Meters category.

Features of the AcuRite 00613 Indoor Hygrometer (Humidity Monitor) are:

  • It checks the indoor comfort and humidity conditions with the inbuilt humidity level icon
  • The digital thermometer hygrometer displays both the high and low humidity and temperature readings
  • It displays records over the past 24-36 hours
  • It comes with a fold-out stand, clip, and magnetic backing to provide you different options for mounting
  • It comes in a wireless tabletop design
  • It is the best indoor hygrometer (humidity monitor)

Round Digital Hygrometer for Humidor from Quality Importers HygroSetThe Quality Importers HygroSet II Round is a digital hygrometer for humidor which comes with an adjustment feature for an accurate reading. It is the first hygrometer of its kind which can be adjusted after calibration. It is the bestseller on Amazon in the category of Weather Hygrometers.

Features of the Round Digital Hygrometer for Humidor from Quality Importers HygroSet are:

  • It comes with an easy to set calibration instructions
  • It has a humidity accuracy of +/-2 percent from 20-percent to 90-percent
  • It has a refresh rate of 10 seconds
  • The HygroSet II Round has temperature accuracy of +/-1 degree
  • You can change the humidity display by +/-1 percent by clicking on the adjustment knob
  • It is the best digital hygrometer for humidor

Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Hygrometer with Three Remote SensorsAmbient Weather has designed this wireless hygrometer which comes with a scroll mode. It prevents the process of pressing buttons for viewing the indoor thermometer/hygrometer and remote channels. You can also re-synchronize sensors without removing the batteries with the sensor search mode of WS-10.

Features of the Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Hygrometer are:

  • It has an outdoor temperature range from -4 °F to 140 °F
  • The scroll mode displays each sensor every 5 seconds automatically
  • It can monitor the humidity and temperature in up to 8 remote locations
  • If the sensor reception is interrupted, then you can re-synchronize search mode
  • It comes with three remote digital thermometer hygrometer, however, you can add five additional sensors
  • It is a simple to read, simple to use and an affordable wireless hygrometer

AcuRite 00325 Indoor Hygrometer (Home Comfort Monitor)The 00325 indoor hygrometer from AcuRite is a home comfort monitor which is featured with indoor temperature and humidity monitor. It records the humidity and temperature using its daily high/low memory.

Features of the AcuRite 00325 Indoor Hygrometer are:

  • It measures the humidity level and temperature in your room or home
  • It records and displays high and low levels
  • It has a magnetic backing for a convenient placement
  • It has a temperature range of 32°F to 122°F
  • The humidity range is 20-95 percent RH
  • It is operated via one AA battery
  • Available in black, blue and red colors

Caliber IV Digital Cigar Hygrometer by Western HumidorWestern Humidor has made this accurate cigar hygrometer for the cigar industry and beyond. The famous Caliber III digital hygrometer is now upgraded to Caliber IV.

Features of the Caliber IV Digital Cigar Hygrometer by Western Humidor are:

  • Its advance humidity sensor maintains the accuracy to +/-1 percent
  • It comes with a secure magnetic mount for easy holding
  • It records and displays the high, low and average humidity level and temperature of three days
  • It comes as a pre-calibrated, however, you can recalibrate it too
  • It is operated on the batteries included
  • The best cigar hygrometer I have tested so far

Meade Instruments TM005X-M Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermo Digital Hygrometer for HomeThe TM005X-M wireless hygrometer for home can be used indoor or outdoor to measure the humidity level and temperature. It can receive and display data from three additional sensors.

Features of the Meade Instruments TM005X-M Wireless Hygrometer for Home are:

  • It comes with a jumbo LCD display for giving you easy reading across the room
  • Its wireless sensors have the ability to transmit the humidity and temperature data from up to 100-feet away
  • It can receive data from other 3 sensors
  • It can record the min and max data of temperature high and lows

SensorPush Wireless Electronic Hygrometer for iPhone AndroidThe wireless electronic hygrometer from SensorPush helps you to stable the humidity level and temperature in your room or home. It can be paired up with your iPhone or Android device, which makes you love to use them.

Features of the SensorPush Wireless Electronic Hygrometer are:

  • It has an easy setup, install the free Android/iOS app and hold the sensor against your device screen
  • It has a wireless operating range of 325 feet
  • The amazing Android/iOS apps make the monitoring easy
  • It provides reliable and accurate measurements of humidity level and temperature with the help of Swiss-made sensing component
  • It sends readings to the device via Bluetooth and makes an alert if a problem occurs

A digital thermometer hygrometer measures the water vapor present in the air and then displays it in percentage. The hygrometer for humidor also shows the room temperature. This allows you to maintain the humidity level in your room or entire home according to your comfort level. Any digital hygrometer you choose from the above list of the “Hygrometer (Humidity Monitor) of 2018”, it will certainly help you to keep an eye on the moisture level in your room or home.



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