Best Window Exhaust Fan For Smokers — Review Guide 2022


Best Window Exhaust Fan For SmokersSmokers may find it cool to smoke anywhere, but it may not seem cool to everyone, especially to nonsmokers. Keeping a window exhaust fan in your living space can be helpful at such times. These fans keep the odd smell out of the rooms and bring in filtered cool air. Check out this review guide on the top five best window exhaust fans for smokers.

Best Window Exhaust Fan For Smokers

Tag along till the end to know which one the customers loved the most.

1. Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan 

Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window FanThe perfect choice for large windows. 


  • It has an adjustable extender screen and bonus extender panel that help to secure fans into larger windows. 
  • It has independent electronically reversible motors that allow air intake, exhaust, or air exchange.
  • It has a dual blade operation with a separate electronically reversible motor and comes with three-speed settings. 
  • It has water-resistant motors that are safe to use during rainy weather.


2. Bionaire Thin Window Fan For Smokers 

Bionaire Thin Window Fan For SmokersAn ideal exhaust fan for smokers.


  • It has independently controlled comfort settings and features an adjustable thermostat for manually reversible airflow.
  • It comes with a five-year warranty and is designed to be used either horizontally or vertically. 
  • It annually reverses the fan to intake fresh cool air, exhaust hot stale air, or exchange for full room circulation.
  • It smartly remembers the previous temperature setting after the unit has been turned off. 


3. Genesis AirFlow Fan For Smokers 

Genesis AirFlow Fan For SmokersAn innovative double fan. 


  • It has three-speed settings of low, medium, and high with a built-in thermostat that ranges from 60 to 80 degrees.
  • It comes with LED lights that help you visibly keep track of the temperature setting. 
  • It has two 9″ fan heads with their own durable copper motors to endure through all weather and situations.
  • It has dual expandable side panels that easily fit into any window and can expand to 6.5 inches.


4. SAILFLO Window Exhaust Fan For Smokers 

SAILFLO Window Exhaust Fan For SmokersThe best exhaust fan smoker.  


  • Its air intake is at 180m³/h and its fast speed with its thick vanes make it more stable.
  • It can exhaust smoke, eliminate sweltering hot air masses, and inhale cool natural wind to achieve ventilation.
  • It has a high-quality wear-resistant sleeve bearing motor, which can continually work for 9,000 hours, quiet and stable.
  • It comes with an overheat protector and an efficient temperature fuse and is quite safe to use in households.


5. Lasko Window Fan for Smokers

Lasko Window Fan for SmokersA quality household fan.


  • You can control the window fan using your smartphone and never worry about losing the fan remote again. 
  • The 9-inch fan can be independently programmed and can be set to intake cooler air from outside.
  • This window fan fits 24″ to 32″ wide and 12″ high and larger windows.
  • It has three quiet speeds that create a constant soothing white noise making it perfect for sleeping. 


After much research, my choice is the Holmes Dual 8″ Blade Twin Window Fan. It is designed to fit larger windows and has maximum durability and lifetime capacity.



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