Best Heat Gun for Candle Making – Cheat Code for DIY Candle Makers


Best Heat Gun for Candle MakingHeat guns are like cheat codes in candle making. You can smoothen the uneven candle surface without touching it. A heat gun helps clean the wax from the surface quickly without harming your wooden or brick-wall surface.

Best Heat Gun for Candle Making

In this article, you find the five best heat guns for candle making.

1. SEEKONE Heat Gun for Craft

SEEKONE Heat Gun for CraftValue-for-money heavy-duty heat gun.


  • This tool is a one-stop solution for shrinking cold tubes, weakening the strong adhesive, DIY crafts, etc.
  • It comes with two levels of temperature modes which you can adjust using the knob.
  • You will get four different nozzles that are helpful in various applications, and all of them are easy to mount on the gun.
  • The one great benefit you get is that the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty and full refund in case of any issues.


2. Chandler Tool Mini Heat Gun for Craft

Chandler Tool Mini Heat Gun for CraftVersatile heat gun.


  • This hot air gun is suitable for candle making, epoxy resin, vinyl wrapping, embossing, etc.
  • It has a kickstand attached to its body and an insulated body that makes it easy to use.
  • It is small, light, and quiet—a perfect hot air gun for candle making or melting an adhesive to remove something.
  • The gun has a regulator for heat and a fan so that you can adjust the amount of output required for your work.


3. ABUNRO Heat Gun for DIY Craft 

ABUNRO Heat Gun for DIY CraftBest affordable heat gun.


  • This multi-functional tool is helpful in candle making, DIY crafts embossing, drying paint, rubber, and more.
  • It can generate the highest temperature of 300℃. You will get two setting adjustments to change the temperature.
  • The tool has a heat sink on the left and right of the stainless steel bracket to reduce the internal temperature swiftly.
  • It has a kickstand that eliminates the chances of accidents, and you can place it anywhere on a flat surface.


4. PRULDE HG0080 Heat Gun Kit 

PRULDE HG0080 Heat Gun KitSafe heat gun.


  • This heat gun is excellent for candle making, shrink wrapping and tubing, and paint removing.
  • It comes with the standard ETL safety certification, assuring your safety at its best.
  • You will get four different nozzles to use this gun for other applications to make the most out of it.
  • It quickly generates heat the moment you turn it on. Also, it comes with overload protection.


5. ENERTWIST 1500W Heat Gun

ENERTWIST 1500W Heat GunBest multi purpose heat gun.


  • It comes with nine heat level adjustments and a three-level fan regulator to adjust the output.
  • The highest level of heat it can provide is 500℃, which is enough for candle making.
  • The non-slippery soft grip offers a comfortable fit in the hands and is easy to use.
  • It has built-in protection against overheating in case of misuse, ensuring customer safety.


After a lot of research, my choice is the SEEKONE Heat Gun. The reason is that the possibility of its use case is nearly endless, and the most important, the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee.



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