Best Cabinet Incubator — 5 Best Egg Incubator 2022


Best Cabinet IncubatorCabinet incubators can store hundreds of eggs, depending on the brand you buy. We have reviewed for you the best cabinet incubator with a high hatching rate and is relatively easy to operate. Look for the best ones that come with additional features like automatic turning and the product’s dimension and weight. And helps you simplify the entire process.

Best Cabinet Incubator

Read along till the end to learn more about the top five versatile and durable cabinet incubators.

1. IVYX Scientific 25L Incubator

IVYX Scientific 25L IncubatorA versatile and a value for money product. 


  • It is a versatile incubator that can be used as a refrigerator or as a warm incubator for a variety of uses.
  • It has a precise temperature control varying from 2°C to +60°C in increments of 1°C. 
  • It can do both heat and cool down at 20°C below ambient temperature and heat up to 60°C. 
  • It is portable and comes with 110V Standard power cord and an adapted 12V.


2. Cimuka Automatic Egg Incubator

Cimuka Automatic Egg IncubatorAn impressive durability and premium construction


  • It works as the most efficient system for gathering, and storing eggs and has a very high hatching rate.
  • This cabinet incubator gives you a fully automated hatching experience and is one of the most durable products. 
  • It comes with four pieces of hatching trays and renders a vibration-free egg turning.
  • It shows the exact temperature and humidity values and works with smaller to the biggest chicken pens.


3. OrangeA Egg Cabinet Incubator

OrangeA Egg Cabinet IncubatorA multifunctional device you need!


  • This incubator world works best to simulate that incubation environment and is pretty light and portable.
  • This device can transport amphibians and reptiles from one location to another and also works as an egg incubator.
  • It maintains temperatures from 40 to 140F, holding both heating and cooling modes, with fine construction.
  • It is the most durable incubator with a moderate capacity of 23L and comes with two shelves.


4. GQF Cabinet Incubator 1502

GQF Cabinet Incubator 1502One of the best units in the market. 


  • This cabinet incubator has a high hatching rate, and it is pretty easy to use.
  • It comes with three trays and an automatic turning feature which makes things very convenient.
  • It is durable and suitable for small and large eggs and can fit eggs of small to big sizes. 
  • This incubator maintains temperature precisely and has a LED display that shows accurate readings.


5. ZFF 320 Egg Incubator

ZFF 320 Egg IncubatorFive roller trays with excellent capacity


  • It is versatile and suitable for eggs and can fit up to 320 chicken eggs, which is quite accommodative. 
  • This five roller tray ensures enough space for each piece, and the blue colour looks pleasant.
  • It can be set at the desired temperature varying from 20C to 40C and can fit chicken, geese, and quail eggs.
  • It has an automatic turning option and turns the eggs every 120 minutes to ensure optimal heating.


After much research, my choice is the IVYX Scientific 25L Incubator. It is reasonably priced for the features such as small footprint, ease to carry, and its healing and cooling qualities. 



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