Miele Vs Dyson – Reviews and Comparison of Best Vacuum Cleaners


Traditional home cleaning with mop and water is gone, and the era of vacuum cleaners is at the top age. Any type of cleaning need you have at home or office; you will find a top vacuum cleaner from a branded company for it. From upright vacuum for high pile carpet to the robotic vacuum which makes you worry free from cleaning your home manually. Today, I will provide you the reviews and comparison of the top two vacuum cleaner brands; Miele and Dyson. Check the article here and know whether the Miele vacuum is better than Dyson or not.

Miele Vs Dyson

Miele Vs Dyson – Companies

Miele is a Germany-based appliance manufacturing company that had first designed its first machine back in 1990. Yeah, the first machine was not the vacuum cleaner, in fact, it was a cream separator, and the next was the ‘archaic’ washing machine. The production of the vacuum cleaning machines was started in the 20th century. Year after year, it gradually increased the quality of the vacuum cleaners to provide sufficient and economical cleaning.

On the other hand, Dyson is a UK-based vacuum cleaner manufacturing company. This younger venture which established in 1992 was the first to introduce the bagless vacuums. This Vacuum invention made them famous in no time. But a pure dedication from the founder of the company, James Dyson also played a big part in that because he made almost 5130 prototypes before he introduced the first vacuum cleaning machine named as DC01. Today, Dyson has 4500 employees and supplies its different machines across 50 countries in the world.

Comparison of different types of vacuum cleaners of Miele and Dyson

1) Canister vacuums – Miele Vs Dyson

As Miele is the European company, it has a more developing environment than Dyson. Miele manufactures three types of canister vacuums; C1s (for beginners), C2s, and C3s (most expensive and advanced). While Dyson produces two types of canister vacuums; a compact design (Dyson Ball Compact Animal) and the standard version (Dyson Cinetic Animal).

I will show you the feature comparison of Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition and Dyson Cinetic vacuums below:

  • The suction power of Complete C3 is 250AW approx. and Cinetic has 230AW approx.
  • The Cinetic series comes with a non-washable filter which lasts for the lifetime while Complete C3 comes with HEPA filter with AirClean Sealed System.
  • C3 has 1.18 gallons of dust capacity whereas Dyson Animal comes with 0.53 gallons.

2) Upright vacuums – Miele Vs Dyson

The noticeable difference between the upright vacuum and canister vacuum is the cleaning head. The Dyson upright vacuums are super responsive to new technologies in vaccum Cleaners, more flexible, durable for a longer time, and have low maintenance cost than Miele and other top vacuum brands. Whereas, Miele produces bagged upright vacuums with advanced brush rolls and clinical grade filters.

Below is the feature comparison of Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Vs Miele Dynamic U1 Auto Eco vacuums:

  • The approx. suction power of Dyson and Miele vacuums are 180AW and 200AW respectively.
  • The Cinetic technology lets Dyson upright vacuums to become filter-less while the Miele Dynamic U1 has HEPA filter bags with AirClean Sealed System.
  • Miele upright U1 has the bin capacity of 1.3625 gallons while Dyson Cinetic Big Ball has 0.57 gallons.

3) Robotic Vacuums – Miele Vs Dyson

Both Miele and Dyson have also produced the most advanced vacuum types – robotic (autonomous) vacuum cleaners. Yet the choice depends on the requirement of the user and specifications of the robotic vac, I have tried to make a focus on some quick compare of the features of Dyson 360 Eye and Miele RX1 Scout. See it below, and I hope it will help you to have better judgment.

  • The Dyson 360 Eye has an autonomy time of 30 minutes while the Miele RX1 Scout has 120 minutes when fully charged.
  • You may be aware of the noise level of a robotic vacuum. Miele RX1 has 65db while the Dyson 360 has 70db noise level.
  • The bin size of Dyson robotic vacuum is 13.5 oz. and Miele comes with 22 oz. bin capacity.

4) Stick/Handheld Vacuums – Miele Vs Dyson

With an overall superior experience, the Dyson has a popular range of handheld vacuum cleaners for the worldwide users. Handheld vacuums are great performers on furniture, upholstery, and other areas in your home where you need a lightweight and handy machine for cleaning. On the other hand, Miele has not yet focused on this type of vacuum and so only a single stick vacuum ‘Swing H1 QuickStep’ is available from the manufacturer.

Let’s see the comparison of Dyson V6 Absolute and Miele Swing H1 QuickStep handheld vacuums below:

  • The Dyson v6 Absolute has suction power of 28AW in standard mode and 100AW in boost mode. The Miele Swing H1 has a 40AW power of suction.
  • The bin capacity of Dyson and Miele stick vacuum cleaners is 0.105 gallons and 0.22 gallons respectively.
  • V6 absolute comes with washable HEPA filter while the H1 QuickStep includes the intensive clean plus filter bag with AirClean filter technology.

Is Miele better than Dyson?

It is the era of cordless vacuums, and bagless cleaning machines and Miele is not supposed to create such units in the near future as far as my knowledge and research. Dyson has clearly a winner at the macro level. But the Miele vacuums are quieter than that of Dyson’s. And this is one of the important factors while choosing the home cleaning machine. Also some specialized attachments like unique upholstery tool, split nozzle, fine adjustments between the hardwood floors and carpets, dusting brush, etc. help Miele to be a better choice than Dyson.

If you want a bagless, powerful, and stylish vacuum cleaner for carpet or floor cleaning, then Dyson vacuums are the units for you. But if you want to get more durable, versatile, and functionality, then the best vacuum cleaners are of Miele, that’s for sure.

Let me know in the comment section below which vacuum brand you preferred and how it helped in your cleaning task.



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