Best Grandfather Clocks of 2018


Best Grandfather Clocks of 2016We all go nostalgic from the sound of a grandfather clock coming from a living room. With everything getting digital around us, getting a grandfather wall clock for your home decor gives a sense of sophistication to our rooms. If you want an authentic old wall clock for your house, then be ready to spend thousands of dollars. But, with the limited budget, one can easily pick one of the  grandfather clocks from the lot. We have listed down some most prevalent grandfather clock brands right now available in the market.

Best Grandfather Clocks

Coaster Home Furnishings Grandfather ClockLooking for a rustic look modern grandfather clock to decorate your living room or office space then bring home Coaster Home Furnishings brings hardwood crafted wall clock that comes with beautiful intricately carved top and Roman numerals to denote time. With its Westminster chime, this grandfather clock represents real sophistication to your home. Movement of the wall clock and pendulum are powered by a battery.

Coaster Home Furnishings Grandfather Clock comes with these following features:

  • Comes in a warm tone of medium brown color and smooth finish on the hardwood
  • Beautifully crafted design for an attractive look.
  • Best décor option for office and home.
  • Simple yet attractive look.
  • This grandfather clock is eligible for free parts replacements.

Seiko Pendulum Dark Brown Oak Wall ClockLooking for a timepiece that gives your place an elegant look then bring home Seiko wall clock. Manufactured by one of the best grandfather clock brands, this solid oak casing wall clock comes with an intricate vine pattern and polished brass pendulum that gives with the clock a complete vintage look. The glass covering in the front protects the design of clock from dust yet provides clear visibility of time.

Seiko Pendulum Oak Casing Grandfather Wall Clock comes with these following features:

  • Comes in the dimension of 28H x 12.5W x 6D inches.
  • Dark brown solid oak casing for longer life of the wall clock.
  • Ornate brass pendulum for an attractive look.
  • Glass covering on the clock to get clear visibility and protection against dust.
  • Intricate vine pattern for the vintage look.

Howard Miller 611-102 Neilson Hour Glass ClockHoward Miller present a rustic cherry finish modern grandfather clock which comes with a carved hardwood shell and swans neck designs on the side for an elegant look. The interior of the clock has Arabic numerals, brushed nickel dials and a glass covering to protect the design for dust. This grandfather clock comes with a dimension of 13.8 x 23 x 84.2 inches and has auto shut off night chime.

Howard Miller Neilson Grandfather Clock comes with these following features:

  • Decorative cutout with bombe base for the vintage look.
  • Westminster chime sound and automatic nighttime chime shut-off for peaceful sleep.
  • Get your name and particular date engrave of Howard Miller Grandfather Clock.

Coaster Home 900723 Transitional Grandfather ClockStyle your home or office with the grandfather clocks you can find on the market. Coaster homes bring an impressive grandfather clock that is crafted from hardwood and veneers. With its medium brown finish, clean cut, round clock head and straight dials, it looks simple yet very elegant on any background. The golden color pendulum gives Coaster Home wall clock more traditional look. This grandfather clock runs on battery.

Coaster Home Brown Color Transitional Grandfather Clock comes with these following features:

  • Medium brown finish and crafted hardwood frame for a refreshing look.
  • Simple design yet elegant looking.
  • Ornate handle for a classic antique look.

Vmarketingsite Traditional Grandfather Wall ClockVmarketingsite has launched the best-craved wood grandfather with a handcrafted clock pendulum that changes the aura of your room. Manufactured with the solid wood, the antique look wall clock can be easily placed and chimes every hour with the Westminster chime. The best feature of this grandfather wall clock is its auto night shut off from 10.00 PM to 5.00 AM. So your sleep never gets disturbed. The clock comes with a dimension of 26″ x 11-1/2″ x 4″ and runs of 4 x AA battery. Vmarketingsite offers one year warranty to customers from the date of purchase.

Vmarketingsite Traditional Grandfather Wall Clock comes with these following features:

  • Wall clock comes in a walnut color smooth finish that complements with all types of décor.
  • Has a handcrafted pendulum surrounded by solid wooden frame for the antique look.
  • Traditional designed clock comes in a dimension of 6″ x 11-1/2″ x 4″.
  • Auto shut off of chime feature from 10 PM to 5 AM.
  • The company offers one year of warranty from the date of purchase.

Bulova Tatianna ClockBulova Tatianna grandfather wall clock comes in a solid wood casing and triple chime movements that take back you in time with every ring. With the dark mahogany finish, adjustable volume control, decorative weights, protective glass frame and night shut off feature, the wall clock is the best choice to enhance to décor of your home or office.

Bulova Tatianna Clock comes with these following features:

  • Grandfather wall clock is manufactured using solid wood.
  • Dark mahogany finishes for a historical look.
  • Hinged front clock door for easy access.

American Furniture Classics Grandfather ClockAmerican Furniture classic modern grandfather clock comes with a dimension of 21 x 11 x 75 inches, solid wooden casing, concealed storage for six guns and additional hidden storage with a lock behind the lower door.

American Furniture Classics Grandfather Clock comes with these following features:

  • Solid wooden casing and veneers for durability.
  • Hidden storage with the lock behind lower door.
  • Concealed storage that can store up to 6 guns
  • Factory assembled.

Howard Miller Hour Glass ClockHoward Miller brings modern grandfather clock that has versatile metal frame design and an hour glass in the middle for a classic look. Want to put sturdy wall clock with the hint of old design then Howard Millers clock will do justice to the décor of home or office.

Howard Miller Hour Glass Clock comes with these following features:

  • Comes in the sturdy metal frame.
  • Hourglass in the middle for a rustic look.
  • Has adjustable floor levers to adjust the height of clock.
  • Embossed gears for smoother function.

Grandfather clocks have evolved with time but with the best grandfather clock brands listed above you can choose a wall clock suitable for the décor of the room. Today most of these grandfather wall clocks run on the battery and have brass finish pendulum for the colonial look.

Comparison of Best Grandfather Clocks:

Model Name Grandfather Clock Crown Finish Weight
Coaster Home 900749 Bonnet Cherry 48.4 Pounds
Seiko Wall Pendulum Bonnet Espresso 13.9 Pounds
Howard Miller Neilson Arched, Bonnet Rustic Cherry/Nickel 135 Pounds
Coaster Home Furnishings 900723 Round Medium brown 39.6 pounds
Vmarketingsite Traditional  Split Pediment Walnut 8 pounds
Bulova Tatianna Bonnet Dark Mahogany 18 pounds
American Furniture Classics 100 Bonnet Brown Cherry 61.7 pounds
Howard Miller Hour Glass Round Aged Iron  112 pounds


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