Best USB Christmas Tree – 5 Best USB Christmas Trees of 2021


Best USB Christmas TreeHey there! Glad to have you back here. Gone are the days when everyone installed a real huge Christmas tree that was not just too spacious but too heavy to carry around easily. Plus, the amount of effort to decide the whole thing was a task! Instead, a USB Christmas tree will do wonders for you and save you time, money, and space in your room by adding more charm and warmth.

Best USB Christmas Tree

Here are the top five selected best USB Christmas trees for the year 2021.

1. National Tree USB Christmas Tree

National Tree USB Christmas TreeThe perfect tabletop Christmas tree


  • You won’t be able to differentiate the artificial branches as they look ultra-realistic and lifelike. 
  • It has 71 individually crafted branch tip lights, which adds more charm and beauty to a room. 
  • It has 35 multi-colored LED lights that work for 6 hours and is even fire resistant and non allergic. 
  • It is 2 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter at the base, lush and in full form.


2. Gikfun 3D Xmas Tree Led DIY Kits

Gikfun 3D Xmas Tree Led DIY KitsA Christmas tree or a PCB board? 


  • It comes with three circuit boards, with 36 LED alternating flashing to light up your dull rooms. 
  • It is pretty easy to assemble and is a fabulous decorative addition for Christmas on your tabletops.
  • It is amusing that you can use this tree as a PCB board for practicing welding skills too.
  • It is a beautiful decoration that can add a lively atmosphere, especially on Christmas eve.


3. HONESTY Mini Christmas Trees

HONESTY Mini Christmas TreesA portable mini tree to enhance the beauty of your space. 


  • It has a simple design with a metal frame & plate base and six light strings wrapped around it. 
  • This mini Christmas tree will bring an elegant design and a dreamy glow into your home. 
  • It has adjustable branches that fit in a small space and even fold it up for easy storage. 
  • It efficiently gently brightens your room, and it’s warm LED lights add more sparkle.


4. Hypestar Artificial Christmas Tree 

Hypestar Artificial Christmas TreeAn ideal birch tree for your Christmas dinner parties. 


  • This beautiful tree is 18-inch tall with 24 warm white lights on branches which can be wrung accordingly. 
  • It won’t fall easily as it comes with a sturdy oval base that lets it stand upright. 
  • It gives you a natural yet warm look with its magical 24 LED warm white lights.
  • Do not worry if it goes midway, and you can change it with 3AA batteries and a USB cord.


5. TURNMEON Pre-lit Christmas Tree 

TURNMEON Pre-lit Christmas TreeA cute little USB tree for your top table 


  • It comes with 80 sparkling colorful lights and a 5.9-inch golden star on the top of the tree.
  • It has a timer that sets up automatically to light up for 6 hours and then turn off.
  • You won’t need any extra decoratives as it has 80 LED warm lights and 30 ball ornaments.
  • You can install it and disassemble it easily and store it as it is portable and light in weight.


Out of all the five, my pick is the National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Mini Christmas Tree. It is affordable and quite the value for money, and it is sure to add all the stars this Christmas.



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