6ft Christmas Nutcracker – 5 Best Christmas Nutcracker of 2021


6ft Christmas NutcrackerAs the name goes, a nutcracker was believed to have warded off evil spirits and brought good luck centuries ago. Nowadays, it’s pretty popular and amusing to use it as decor in front of your homes, yards, garden or even at wedding ceremonies.

6ft Christmas Nutcracker

Here we have picked the 5 best 6 feet tall nutcrackers that are available online.

1. NaTursou 6ft Nutcracker Christmas 

NaTursou 6ft Nutcracker ChristmasA fantastic outdoor decoration to light up your spaces. 


  • It comes with a hat, beard, a colour combination of red and green and a height of 6 feet. 
  • It is built of 20 C7 lights and is covered with soft and thickened fabric. 
  • It is shiny, glittery, and quickly set up in any space with no tools or specialized skills.
  • You can keep it anywhere from the garden to birthday decor or at a commercial door.


2. CDL 6 feet  Christmas Nutcracker 

CDL 6 feet Christmas NutcrackerAdd more life to your festivities with this life-sized Nutcracker. 


  • It is made with vibrant colours and features a movable jaw that moves side by side and up to down. 
  • It has a huge mouth that cracks nuts easily and can be kept as a decorative item.
  • It is designed with utmost attention with hand-carved designs and paints with rich colours. 
  • It has been made using top quality wood and other materials, which weigh around 23 kilograms.


3. Fraser Hill Farm 6ft Nutcracker 

Fraser Hill Farm 6ft NutcrackerYou can watch it from a hundred yards away! 


  • It’s an African American nutcracker with a jewelled body and a greeter with staff.
  • It has a height of 6 feet and weighs around 53 lbs which seems lively during the festivities. 
  • It is built with high-quality resin material, which stands durable and is water-resistant.
  • It is designed finely with minute details and bright LED lights to fill the aura of Christmas.


4. EVAXO 6ft Grand Nutcracker 

EVAXO 6ft Grand NutcrackerFeatures:

  • This statue is 6 feet tall and looks stupendous as it stands tall like a life-sized person. 
  • It has an exclusive traditional design with a high-quality finish and various decorating themes. 
  • It comes with pre-lit 15 cool-burning LED lights, which makes the statue a grand statement.
  • The figure is curated with detailed attention to minute angles that help add more vibrancy to the festival.


5. BBT 6ft Christmas Nutcracker

BBT 6ft Christmas NutcrackerA classic nutcracker to add more life to your celebrations. 


  • This lively statue makes the perfect decor for your front doors during Christmas.
  • It has featured eight several holiday songs, Christmas music to fill the space with season’s greetings.
  • You will get digital eyes in the Nutcracker that move and blink that give a touch of liveliness.
  • It stands tall with sparkling 26 LED lights illuminating the fully dimensional figure.


My pick from the lot is NaTursou, a multipurpose Nutcracker that you can use not just during Christmas but in all festivities and celebrations.



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