Best Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner System


Global Warming of our planet has certainly added to our environmental woes! More the heat, more is the sweat and of course proportionally increases the demand for air conditioners to keep the body and mind cool!

These days, the popular term in the cooling industry is a ductless mini split air conditioner. Ductless air conditioners have been on the market for quite a few years now. Although the technology and working of these air conditioners are similar to the conventional central air conditioners, the paraphernalia of extensive system of ducts is relatively lesser.

So, if you are planning to procure a new ductless mini split system, you must be surely confused with the regards to the brand. In order to assist you in selecting the best, we have compiled a comprehensive list of potential competitors in the market. This information will help you see through the charade of attractive advertising and bring forth true worthiness of each product. 

Best Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner System

Best Mini Split Air Conditioner

SEER Ductless Mini Split Air ConditionerOkyotech is a name to reckon within the domain of the best mini split system. This company has been serving customers with pristine performance. This air conditioner offers 14 SEER high energy efficient technology with 3D airflow. The set comes with a Toshiba compressor and is easy to install. This ozone-friendly air conditioner has an anti-bacterial technology as well.

The top features of Okyotech ductless air conditioner include:

  • Superlative support system highlighted by a 5-year warranty on compressors and 3 years for the unit.
  • Healthy negative ion technology with anti-bacterial technology that prevents the growth of micro-organisms.
  • 18000 BTU cooling capacity and 17500 heating capacity
  • 14 SEER energy efficient technology that helps you save energy.
  • Remotes with displays that can be easily comprehended and managed.

SEER Mini Split Air Conditioner InverterThe Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner from Kaussman provides multiple options such as heating, cooling, and dehumidification. With a high efficiency of 20 SEER, this AC cools up your home or office easily. It comes with an excellent warranty: 3 years on parts and 5 years on compressor.

The outstanding features of this Kaussman air conditioner are:

  • Exemplary cooling performance.
  • Quiet and energy efficient operation.
  • Operation incorporate dehumidification as well.
  • Reasonable usage of electricity.
  • 12000 BTU inverter with 15 feet installation kit

Innova Ductless Mini-split Air ConditionerMini split system reviews for Innova ductless air conditioner stand against all scrutiny and critical analysis. The high tech and progressive ductless control systems of the air conditioners usher in an incomparable experience. It puts the user in the control seat and empowers you to customize your home comfort.  With a 9000 BTU inverter and 15SEER cooling efficiency, this AC offers you the best cooling.

The prominent features for this ductless air conditioner are as follows:

  • Flexibility in operations- offers cooling, heating, dehumidification
  • 16 feet copper line set with installation manual
  • 15 SEER cooling efficiency and 9000 BTU inverter
  • Ease of Installation.
  • Pre-charged with eco-friendly refrigerant

Pioneer Air Conditioner Inverter++This Pioneer ductless mini split system is an ideal solution to combat the intense summer heat. With a 24000 BTU cooling capacity and 22.5 SEER efficiency, this is perfect to cool your home at a very low cost. The system can be set to run and stop at a certain time. The cloud programmable WiFi remote and automatic night mode settings make this air conditioner convenient and easy to use.

The features of this Pioneer air conditioner are:

  • 25000 BTU heating capacity and 24000 BTU cooling capacity
  • Ultra-high efficiency
  • 4 operating modes: cooling, heating, dehumidification, and ventilation
  • Night mode automatically adapts to changing body temperature
  • Simple installation process that can be handled by even a local HVAC contractor.
  • An easy to use and sleek remote control.

BTU Mini Split Air ConditionerThis is another name rated high in the league of air conditioners with the best mini split system. This product outshines many of its competitors owing to certain unique and innovative features.  With an 18000BTU mini split air conditioner and heat pump, this air conditioner is ultra-quiet and efficient.

This best mini split air conditioner by Amira has:

  • 1.5 ton 15 SEER ductless system with complete installation kit
  • Inverter technology that allows you to save energy on electricity bill
  • Super quiet with low decibel ratings
  • ETL certified. Safe and reliable.
  • 1-year warranty on parts and 5-year warranty on compressor

15 SEER Inverter Ductless SystemIf there is one air conditioner that stands apart in the industry in terms of its exemplary and extensive cooling capacity; it is certainly Kaussmann! The technology of this best ductless mini split is powerful enough to cool sufficiently large rooms.

The features of the mini split air conditioner are:

  • 15 SEER inverter machine ductless system heat pump
  • 3-year warranty on parts and 5-year warranty on compressor
  • 22000 BTU inverter with 15 feet installation kit
  • Low cost cooling
  • Super quiet and energy efficient
  • ETL approved

Pioneer Ductless Mini Split INVERTERPioneer manufactures one of the best mini split air conditioners in the industry. This brand boasts of a state of the art technology and exemplary features that will lure you into an instant purchase. With innovative mechanisms, this brand provides you a remarkable saving of energy that keeps your electricity budget in good shape.

The significant features of 9000BTU Pioneer ductless air conditioners include:

  • High-efficiency rating to the score of 15 SEER
  • Potent energy savings
  • Mini split inverter that is ultra-quiet and offers superior efficiency
  • ETL approved. Comes with installation kit
  • Uses 208-230 VAC standard L1-L2-G (2 line) electric power

In present times, air conditioners are fast reallocating from the genre of luxury to necessity. This electrical appliance has nearly emerged as an indispensable commodity especially for those residing in sultry and hot climatic conditions.

No matter what the brand, a ductless mini split system provides customers with 365 days of superlative personalized comfort. Such technologies save the environment and keep a tab on your monthly budget as well! In addition, such units can be retrofitted by coupling with a conventional existing central air conditioning system.

So the final calling is solely yours! The ductless mini split in the market is what you decide as the best for your heavenly abode.



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