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Best Stain For Douglas Fir DoorHey there, welcome back here. Today I will be reviewing the best stains for Douglas Fir Door. I know the craze behind people opting for a douglas fir door is real these days. Of course, its excellent strength and workability properties keep them apart from other wooden doors. However, you have to take good care of your doors and windows as you have put your hard-earned money into them. Applying stains on wooden doors helps maintain longevity by preventing rotting, giving heat protection, and enhancing its natural beauty, giving it a long lifespan.

Best Stain For Douglas Fir Door

There are ample options to buy from the market; we have listed the top five of the best stains for Douglas Fir Door.

1. General Finishes Oil Base Gel Stain

General Finishes Oil Base Gel StainYou will love the outcome of this stain. 


  • This heavy-bodied stain gives a beautiful look in just one application, leaving the door looking rich. 
  • This stain does not drip or lap, and anyone can smoothly spread the stain with a cloth or brush.
  • It needs 12 to 24 hours to completely dry in ideal weather conditions and can vary due to different temperatures.
  • It is an oil-based gel stain formula that ensures easy application, even penetration, and a smooth finish.


2. Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain 

Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood StainFor that rich premium look. 


  • Its rich ebony brings out the natural texture and grain of the wood and makes it look more beautiful. 
  • This stain for the douglas fir door has an oil-based formula that ensures easy application without dripping and penetration. 
  • It dries up quickly in one hour and is one of the best stains for douglas fir doors.
  • It has nano pigment particles penetrating deep enough into the wood to protect it from moisture.


3. Ready Seal Exterior Stain for Wood 

Ready Seal Exterior Stain for WoodAn excellent product with superb coverage.


  • This stain comes with a mixed sealer, so one doesn’t have to apply any sealer separately.
  • It is a semi-transparent stain and enhances the natural beauty of the door surface.
  • This oil-based stain inhibits penetration and protects the wood from moisture.
  • It is effective in UV Blocking, is waterproof and features the power to resist Mildew.


4. Storm System Stain Protector 

Storm System Stain ProtectorThe best from the world of wood stains.


  • It is an oil-based semi-transparent stain and sealer that protects and highlights the natural beauty of the wood grain.
  • This sealer penetrates deep into the wood for enhanced protection and resistance against nature’s fury. 
  • It is an ideal pick for all kinds of wood species, such as wood staining and especially for Douglas Fir.
  • This wood stain can also be used as a wood fence protector or any other wood substrate protector.


5. Minwax Stain For Douglas Fir Door

Minwax Stain For Douglas Fir DoorOne-coat colour for that natural look. 


  • It gives a natural wood finish enhancing the grains and adding rich colour to the wood in just one coat.
  • It is a highly penetrating stain that ensures longer protection and can be cleaned easily with mineral spirit.
  • It gives a maximum depth in just 5 to 15 minutes, and the douglas fir door shines.
  • It has lapping resistance to be used for even application on douglas fir doors.


After a lot of research, my choice is the product from General Finishes Oil Base Gel Stain. It is available in 26 trending colours, quickly dries in an hour and enriches a natural wood grain.



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