Best Polyurethane for Butcher Block – Cut the Green and Meat Safely


Best Polyurethane for Butcher BlocksHey there, I am back with another article where I will be sharing the best polyurethane for butcher blocks.

Best Polyurethane for Butcher Block

Apply liquid base polyurethane to the butcher block to save it from water, oil, heat, and scratches. Polyurethane prevents the liquid forms type fluid like water to get inside the tiny gap of the butcher block. It improves the aesthetics and surface smoothness, and the surface will become more robust after applying adhesive.

1. Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood Polyurethane

Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood PolyurethaneAn oil-based solution with so many colour options.


  • It comes in 24 different colours. You can pick a colour that matches your furniture or try different shades to give it a new look.
  • You have to coat your wooden work item like a door or butcher block surface only once and wait for the day to see the results.
  • The fast-drying oil formula saves a lot of time. You invest your time once and leave it there.
  • The longer you give it a time to try, the darker shade you will see. It brings a nice aesthetic touch to your furniture.


2. Varathane Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane

Varathane Water-Based Ultimate PolyurethaneThe best solution to guard the surface of indoor furniture.


  • It is a water type adhesive that splashes on the surface and boosts the furniture glow.
  • You won’t see a yellowish tint, and this solution will make the surface scratch-resistant.
  • It does not smell terrible, and you can apply it to your furniture surface without wearing a mask.
  • Its application is limited to home furniture like doors, cabinets, and trim.


3. Minwax Polyurethane for Butcher Block

Minwax Polyurethane for Butcher BlockThe best affordable and effective oil-based solution


  • It is available in 14 different colours; pick the right colour by comparing it with your furniture colour.
  • You can apply this solution on a surface with a polyurethane coating without a problem.
  • This adhesive will improve the looks of furniture by adding a classic texture and enhancing the colour with deep blacks.
  • The application is easy; use sandpaper with light force and apply Minwax Polyshades solution.


4. Minwax Water-Based Wipe-On Polyurethane 

Minwax Water-Based Wipe-On PolyurethaneBest water-based solution


  • It is convenient to use. All you need is the cloth or a foam brush and furniture that you want to use it on.
  • Apart from butcher blocks, you can use this water-based solution on cabinets, doors, or floor touch-ups.
  • You have to coat the furniture surface 2-3 times with a gap of three hours, and after 24 hours, you can use it for regular use.
  • You can use sandpaper in-between to clean the dust from the furniture surface while applying the coating.


5. TotalBoat Gleam 2.0 Polyurethane

TotalBoat Gleam 2.0 PolyurethaneIt improves the look of your furniture and protects the surface.


  • It is easy to apply and dry quickly. You have to use it three times a day with a break of an hour at a temperature of 22 – 25℃.
  • It’s an oil-based polyurethane; it improves the surface texture and makes the butcher block look attractive.
  • The manufacturer has used a waterproof formula to prevent a yellowish tone that happens to wood surfaces after some time.
  • You can use a suitable paintbrush to coat the surface of the butcher block or use a spray to do it fast.


My personal favourite polyurethane for butcher blocks is Varathane Premium Fast Dry. It saves time, provides an eye-catchy look to the butcher block, and offers protection from scratch, heat, water, and oil.



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