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Aervana the first push button electric wine aerator in the world looks pretty cool at first glance. This is a detailed review of this electric wine aerator. Let’s find out whether it’s a useful gadget or a waste of money.

aervana reviewsBefore I start reviewing the product, I’d like you to understand what is an aerator & why you should buy one.

What Is An Aerator?

If you drink wine, you must be knowing that wine tastes better when opened up in the air. You can do this by several methods like pouring the wine directly into the glass and allow it to consume the fresh oxygen or you use a decanter, but that’s a slow process. However, if you are looking for a fast process to supply oxygen to your wine the only way to go is using an aerator.

As this is an electric wine aerator that is first in the world to be developed the company claims that it will leave the additional sediments at the bottom and thus giving more overall pressure to the wine.

Now that you know what an aerator is let’s now get right into the review of the product.

Aervana Electric Wine Aerator Review

The Aervana electric wine aerator is an easy to use device for all the wine lovers out there. If you hate to wait for your wine to taste good, this is the right product for you to buy right now as you don’t have to wait for the wine to come in it’s best taste.

As soon as you put this aerator on your bottle, it starts working, and the best part is with just a push of a button you get the fresh aerated wine pouring directly into your glass.

The Aervana wine aerator provides the most air contact to the wine compared to the other aerators, and that is why it’s considered as the best in class product.

This aerator is designed in such a smart way that it keeps all the sediments at the bottom of the wine bottle and gives you only the refreshing wine that is ready to drink.

Box Content of the product

  • Aervana Electric Wine Aerator
  • Two Tubes
  • User Manual
  • Six AAA Batteries

How Aervana Electric Wine Aerator Works?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how this device works:

Step 1: Insert the batteries which you got in the box content. You’ll have 6 AAA batteries.

Step 2: Next up, connect the tube to the Aervana and slowly open the bottle and remove the bottle cap. Now slowly put the Aervana on top of the bottle and slowly push it on to the bottle.

Step 3: You are done. Keep your glass and press the button that is given on top of the Aervana to get the fresh wine right into your glass.

How to Clean up Aervana?

Everything needs maintenance and cleaning; the Aervana is not different. Let’s understand how to clean Aervana so that you can use it for a longer time period.

The process is super simple, all you need to do is take an empty wine bottle and put Aervana on top of it just the way you do on an actual wine bottle. Now, pour that water the same way you do of pouring a wine, and all the internal parts of Aervana will be cleaned off. Next, take a dry piece of cloth and clean all the inner parts of the device.

Important points to keep in mind:

  • Store your Aervana in a dry place.
  • As it’s an electric product and works on AAA battery keep it away from dishwashers
  • Don’t run it under water of sync in any condition else it will damage the internal machinery.


That was it from our review on aervana wine aerator. I hope you have learned something new from the article and now know how the product works and can improve your wine drinking experience. If you still have any doubts after reading the review don’t forget to leave a comment down below, and I’d like to surely help you out.



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