Best MCT Oil Reviews of 2018-2019


People are looking for best MCT oil today in the market because of its immense health benefits. So, what is MCT oil and why health experts are promoting it? The Medium Chain Triglycerides have an unusual chemical structure that allows it to get easily digest in your intestine which gets transported in the blood stream. Unlike other food, MCT doesn’t don’t get deposited as unwanted fats. Due its unique benefits and demand in the market, we have made a list of best MCT oil brand. Here are the MCT oil reviews which will help you choosing the right product for you.

Best MCT Oil Reviews

Best MCT Oil 

Viva NaturalsViva Naturals MCT Oil is manufactured using 100% pure and organic coconut that are rich in capric and caprylic acid. Use the concentrated MCT oil to make healthy diet recipes to live a healthier life without getting worried about fat deposits.

Viva Naturally Extracted Non-GMO Pure Coconut MCT Oil comes with these following features:

  • Viva Labs MCT oil is free from any kind type fillers, flavors, and additives.
  • Harvested from fresh, handpicked organic coconuts.
  • Medium-chain triglycerides don’t work as other fats making it the best for weight management diet.
  • Contains Ketones that improves stamina, enhance athletic performance and support mental focus.
  • Viva Labs MCT oil has 100% Capric and Caprylic Acid.
  • MCT oil is easy to use in any recipes as it’s tasteless and odorless.
  • Enhance your coffee experience by adding one tablespoon of Viva Naturals MCT Oil in one cup of freshly brewed coffee for perfect latte.
  • This product is made in America.
  • Packaging may vary as there has been a rebranding from Viva Labs to Viva Naturals.

Premium MCT OilSports Research MCT Oil contains healthy fat that is easily digestible and tunes into energy, unlike other fats which get stored as unwanted calories in the body. Our MCT oil is colorless and odorless, so you can make quick, healthy recipes and shakes using premium MCT oil.

Sports Research BPS Free Premium MCT Oil comes with these following features:

  • Sports Research MCT oil is made from 100% organic coconuts.
  • Vegan and Paleo diet friendly
  • This premium MCT oil which is tasteless, odorless and sustained and natural energy for the body.
  • Contains the benefits of the MCT oil including Lauric Acid.
  • MCT oil is a healthy fat which makes it easy to mix with your morning coffee and shakes.
  • Extracted for 100% organic coconut and doesn’t contain palm oil.
  • Great food option for health management, paleo diet  and vegan diet.

Premium Coconut MCT OilGet superior quality MCT oil that can provide amazing benefits on your metabolism, helps manage weight and lower down cholesterol levels. Add it to your smoothies, coffee, or salads for all day energy. Left Coast Performance MCT oil is known for delivering purest MCT oil derived from premium quality coconuts.

Left Coast Performance Premium Coconut MCT Oil comes with these following features:

  • Easy to digest compared to any other product.
  • Extracted from premium quality coconuts with triple filter process.
  • Effective in boosting metabolic rate and weight management.
  • Our MCT oil is tasteless and can be easily added in any healthy food recipes.
  • Add it to smoothies, coffee or salad for all day energy boost.
  • Best food supplement for gluten free, vegan and paleo diet and recipes.

NOW Foods MCTNOW Foods Pure MCT oil is easy to digest and boost metabolism, unlike other diet food products. Medium Chain Triglycerides Fats stimulate the liver to convert the consumed food into energy rather than storing in as fat. With MCT oil based diet you will feel energized all day long without gaining unwanted calories from your meal.

NOW Foods 100% Pure MCT Oil comes with these following features:

  • Extracted from the best grade of coconut and palm kernel oil.
  • Regular consumption of MCT will have a positive effect on metabolism weight reduction and energizing body.
  • MCT also helps the body absorb minerals and vitamins from the food consumed.
  • MCT oil is tasteless and odorless so can be used in morning coffee, smoothies, and other healthy diet foods.
  • Can be consumed by any age group people.
  • MCT oil also helps boost body functions, improve focus, and make your brain work smarter.

All Natural Coconut MCT OilZenwise Health’s MCT oils are derived from 100% organic coconut that energizes your body helps in weight management, optimize metabolism and balance blood sugar. As it contains Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid, it supports cognitive function and mental clarity.

Zenwise Labs Natural and Filtered Coconut MCT Oil comes with these following features:

  • Best health supplement for weight management.
  • Boost energy level without depositing unwanted calories.
  • Encourage fast metabolism.
  • A tasteless and odorless formula that is easy to add in the morning drink or food without ruining the taste of the dish.
  • Contains no wheat, egg, milk or shellfish that makes MCT adaptable for gluten free and paleo diet.
  • The oil contains Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid which is essential for healthy body.
  • Best usable for Herbal Tea, Smoothies, Bulletproof Coffee, Oil-based, Salad Dressings, Broths, and Sauces.

MiCkey T Eight PureMix MiCkey T-Eight MCT oil in your morning Bulletproof Coffee for a healthy start every day. The Medium Chain Triglycerides doesn’t get stored in the body as fat but get immediately absorbed in blood that gives an instant energy boost. Made from organic raw coconut, we bring all the benefits of MCT packed in a bottle.

MiCkey T-Eight Caprylic Acid Triglyceride 8-carbon Pure MCT Oil comes with these following features:

  • Contains pure C-8 Caprylic Acid which boosts metabolism.
  • Made from 100% pure organic coconuts.
  • MiCkey T-Eight MCT oil is odorless, colorless and tasteless.
  • The fat in MCT oil doesn’t get stored as fat in the body but quickly gets covert in energy.
  • The product is made in the USA.

Onnit MCT OilGive balanced nourishment to your body with Onnit MCT Oil that contains healthy fats which help develop and maintain your brain and body function. Unlike other food products, it doesn’t get stored as fat but gets quickly dissolve and turns into energy.

Onnit MCT Oil comes with these following features:

  • Onnit MCT oil is packed with healthy fats that help in developing brain and body.
  • Made from pure coconut oil.
  • Does not contain harmful palm oil.
  • A healthy mix of your morning coffee, shakes, and smoothies.
  • Doesn’t contain any odor or taste.

So, here is our detailed MCT oil reviews that will help you to pick out the best product from the online market. If you feel some other product should also be included in our list, let us know and would review it for sure.


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