Best DNA Testing Kit Reviews of 2018

Why should you use a DNA test Kit?

If you want to get an exact idea of where you came from, then get the best DNA Testing Kit. A DNA test identifies the matching markers among familial strands. Your DNA samples will be analyzed by the certified laboratory technicians, and if there is any certain marker associated within your DNA strands, then it will be identified.

How many forms of a commercial DNA test are there?

A commercial DNA test has three forms:

  1. Paternity test
  2. Ancestry DNA test
  3. Animal test

All of the above DNA tests follow the same procedure but are used for different purposes. You can choose the DNA testing kit depending on your requirement.

DNA test comparison

For the in-home genetic test in which if you want to identify a child’s genetic father, then you should go for the Paternity test. To get the insights of your family tree, ethnicity, bloodline, and ethnic group origins, an ancestry DNA test is a better choice. If you want to find the breed of your pet, then animal DNA test kit is what you need to have. There are companies also who offer their services for the DNA test you want to do.

Best DNA Testing Kit Reviews of 2017

Best DNA Testing Kit

AncestryDNA Genetic Testing - DNA TestIf you search on the web, then you will find a number of articles on Ancestry DNA reviews. The AncestryDNA is the new DNA testing service which provides the way to find your family story. This DNA testing kit is the bestseller on Amazon in Home Health Tests category.

Features of AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Kit are:

  • The company has the world’s largest DNA database of consumers
  • You will get the DNA testing for ethnicity mix in 26 regions all around the world
  • You will find your DNA relatives whom you never knew
  • Just send your samples in a prepaid envelop and get results in 6-8 weeks
  • The best genetic testing kit in the market today

Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test for Animal KitWisdom Panel has created this dog DNA test kit which is the best animal kit for breed testing. If you want to find why your puppy digs the hole in your backyard and from where he got the curly tail, then bring this breed DNA test kit at your home.

Features of Wisdom Panel Breed DNA Testing Kit are:

  • You will get the most comprehensive insights of mixed-breed check up by the DNA test of your animal
  • This kit is specially made for dogs
  • It will help to optimize overall care and training need of your dog
  • You will find the natural tendencies of your dog which will help to plan exercises for him accordingly
  • The best animal DNA test kit in the market

SneakPeek - Early Gender Prediction DNA Testing KitIf you want to get a highly accurate baby gender determination, then get this early gender prediction DNA testing kit by SneakPeek. After nine weeks of pregnancy, you can find the gender of your child with the SneakPeek Advanced Technology DNA Testing Kit.

Features of SneakPeek Gender Prediction DNA Testing Kit are:

  • Get 99% accurate results for baby gender test at your home
  • If you do not get the exact result, you will get a full refund
  • Get results within 24 hours after the sample received by the lab
  • You need not consult any doctor to use this gender prediction DNA testing kit
  • It will help you to plan for welcoming your baby depending on the gender
  • The best gender prediction DNA test kit

STK Paternity Test Kit with Included Lab FeesThe STK Paternity test kit is helpful to get the genetic father of a child. This price of this best genetic testing kit is included with all the lab fees. It also includes a free return mailer.

Features of Best Paternity Test from STK are:

  • It provides you 99.9999% accurate results
  • The genetic paternity test which is delivered to your home includes collecting samples and send a mailer of the test result
  • The paternity test verifies 16 DNA loci three which is more than the FBI’s test for DNA fingerprints
  • You can also get the colored hard copy of the online status and results
  • All the process is done through a fully professional and confidential way
  • It is the best paternity test kit from STK

Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Animal KitThe wisdom panel 3.0 animal DNA test kit includes the largest breed database of DNA test in the world. It covers 250 plus breeds, varieties, and types of dogs. So, you can say that this animal kit is specially designed for the DNA test of dogs.

Features of Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Animal Kit are:

  • You will uncover the DNA-based insights of your dog
  • It will help to understand the behavior, appearance, and wellness of your dog
  • This DNA animal kit can also perform the MDR1 DNA testing for the mutant breeds
  • After knowing the DNA insights, you can plan a better program of training and food for your pet
  • The reports are sent through email to your account

Rapid Paternity Test Kit - 21 DNA Genetic Testing KitRapid DNA Testing has designed this Paternity Test kit which performs the DNA testing of 21 markers. The price of this DNA testing kit includes all lab fees and provides FedEx overnight shipping.

Features of Rapid Paternity Test Kit –  21 DNA Genetic Testing Kit are:

  • It provides fast and accurate results which give you a piece of mind
  • It is backed by 15 years of DNA testing experience and provides 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • This easy-to-use paternity test kit includes everything from collecting samples to submit the results by keeping privacy in your home
  • The results are provided through email in 3-5 business day
  • after getting samples
  • This DNA testing kit is a pain-free cheek swab sampling kit

23andMe DNA Testing for EthnicityThis DNA testing for ethnicity kit from 23andMe provides ancestry reports which can tell you about the history of your family. It also provides wellness reports, traits reports, and carrier status report.

Features of 23andMe DNA Testing for Ethnicity are:

  • The ancestry DNA reviews will provide the summary of your ancestry composition with detailed percentage from all the regions around the world
  • The wellness report helps you to influence your lifestyle
  • The traits report allows you to compare your predictions with other groups
  • The career status report allows you to find out your career inheritance to your family
  • You will receive 65 plus online genetic testing reports
What should you look for in to have the best DNA test?

Usually, with the help of a best DNA testing kit, you collect the sample to keep your privacy. Then you send the sample to the laboratory, and it will provide the results after examining the samples. You need to check the basic things like for which purpose you need to perform a DNA test, what is the collection process, what is the timeline of the DNA test, is it legal or not, and the accreditation of the genetic testing labs.


The technology helps to make DNA testing easily and quickly. In the field of health and medication, the genetic testing space has also covered with an array of competition. This results in more options to choose from but also the variations in testing quality is what you will get. Each DNA testing kit in the above list of the “DNA testing kit reviews of 2018” is tested by the experts and are perfect for you. So choose the most suitable DNA testing kit according to your requirements and budget.


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