How to Use a Ped Egg -Tips to Get Soft Feet


We always ignore our feet compared to our face, hair, and neck. Feet is one of the most critical part of your body. In such a busy life we don’t have time to set back and check our feets. Your feet need to be moisturized to keep it healthy. Various products we often use to clean our body also reduces the overall moisture from the body and leads to dryness.

How to Use a Ped EggIf you are facing a similar issue, then don’t worry I’m here to help you today. We’ll see how to use a ped egg to get soft feets.

Ped egg for feet is the ultimate foot repair solution by Telebrands that promises to remove the toughest and thickest calluses from your feet and make it soft. It has a lotion containing exfoliates which they claim will remove the dead skin and soften your feets skin.

But before you go shopping for this products let’s first check whether the product is worth your money or no.

How to Use a Ped Egg


The Ped Egg is sold for $10 in local stores and on the website. It charges $6.99 extra for shipping. If you are planning to buy another pair of Ped Egg, you need to pay an additional amount of $6.99.

Is there any money back guarantee?

Yes, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. But you need to write an explanation about why you don’t like the product and the reason for returning it.

Why should you use Ped Egg Magic Slippers?

It’s one of the best Telebrands product, and they claim it gives you quick results. It’s an oval plastic egg which helps you remove the dead peel skin from your feet and makes it super smooth. The product is sold over 45 million pieces.

They say it works for both men and women and anyone can get a sexier foot with it.

Does it really work?

Bottom of the line, Ped Egg wet or dry is not the ultimate product out there in the market. Yes, it’s a pretty decent product, but there’s one more good product named Baby Foot which has got 4-star ratings on Amazon. However, if you are looking for quick results, you won’t get it from either of the products. It takes some time for these products to soften your skin first, removing the dead skin and for all this to happen it takes nearly seven days or more.

If you are patient, then this product will work for you.

Wrap Up

I hope this guide on ped egg instructions help you make your final decision towards buying the product. Let me know in the comments section about the Ped Egg Directions which you got from this review, and I’d be more than happy to hear from you.


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