Best Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Reviews of 2018


New parents panic when their child shows first signs of fever. The best way to analyze the whole situation is by using a non contact thermometer. The non-touch thermometer will help in getting an accurate reading without the risk of using mercury device. Here is the list of best forehead thermometer you can use to check the fever without giving any discomfort to your child.

Best Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

Best Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer 

Braun NTF3000USTaking the temperature of sleeping child can be a task but not with Braun No Touch Plus Forehead Thermometer. Get accurate readings by holding the best ir thermometer 2 inches away from the forehead. Mute the sound settings if you don’t want your child sleep to get disturbed by a slight beep.

Braun NTF3000US No Touch Plus Forehead Thermometer comes with these following features:

  • Braun No Touch Plus Forehead Thermometer has patented technology that gives accurate results in seconds.
  • Large screen with color coded guidance to track the development of fever.
  • Specially designed positioning system to reduce the occurrence of errors.
  • Mute the beep sound to check the temperature of the child without waking them up.

Clinical Forehead ThermometerGeneration Guard brings best forehead thermometer with a superior microchip and the highly sensitive sensor that gives you temperature results in seconds. No need to rush to the hospital to check the fever of your child, as you can accurate results right in your home.

Clinical Instant Read Digital Forehead Thermometer comes with these following features:

  • Best forehead thermometer to get highly accurate temperature results in one second.
  • Clinical forehead thermometer has the superior microchip and an extremely sensitive sensor for the instant result without any error.
  • Change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit with a push of a button.
  • Quite mode for easy temperature scanning without disturbing the infant or child.
  • Backlight LCD for clear visible reading in the night.
  • Return the product in 30 days if not satisfies and get 100% money back.
  • Clinical Digital Forehead Thermometer is a United States FDA Approved product.

Medical InfraredThe first bilingual thermometer in the market that delivers temperature results instantly on the LCD screen. This non-touch infrared thermometer will help you take your child temperature when they are playing or sleeping.

Dr. Madre Medical Infrared Talking Forehead Thermometer comes with these following features:

  • Take body temperature with a non-contact infrared thermometer for an accurate reading in just one second.
  • Whether you child is sleeping or awake, with Dr. Madre Forehead Thermometer will scan the temperature without even touching the body.
  • Save up to 12 reading for future reference.
  • With the backlight display, now see the temperature readings without any hassle.
  • Hear the results in two languages, English or Spanish or activate silent mode around sleeping kids.
  • Easy to operate, contains explicit instructions to change the temperate settings from Celsius or Fahrenheit, Spanish to English or mute.
  • Best forehead thermometer available in the market with two years of manufacturer warranty and 30-day hassle free return.
  • Wipe sweat and hair from the forehead, put the thermometer 2 inches above the forehead and push the button to get an accurate temperature.

Innovo ForeheadInnovo brings the best ir thermometer which has the dual mode for getting a temperature reading through forehead and ear. The Ergonomic design makes it a user-friendly device and one can store up to 20 reading for future reference.

Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer comes with these following features:

  • Dual mode for checking temperature through ear and forehead.
  • Best ir thermometer which is clinically tested and reliable to use on children and infants.
  • F1 for forehead temperature measurements and F2 for ear measurements.
  • Reading are displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Store up to 20 reading for future analysis.

Easy HomeLooking for a best-infrared thermometer then try the [email protected] NCT-301 Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer which easy to use, comes with infrared technology that gives accurate temperature readings instantly.

[email protected] 3 in 1 Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer comes with these following features:

  • [email protected] Forehead Thermometer is FDA Approved.
  • Recommended by Paediatricians, this thermometer is easy to use, hygienic and gives results in seconds.
  • It has three modes, for body, room and object temperature.
  • The tri-colour LCD helps it easy to see the reading in the night.
  • Records previous 32 measurements and use silent mode to get a temperature of an infant without disturbing them.
  • This Infrared Thermometer has re-calibration option.
  • Before using the thermometer, wipe perspiration or hair from the forehead, keep the thermometer at the center of the forehead above 2 inches and push scan button to get an accurate reading.

Hylogy Infrared ThermometerGet new generation best-infrared thermometer which has a dual purpose, measure body temperature and also use as food thermometer.  Hylogy Infrared Digital Thermometer works in less than 2 seconds and gives you accurate results. Easy to use, it has three light indicators for normal body temperature, slight fever, and high fever. Hygienic and easy to use, it’s a must have in home, hospital or school.

Hylogy Infrared Digital Thermometer comes with these following features:

  • Multi-purpose non-contact thermometer for checking body temperature and also as food thermometer.
  • Hylogy Infrared Digital Thermometer comes with three light indicators: Green Light for normal body temperature, yellow light in slight fever and red light for high fever.
  • Hygienic non-touch thermometer for children and adults.
  • Ergonomic and non-slip design that gives reliable temperature results to ±0.2°C (0.4°F) in just 0.5 seconds.
  • Change the temperature reading from Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Ability to store 50 memories for further analysis.
  • Large display, easy to control and user-friendly design.
  • Remove sweat and hair from forehead for precise temperature results.

ARC Devices InstaTempArc instatemp non-touch thermometer is designed for parents of infants so they can have accurate temperature results with a push of a button. This is a best ir thermometer to use on your child when they are awake or asleep.

ARC Devices Non-Touch InstaTemp Digital Thermometer comes with these following features:

  • Arc instatemp non-touch thermometer has Patented system-on-a-chip technology to deliver accurate results instantly with the press of a button.
  • By using safe infrared digital sensor technology, it delivers accurate reading between +/- 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit/0.2 degrees Celsius.
  • As this is a non-touch thermometer, the risk of infection gets minimized.
  • Digital LED that indicator for easy temperature reading in the night.
  • For correct reading, wipe the sweat or hair from the forehead, before keeping thermometer one inch right about the eyebrow and eyes. Just push the button and wait till the screen shows the temperature.

Investing in a forehead thermometer is an excellent way to take a temperature without disturbing your sleeping child. So, next time when you have to determine whether your loved one is suffering from temperature or not, then you can use the  non contact infrared thermometer by checking the reviews provided here.


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