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Web Directory submission is a great way to initiate your SEO campaign for new website. But this could affect you negatively if done wrong. To take most advantage of Web Directory submission without any negative SEO effects, then make sure that you submit your site on best/top directories only. You should not consider any directory below PR 4. Below are some of the best fiverr gigs for web directory submission.

 intserve: Submit Your Website to Highest Rated 50+ Web DirectoriesIn this gig intserve (have 99% positive rating and 11hrs response time) will submit your website manually to 50+ high PR3 – PR7 website directory. He has been providing this service for more than 2 years. Because he will manually submit your website, he will select the best category for your website in those directories. He will provide you with screenshot as proof of submission.

Conclusion: SEO is all about quality (over quantity). This is a must try gig.

dionisarasIn this gig dionisaras (from Greece, have 100% positive rating and 2hr of response time) will create a best professional description and title for your website and then submit it to most suitable category on Dmoz. Just so that you know, DMOZ is the #1 website directory. He is also a volunteer editor and thus know how to do this best.

Conclusion: While submitting to Dmoz is not rocket science, a professional help can do wonders. It will cost you just $5. If you have not yet submitted your website to Dmoz then this is a must try gig.

volarexIn this gig volarexvolarex (from Indonesia, have 98% positive rating and 2 days of response time) will submit your website to 200 web directories (PR0 – PR5). She will also check all emails to confirm submission. On top of that 500 PR Wikis. All this comes with a report.

Conclusion: This should be tried but could be risky. She is using automation software for sure. Could be used for negative SEO (I don’t encourage you to do that but just for your information).

PS: she looks very pretty. 😛

kalisekjIn this gig kalisekj (from USA, have 99% positive review and 3hrs response time) will manually find and submit your website to niche web directories. These are very relevant links and thus will definitely help your website’ SEO. He will also provide you with a detail report.

Conclusion: If your website is very niche specific (like selling socks online) then this gig is for you.

youngceaserIn this gig youngceaser (from Bulgaria, have 99% positive rating and 7hr response time) will submit your website to TOP 100 website directories. On top of that he will also create 1000 tier 2 backlinks from blog comments. My advice is not to use these blog comment tier 2 links, instead use 10-15 high PR social bookmarks with some social shares.

He can use mixed raw URLs and anchor text for diversity. He will also submit your site to proper categories.

Conclusion: give it a try.

I hope you like our list. Please let us know what you think about this list in comments.



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