Simulated Diamonds Vs Real Diamonds: Difference by Jewellers


Many people tend to confuse simulated diamonds with synthetic diamonds. Simulated diamonds are not diamonds at all. They are diamond-lookalikes made up of substances like cubic zirconia. Speaking of simulated diamonds vs real diamonds, some simulated diamonds are even clear sapphires and other such bright gemstones.

simulated diamonds vs realSynthetic diamonds, on the other hand, are real diamonds except that they are grown in a laboratory than in nature itself. Both simulated and synthetic diamonds are more or less similar in appearance to naturally-occurring diamonds.

So, do simulated diamonds look real? How can you tell the difference between simulated diamonds and real diamonds? Here are a few visible and hidden differences that you can use to say a simulated diamond from a real one.

Simulated Diamonds Vs Real Diamonds

Real diamonds are more expensive:

True that most artificial jewellery is almost as expensive as the real ones, they still cannot match up to the price of the latter. Real diamonds are always a little more costly than the simulated ones. The reason is obvious. Simulated diamonds are not diamonds at all.
It is nothing but unfair to charge a significant amount of money for a fake diamond. If you intend to buy a diamond and the price seems unreasonably low, it is likely that you are being sold a simulant. And if you want to buy a simulant, make sure you don’t end up paying as much as you would for a real one.

Simulated diamonds are flawless:

Natural diamonds have slight flaws in them. Yes, they are beautiful, no doubt, but are not perfect. Simulated diamonds are humanmade. This is why they seldom come with any flaws. If your diamond has entirely no dents or chipped ends whatsoever, it is more likely to be a simulant than a real one.
This method of differentiation may not be entirely reliable since such minor dents and shortcomings cannot be identified with naked eyes alone.

Real diamonds are scratchless:

Real diamonds are the hardest substances on earth. True that they may be a little flawed, but they can never be scratched upon. Whereas a simulated diamond can easily showcase scratch marks on itself.
So, if you want to tell an original diamond from a fake one, try it scratching it. If it can easily scratch away, then it is a simulant. Fake or not, make sure to not go overboard with the scratching lest you wish to damage the diamond.

Simulated diamonds are too colorless:

Real diamonds always have a slight tint of yellow in them. This can only be said by experts if a diamond has color in it or not. There are naturally occurring colorless diamonds too, but they are quite rare and even expensive.
Speaking of simulated diamonds vs real diamonds, the former is always colorless. They are made to perfection and appear as magnificent flawless crystal pieces. Simulated diamonds made up of cubic zirconia or white sapphire have little to no color in them at all. Remember that a naturally colorless diamond is rare. So, if you spot a colorless diamond, it is probably simulated.

Simulated diamonds sport a colorful sparkle:

Simulated diamondsWhen you see a diamond sparkling in the light, the chances are that sparkle may consist of a little color. True that diamonds have a slight yellow tinge, their sparkle almost always consists of a mix of different colors. But you can only spot these colors by twisting and turning the diamond under sunlight.
In case of simulated diamonds, they almost always are quick to sparkle. Not only that, their sparkle is pretty colorful. It consists of a mix of various colors that are too loud to go unnoticed. Although simulated diamonds are merely pure and colorless, their sparkle is always pretty bright and apparent.


The aspects mentioned above work in most conditions. However, they are not entirely reliable. True that jewellers use them to tell a fake one from a real one in the first look itself, it is always better to undergo a proper and authentic treatment before giving out any verdict.
So, do simulated diamonds look real? Yes. And these tips and hacks will go a long way in keeping you aware. Make sure you use these tips when you go out for diamond shopping so that you don’t fall prey to unethical and fraudulent means in the process.



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