Best Modern Pocket Watches of 2021


Pocket watch – A watch which can be carried in or even place in the pocket. In the ancient time, that was the only creation in the field of watches after the big and bulky wall clocks or hanging station clocks. Nowadays, people prefers wrist watches for the routine, but many people love to carry quality pocket watch occasionally, as it looks antique and classy.

Here we are giving a list of the Modern Pocket Watches of 2021 to our users. The list includes both the types: Analogue pocket watch as well as Digital pocket watch.

Best Modern Pocket Watches

Best Modern Pocket Watches

AMPM24 BronzeThis is a modern pocket watch with a very creative carving of a dragon on the case. The design of the watch is unique with the retro look.

Specifications of this pocket watch for men are:

  • Creative quality pocket watch with Dragon series
  • Machine with the quartz movement
  • Removable bronze chain with clip to prevent the loss of the pocket watch
  • Antique look which can give you the feeling of ancient era
  • 5.0 cm copper case diameter
  • 1.0 cm case thickness including the cover

Charles Hubert 3850Charles Hubert gives extra-ordinary designs in both retro and modern pocket watches.  Because of that, Charles Hubert has achieved a target of a large number of consumers. Charles Hubert gives lifetime warranties for the quality pocket watches at affordable prices.

Description of this Charles Hubert pocket watch are:

  • Lifetime warranty for movement against the defects of manufacturing
  • Skeleton dial including numerals of Roman
  • You can also set a photo inside the case of your pocket watch
  • Brass case with 48 mm diameter and thickness of 17 mm
  • Round analog modern pocket watch

CredDeal Steampunk Pocket WatchThis pocket watch is reviving the antique look by its color combination and Roman numerals. Moreover, it has a transparent front case which makes it classy.

Features of this pocket watch are:

  • This modern pocket watch is having Dual Removable Chains of metal
  • The skeleton dial and 48 mm diameter makes it a perfect gift for men
  • This pocket watch for men has Hand Wind Mechanical Movement
  • The weight is just 1.76 ounces

Gotham Men's GunThis is one of the best pocket watches to keep in your collection. Though, it is from a brand – ‘Gotham’, it is not so costly. It is simple and sober and gives both – retro as well as modern look together. It is ultra thin as the name itself suggests.

Specifications of Gotham Pocket Watch are:

  • A big round dial with both 12 as well as 24 hours format
  • A thin and quality pocket watch
  • Long matching chain with the clip for the purpose of pocket holding
  • This best pocket watch has Japanese quartz movement
  • The case diameter is 42 mm and thickness is around 10
  • Bandwidth is around 5 mm, and the material is brass

Mudder Classic SmoothAs the name suggests, this pocket watch for men is classic and gives the best vintage look. As you can see, it has a unique design with the movement of quartz. The silver chain is also elegant with the combination of this quality pocket watch.

Details of the Mudder classic pocket watch:

  • 12 and 24 hours format
  • Waterproof  pocket watch
  • Casual design with Arabic numerals
  • Smooth back cover
  • Acrylic material for dial window

ShoppeWatch Pocket WatchAs you can see, this pocket watch for men is having the most favorite color for men – Classic Black. The case material of the watch is shiny black along with the metal chain of 14 inches.

Features and specification of this quality pocket watch:

  • Case diameters of 47 mm and thickness of 15 mm
  • 5 mm band width with the silvery black band color
  • Quartz movement so that you can undoubtedly trust its time
  •  A black and white combination -0 white dial and shiny black case
  •  Round, analog metal pocket watch for men

Spovan SPV600There are plenty of positive points of this digital pocket watch. First of all, it has a digital dial so if you are in hurry or under a direct sunlight, then you do not need to make wrinkles on your eyebrows and face to check the time. It also has a waterproof design so no worry when you are in a swimming pool. The case is made from the stainless steel and the surface of the watch has been made by the hardened glass.

Specifications of this waterproof pocket watch are:

  • This watch is having special features of weather forecast, barometer, thermometer and some data functions
  • Having the function of reminder, tracking, air pressure, water depth
  • This digital pocket watch is for men and women both
  • The dial size is 52.2 mm with the diameter of 4 mm
  • The water resistance time is up to 30 minutes


As most people are fond of unique things, they are asking for the quality pocket watch with the large diameters as that was the fashion a few decades back. Women prefer different shapes in the modern pocket watches. It has been seen that women’s pocket watches are more decorative as compared to men’s watches. Men prefer simple but sturdy pocket watches.

In the 16th century when the certain types of portable watches were invented, they were in the form of chained watches which can be wear like a necklace. After world war 1, around the 17th century, such kind of pocket watches for men were invented. Even such modern pocket watches came with the chains so that people can carry them easily, without any fear of dropping the watch from their waistcoats or jackets.



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