Best Audio Books (Updated 2018)


Best Audio BooksAn audio book is a book that a person can listen to instead of reading it. There are two main types of audio books, the unabridged audio books are the books were the person has read the complete book verbatim, while the abridged books are the ones where the shortened version of the book’s text is read out.

Here is the list of some of the best audio books:

893136Year: 1939. Place: Germany. Narrator: Death.

This was the year death started becoming really busy with the advent of world war II. And while on his job of collecting souls from various places, he comes across a nine year old girl, Liesel Meminger.

Death meets Lisel three times. And whenever they come face to face, death cannot help but be intrigued by this girl, who is also known as the Book Thief. He keeps wondering about her, and when at last he comes to collect her soul, he could not help but glance at the Book Thief’s diary where she wrote everything she had experienced.

Join death as he unravels Liesel’s life.

This is an excellent book, with perfect characterization, story line and intrigue.

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[schema type=”book” name=”The Book Thief” author=”Markus Zusak” publisher=”Black Swan” pubdate=”2007-09-08″ isbn=”0552773891 ” ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]

The RevivalThis book is basically a horror story which has its root in the science fiction genre.

It is the year 1962, a six year old Jamie is playing with his toys when a reverend stops by and introduces himself. He invites Jamie and his family to his church and extends an invitation for Jamie to visit his garage where he is inventing new toys. A lover of electricity, the reverend has made a miniature of Jesus walking on water. That is a start of a beautiful friendship.
Three years later, reverend, in his electrical research finds out its extreme power. He gives a lecture stating electricity is powerful than God and then vanishes without a trace.

Jamie grows up to be a druggie and finds that the reverend is now a con man who plays with electricity to produce “magic”. Rest of the story is them trying to help each other in pursuit of the higher power and trying to somehow become better versions of themselves. In this book, King is trying to show that in order to know what it is to be a human, a person must come face to face with the inhuman.

[schema type=”book” name=”Revival: A Novel” author=”Stephen King” publisher=”Simon Schuster” pubdate=”2014-11-11″ isbn=”B00MAOP6ZS” ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]

Long JohnThis is the first book of the “Long John” book series.

After the hugely successful Outlander series, Diana Gabaldon takes one of the characters “Long John” and gives him his own series.
Major Long John shows us the world of the eighteenth century, when the English and french are at war and soldiers are the most satisfied.

Early one morning in the year 1757, Long John witnesses something that could ruin both him and his family. Not wishing to disrupt his otherwise fine life, he decides to stay quiet. But his plans to lead an even free life gets shattered, when he is asked by the crown to investigate his own friend who might even be a traitor.

[schema type=”book” name=”Lord John and the Private Matter” author=”Diana Gabaldon” publisher=”Recorded Books ” isbn=”1402561814″ ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]

Yes PleaseAmy Poehler is best known for her role in the hit TV series “Parks and Recreation”

She is an actor, comedian, and an entrepreneur who has started a website that endeavors to empower young women and motivate to change the world by being ourselves.

This book can be best described as a humorous autobiography where Amy Poehler tells her personal stories while giving relationship, friendship, parenting advice in a charming, hilarious way.

[schema type=”book” name=”Yes Please” author=”Amy Poehler” publisher=”HarperAudio ” pubdate=”2014-10-28″ isbn=”0062350870″ ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]

5. The Help

The-Help-CoverSkeeter completes four years of college and moves back home only to find her maid Constantine has left their home. For Skeeter Constantine was not only a maid, but she was a mother, the woman who raised her and helped shape her personality.

She meets up with her childhood friends who are now married and have children of their own, She does not understand why her best friend Hilly insists on having separate toilets for her maid, Minny while asking minny to raise her children.

So, when a reputed publisher promises to publish her work, if she comes up with an original idea, she decides to write about the coloured Help. The women who raise white babies, who then grow up to be their boss.

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[schema type=”book” name=”The Help” author=”Kathryn Stockett” publisher=”Penguin Audio” pubdate=”2009-02-10″ isbn=”0143144189″ ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]

6. Gone Girl

Gone GirlOne summer day, on their fifth Anniversary, Nick comes home to find his wife is missing. He calls the police, and cracks of their picture perfect marriage come out in open.

The police start suspecting Nick as he does not seem to care that his wife has disappeared. But when the police finds traces of a lot of blood in their kitchen as well as when they uncover Amy’s diary, where she has written that she is afraid her husband would kill her, Nick becomes a murder suspect.

But is there some other reason why Nick is so evasive? Is Amy really gone forever?

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[schema type=”book” name=”Gone Girl” author=”Gillian Flynn” publisher=”Books On Tape” pubdate=”2012-06-05″ isbn=”9780307990426″ ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]

tina-fey-bossypants-book-cover-jpegWhat is the measure of your success?

According to Tina Fey, you are successful only after you are termed “Bossy”

This autobiography charts the journey of a young nerdy girl to one of the biggest comedians in America. Tina Fey bares her life in this book, one sided love affair, nearly fatal honeymoon, her dreams, her hopes and gives her brutally honest opinions on everything from Photoshop to the Italian Rum Cake.

[schema type=”book” name=”Bossypants” author=”Tina Fey” publisher=”Hachette Audio ” pubdate=”2011-04-05″ isbn=”1609419693″ ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]

Jacob, an orphan, jumps on a train. He had no money, no friend, nothing.

But this train brought a change in his fortune, his life turned and he was offered a job at the most spectacular circus in the world.

It was the time of extreme poverty in America, and the world was enchanted by the sequence and the glamour. But beneath it all this glitter there is dirty politics and corruption.

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[schema type=”book” name=”Water for Elephants” author=”Sara Green” publisher=”HighBridge Company” pubdate=”2006-05-24″ isbn=”B002UZZ25G” ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]



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