Best Adult Fantasy Books


Best Adult Fantasy Books
Did you love the Harry Potter Series while growing up?

Dragons, Magic, Darkness, sword fighting, dwarves, elves, werewolves, unicorns and other fantastic beasts do not just belong to the kids world.

Here is a list of some of the best books for adults in Fantasy Genre.

1. The Song of Ice and Fire Series

The song of Ice and Fire seriesThis series achieved the heights of popularity when HBO adapted it in the “Game of Thrones” Television series. Originally, five book series, have been expanded to seven series, with the sixth part “The Winds Of Winterfell” is expected to release in near future.

Part One: The Game of Thrones: The realm is in comparative peace since King Robert Baratheon came to the throne after defeating the Mad King Targaryen. After the Hand of the King Jon Arya dies, Eddard Stark is asked to leave north and serve the king as his hand. Will Eddard be able to find why and how Jon Died?

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Part Two: The Clash of Kings: People from across Westeros are calling themselves the rightful king. Every powerful house wants that iron throne for themselves and they are ready to go to every length to get that throne.

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Part Three: A Storm of Swords: “Steel and Snow” and “Blood and Gold”: While the major houses are still fighting of the throne, the wildlings are gathering strength and marching towards the realm. Only the men on the wall remain to protect the land.

Part Four: A Feast for Crows: The war between the kings is finally coming to an end. But a bitter aftermath is rearing its ugly head. The throne goes to the person who has the strongest sword and the coldest heart.

Part Five: A Dance with Dragons: “Dreams and Dust” and “After the Feast”: Aftermath of the battle is as bad as the battle itself. New threats are coming, and the winter is finally coming.

[schema type=”book” name=”The Song of Ice and Fire Series” author=”George R. R. Martin” publisher=”HarperCollins Publishers Ltd” isbn=”0007548303″ ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” ]

2. The Magicians Series

The MagiciansThis book is literally Harry Potter for adults, it’s not a copy, but if you like Hogwarts, you would love this. The series is also adapted into television series.

This is a story of Quentin Coldwater, who attends a college for Magic in New York. The three parts are as follows:

Part one: The Magicians: Quentin is a senior at high school, and loves the worlds of fantasy books that he has read. He longs to enter into the fictional lands, and finds the real world to be terribly dull and boring. He gets the biggest surprise when he is admitted to exclusive, secret college of Magic in New York.

Part two: The Magician King: It has been two years since the Magicians ended. Quenten and friends are the kings and Queens of Fillory, but they soon find that wearing the crown does not always mean living a life of luxury.

Part three: The Magician’s Land: Everything went haywire, and Quentin has lost everything. Caste away from those he once loved, Quentin revisits his college. But his past comes looking for him, will he be able to survive?


[schema type=”book” name=”The Magicians Series” author=”Lev Grossman ” publisher=”Viking” pubdate=”2009-08-11″ isbn=”0670020559 ” ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]

3. The Kingkiller Chronicles

The King Killer ChroniclesThe kingkiller chronicles is written in the form of an autobiography of a fictional character Kvothe, a magician, a musician and an adventurer. This is a series of three books, the first two of them have been published and the third is yet to be published.


Part one: The Name of The Wind: The book is from Kvothe’s point of view, the story revolves around the protagonist’s rise to becoming the most notorious wizard in the world.


Part two: The Wise Man’s Fear: An escalating level of rivalry forces Kvothe to leave the university and go abroad. Poor and homeless, Kvos quickly uses his skills and gain a foothold and involves in the policy of the new land.

Part three: Doors of the Stone: The third part of this cronicles is yet to be published.

[schema type=”book” name=”The Kingkiller Chronicles” author=”Patrick Rothfuss ” publisher=”Penguin” pubdate=”2007-03-27″ isbn=”075640407X” ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]

4. Black Magicians Trilogy

The Magicians TrilogySlum girl Sonea discovers that she has magical abilities that usually belong only to those born into the upper class. Originally a trilogy, the trilogy was then followed by a prequel and a sequel series.


Prequel: The Magician’s Apprentice: Set hundred years before the start of The Magician’s Guild, set in a remote village, Tessia serves as a Magician’s apprentice to her father. She realises that practicing magic is more of a responsibility than a privilege.


Part one: The Magician’s Guild: The magicians of Imardin gather to remove the undesirable people from the village. But a young girl throws a stone at them breaking the magical shield.

Part two: The Novice: Among all the magicians in the group, only Sonea comes from slums. Even though she has powerful friends, she is left to fend for herself against those who do not want to see her there.

Part three: The High Lord: Sonea finds herself in the center of a terrible plot that would ruin the world. Gaining respect of the new recruits along with trying to put the world back in the place would test Sonea to her extreme.

Sequel Series: The Traitor Spy Trilogy: The Ambassador’s Mission, The Rouge and The Traitor Queen: Sonea is all grown up now and is now horrified that her son, Lorkin wants to assist the building of a new Guild. But Lorkin goes missing, but if Sonea leaves, she would be exiled.


[schema type=”book” name=”Black Magicians Trilogy” author=”Trudi Canavan” publisher=”Orbit” pubdate=”2011-01-01″ isbn=”1780484747″ ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]

5. Mistborn Trilogy

The mistborn seriesA trilogy of high fantasy novels, the Mistborn series is followed by a sequence trilogy called Wax and Wane Trilogy, in which the first book has been published and the next two are yet to be published.

Part one: The Final Empire: Once upon a time, a hero came to save the world. But unlike other heroes, he failed. The now ruined world, only small hope remains. And it is due to this hope that a new uprising is being planned.

Part two: The Well of Ascension: The impossible was achieved and the people won the uprising. A slayer of the old king now faces the challenge of reconstructing the society.

Part three: The Hero of Ages: The evil has been released by mistake, and it is now up to the new emperor and his wife to reduce the impact of the evil.

Sequence Series: Wax and Wane Trilogy: The Alloy of Law and The Shadow of Shelf: The series starts centuries after the Mistborn series ended. The society is now more modern, but some dangers of the old still prevail.

[schema type=”book” name=”The Mistborn Series” author=”Brandon Sanderson ” publisher=”Tor Fantasy” pubdate=”2009-11-03″ isbn=”076536543X” ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]

6. The Night Circus

The Night CircusThe night circus sets up without any warning. No One knows when or where it will spring up.

It is said to be one of the most amazing circus ever, but behind the scenes there is trouble brewing.

Two of the top magicians keep being up in arms against each other. Each tries to put another one down, but unknown to them both, a terrible plan is being hatched, such is the plan that only one of them will live.

[schema type=”book” name=”The Night Circus” author=”Erin Morgenstern” publisher=”Doubleday” pubdate=”2013-09-21″ isbn=”0385534639″ ebook=”yes” paperback=”yes” hardcover=”yes” ]



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