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If you want to buy best saxophones, then the most trusted way is to buy them online. Purchasing your professional saxophone online is easy and money saving process. Whether you want to play a style of Clarence Clemons, Branford Marsalis or a unique style of you, any of the saxophones from this list of the “Best Saxophones of 2018” will help you to show your talent to the world. This list includes a variety of models including best alto saxophone, best tenor saxophone, best student saxophone, best Mendini saxophone, etc. It includes saxophones for beginners as well as for professional performers.

Best Saxophone

Mendini by Cecilio MAS-L+92D+PB Gold Lacquer E Flat Alto SaxophoneThis is professional alto saxophone from Mendini is the teacher approved and is the perfect music instrument for the student musicians. It is a great addition for every performer of any level. It is the bestseller on Amazon in Saxophones category.

Features of the Best Student Saxophone from Mendini are:

  • It comes in a Gold Lacquer body with a high F# key alto sax
  • It has a large bore, quality leather pads with metal tone boosters, and ribbed construction
  • It includes a mouthpiece, neck strap, a durable hard shell case, a box of 10 reeds of 2.5” size, a pair of gloves, and a cleaning cloth and rod
  • You will also get a Cecilio 92-D tuner with pocketbook and metronome as a bonus
  • It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty


Glory Professional Alto Saxophone with a Gold Lacquer Finish and 11 reedsGlory has designed this amazing professional alto saxophone which need not to do any tuning and you can play it directly out of the box. If you want to buy a professional saxophone on a small budget, then this is a good choice for you.

Features of the Glory Professional Alto Saxophone are:

  • It is a high-quality product at a cost effective price
  • If you want to buy a saxophone for you or for your friends and relatives, then this can be a good choice
  • It includes 11piece reeds, mouthpiece, neck strap, screwdriver, hard-shell case, a pair of gloves, and a cleaning cloth and rod
  • It comes with high-quality leather pads with metal resonators, adjustable key height screws, and hand engraved bell decoration
  • It has a compact design and reasonable key layout which makes it easily playable by both adults and children
  • It will be verified by experts before going out for delivery


Selmer STS280 Black Lacquer La Voix II Tenor SaxophoneThis is a more traditional bell sized music instrument from Selmer. The La Voix II Tenor Saxophone is ideal for solo playing and for concert band.

Features of the STS280 La Voix II Tenor Saxophone from Selmer are:

  • It has a clear black lacquered body, neck and bell
  • It has a high F# key with alto sax
  • It includes a trek style case, Selmer mouthpiece, ligature, and cap
  • It inherits the pure tone and fluid keywork of the original La Voix saxophones
  • It makes you able to have more focus and ease of blending


Mendini by Cecilio MBS-30L+92D Lacquer Yellow E-Flat Baritone SaxophoneThis is an advanced Mendini saxophone which is a perfect music instrument for the professionals and serious musicians. It is assembled with over 300 hands crafted Cecilio parts.

Features of the Baritone Mendini Saxophone are:

  • It has a brass intermediate yellow lacquered body
  • It has an advanced EB with high F# and low A key baritone sax
  • It has a ribbed construction with metal tone boosters
  • It comes with a durable hard-shell case, neck strap, mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, etc.
  • You will also get a bonus of Cecilio 92-D string tuner
  • One-year manufacturer warranty allows you to have a hassle-free purchase


XP AS1203LQ Antigua Winds Eb Best Alto SaxophoneThis is an X/P series alto saxophone from Antigua Winds, which is a good choice for the beginners. You can enjoy the great music playing without spending too much from your earnings.

Features of the Antigua Winds Alto Saxophone are:

  • It has a Lacquer finished body
  • It comes with a high F# key with alto sax
  • It has a fully ribbed construction
  • It comes with a durable and lightweight canvas case
  • You can explore the wonderful reward of music with the X/P series alto saxophone


 Lazarro Black-Gold Keys Eb E Flat Professional Alto Saxophone with 11 ReedsThis Professional Alto Saxophone with black-gold keys is made by Lazarro and has a high F# key and front F key. It has an adjustable key height screws and high-quality leather pads.

Features of the Lazarro Professional Alto Saxophone are:

  • It comes with 11 reeds and a pocketbook by William Bay
  • It comes with a mouthpiece, neck strap, cap, ligature, and a lightweight case
  • The kit includes a polish cloth, cleaning swab, gloves, grease, and a screwdriver
  • The case has a backpack and side straps with pocket
  • It is available in 24 colors


ENGRAVED FLOWER Glory PR3 Series Antique Finish, E Flat Alto SaxophoneIf money is not a big issue for you to buy a professional alto saxophone, then this Glory PR3 Saxophone is the best choice. Every product is checked by expert teachers before going out for a delivery.

Features of the Glory PR3 Alto Saxophone are:

  • It is the best choice if you want to buy it for you or your friends or relative
  • It is a high-quality and cost-effective alto saxophone from Glory
  • This Eb E-Flat professional alto saxophone has a high F# key
  • It includes 11 piece reeds, mouthpiece, hardshell case, neck strap, cleaning cloth, screwdriver, grease, rod, and a pair of gloves
  • It comes with high-quality leather pads with metal resonators and adjustable key height screws
  • It can be easily played by both adults and children


The first introduction of saxophones was made in the year of 1840, and in their young life, they rise as a favorite instrument for the musicians. It doesn’t matter whether you are purchasing the saxophone tenth time in your life or it is your first buy, it really is a big decision to make, it will become a part of you until you buy a new one, so it is advisable that you go for the best saxophones for your musical requirements. You will find a number of sites on the web giving you the reviews, details, purchasing guides, blogs, and forums about the latest and best saxophone brands for an Entertainment of you and your audience. And this above list of the “Best Saxophones of 2018” will end your search to buy the greatest among them according to your budget and needs.



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