Best Double Bass Pedal for the Money


Are you on the lookout for a well-designed double bass pedal to go with your electric bass drum kit? A simple Google search of double bass pedal reviews will show you that there’s awfully long list of brands and designs to choose from. Worry not. Here’s a list of some of the double bass pedals on sale. Choose wisely.

Best Double Bass Pedal for the Money

Best Double Bass Pedal for the Money

MAPEX P500TW Single ChainThis is a single-chain pedal with strong and durable steel components, made for maximized performance and a long shelf-life. The best thing about MAPEX P500 is the easy of installation and adjustment. If you are looking for premier quality bass pedals at a surprisingly reasonable price, MAPEX is for you.

Its features include:

  • Duo-Tone Felt / ABS Beater
  • A footboard
  • Compact stabilizer radius rods

PDP By DW 400 SeriesThis is a lightweight aluminium-cast double bass pedal of the Pacific 400 series. It is built to offer pro-quality performance at a reasonable price-range.

Its features include:

  • An affordable chain and cam drive
  • A dual-chain turbo sprocket
  • Two-way, adjustable beaters
  • A 3 position stroke adjustment

Pearl P932 Demonator Right FootedLightweight with a sleek aluminium finish, Pearl Demonator is a single chain bass pedal that is sure to give you the loudest bang for your buck. The best thing about it is the flexibility it offers with an infinitely adjustable beater angle, and an interchangeable cam, that can be manipulated to produce the result you desire. It comes with click-lock spring tension keepers and a control core beater that add to its impressive features.

The following are some other features unique to Demonator:

  • An eliminator-style eccentric cam that’s removable
  • A demon style longboard with power-shifter functioning
  • A dual surface beater with a control core
  • An infinitely adjustable beater angle that can be manipulated to produce the exact sound that you desire
  • Excellent build quality and light in weight

DW 3002 Double Bass PedalIf you are a beginner drummer with a tight budget, looking a high-quality double bass pedal, DW 3002 is your best bet. The pedals of DW’s 3000 series are designed with drummers of every level of competence in mind.

It’s array of features include:

  • A two-way beater and heavy duty metallic build
  • A dual chain turbo drive
  • Spring rocker assembly
  • A dual adjustable toe camp
  • A steel base plate
  • One particular feature to be noted is that this pedal is meant for right-handed players only and may not be compatible with left-handed players

GP Percussion DP778TNThe best thing about GP Percussion DP778TN Pro-quality double drum pedal is that it is indeed pro-quality at a very affordable price. No matter your level of comfort playing drums, this pedal can be easily adjusted to any specific configuration that you desire. It comes complete with a drum key, dual chains, two foot pedals, three high-tension springs, and four adjustable spurs.

Other notable features include:

  • It has a heavy duty professional quality construction but can be used comfortably even by a beginner
  • It functions using a chain-drive mechanism
  • Its central linkage can also be adjusted from 15-22 inches
  • It comes with two multiple-style beaters that can be used for one pedal each or both on a single one

TMS Percussion Drum PedalIf you are an absolute beginner, looking for a low-value bass pedal to start with, this is a good option for you. TMS Percussion Drum Pedal Double Bass Pedal offers a range of impressive features for its noticeably small price range. A fully adjustable hinge system, adjustable pedals, a durable steel plate on the left pedal, spring tension, and three-position stroke adjustment, are some of its important features.

Other key attributes include:

  • Strong and lasting steel chain drives
  • A friction-free bearing hinge
  • An adjustable hinge system
  • Spikes on the underside of the carpet to avoid slipping
  • Detachable steel plates at the pedal’s underside
  • A two-way beater the angle of which can be adjusted as desired by the player
  • A quick and responsive double cam action that is easy to execute

Signature Music Pro Double BassSignature Music is a good option for beginners at a reasonable price range and good quality. It comes with a one year warranty, that makes it a safe option if you are someone who uses your device frequently.

Among its features are:

  • A double chain drive
  • Carpet locks
  • The beater head and beater angle can be manipulated for best results
  • Spring tension can be easily adjusted to suit your specifications
  • It has an aluminium drive shaft that is light in weight
  • Has a durable metallic built
  • A pendulum with roller bearings
  • A strong, angled floor base plate
  • A quick release hoop clamp
  • A spring lock system

Although all bass drum pedals might seem as just a combination of a footboard and a beater on first glance, there are so many other features to watch out for. We hope that this article helps you in purchasing a double bass pedal that best fits your requirements, budget, and level of expertise. Have a musical day!



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