Is Dailymotion Safe Website? Does It Have Viruses? | Top Guide


Dailymotion is a video-sharing website – a video sharing technology platform. It is a joint venture of Vivendi with the 90% of the stakes and Orange S.A. with the minority stakes of 10%. It is available in 35 countries and that too, in 18 languages. It was started 13 years ago in 2005, which is an extended period. In January 2018, Alexa gave the ranking of 144 to the Dailymotion.

Dailymotion Safe WebThe purpose of sharing this information with you is because such info is the proof of the safety. Many people have this doubt; Is Dailymotion safe? The answer is; Yes, It is. It is just like YouTube, which streams videos. With the videos, you can also find some original content created by the studio. That is the only difference between Dailymotion and the other websites which work for the similar purposes. The content provided by the Dailymotion studio is very informative and mature.

Is Dailymotion Safe for Children?

Safe KidsDailymotion is one of the leading video streaming sites. It has achieved the rank of 131 in the top 500 most important websites on the internet, which has more than 300 million visitors per month. It is associated with BBC news, VICE, HBO, Showtime, and many more. Apart from all these, it provides tools to the parents so that their children and students can share and watch the videos safely.

Dailymotion is spreading awareness regarding bullies and cyber crimes. It can not stop the children to upload or view the videos as it is up to them and their parents, but it has collaborated with some safety groups to provide the maximum protection and positive online experiences. It also offers a feature as ‘Age Gate Feature,’ to avoid the objectionable or inappropriate videos or contents. It stays activated by default.

Does Dailymotion Have Viruses?

VirusNo. Dailymotion does not have any viruses or malware. As per a survey of the Norton Safe Web, (2013) does not have any infections. But, it is an obvious thing to understand that not just the Dailymotion, but any website can get infected with viruses in some period. So, just like the other websites, Dailymotion also suffers from malware sometimes, but not always! It’s antivirus software work well on the issues and keeps it safe from malware.

Also, there are many antivirus companies out there which can give is the information regarding the browsing safety of the sites. Such companies keep the record of top websites and their browsing issues, and so, able to provide us the correct information.

So, from now onwards, when you have any doubts regarding the safety of, just read this article and convince yourself that you are using a safe video streaming website. According to a web reputation checker, Dailymotion provides 90% of the overall security and also safe for children. Even you should stop worrying about the viruses as Dailymotion is one of the best on the internet. So go ahead, and expand your views to be up to date.



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