How to Add Exponents in Excel? Use These Hidden Techniques


Microsoft excel is a great tool for calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication with ease but when it comes to exponential calculations, it does go a bit tricky for the user.

How to write exponents in excel is not anymore a tough task. There are several methods to use exponents in excel and can be used comfortably by the user. The operations on exponential numbers such as addition, multiplication, subtraction and division can also be done in a way that are done for normal arithmetic numbers.

How to Write Exponents in Excel?_Hidden Techniques to Add Exponents in Excel

Basically to cope up with the dilemma of how to calculate exponents in excel, three ways can be used:

  • Apply exponents to numbers in excel using power function;
  • Apply exponents on numbers in excel using symbol ‘^’;
  • Apply exponents on numbers in excel with Kutoo

Using a Power Function-

The power function returns the result with a number raised to a given power with syntax power (n,p), where n is the base number,p is the power it is to be raised.

Example-power(10,2)= 10*10 =100

It can be used through following steps-

  1. Enter the formula  power(A,3) in any blank cell
  2. Then press enter and select a cell C and then drag the fill handle
  3. There would be a list of formulae and whenever needed they can be copied to other cells and can be pasted as values.

Using symbol ‘^’-

As we have different relevant symbols for different operations  as +,-,*,/ so in the same way there is a symbol to write exponent in excel as well.

  1. Enter the formula in blank cell (A1^3).
  2. Press enter and select cell C1 then drag the fill handle over to C10.
  3. There will be set of formulae, whenever needed can be copied and pasted to other cells.

How to add exponents in excel?

The operations on exponents can be done in a way using Kutools.

  1. Highlight the range the user wants to do the exponential calculation.
  2. Click Kutools then click on More and further on Operation Tools
  3. In the operation tools dialog box, select exponential from operation and write 3 in the operand box and the results can be seen using preview.
  4. Click Ok or Apply, the results of power can be seen immediately.

How to write exponential function in excel?How to write exponential function in excel

Exponential functions

Excel uses a very large set of number of special functions that you can use in a cell formula. We list only a few here. A complete set can be seen using Insert Menu in excel and choosing function. A dialog box will appear which will show list of functions which can be pasted into a cell with certain documentation for each.

Use of exponential function in function

  1. It is also used for calculating the probability distribution in the statistics also known as the exponential probability distribution.
  2. It can be used for exponential and logarithmic calculation of numbers
  3. Three exponential distribution deals with the amount of time for a specific event to occur.
  4. The exponential function in excel is also used in the regression union modelling in the statistics.

Excel supports many more functions, not only exponents, but also supports a list of functions such as logarithmic, trigonometric, inverse and much more range of functions.



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