Best Strength Training Books of 2018


Tired of reading the same text over and over on blogs and forums on bodybuilding, then it’s time to for some changes which will guide you correctly towards achieving a great muscular body. We have put together the strength training books you can find in the market that offers complete information on strength training penned by experienced people.

Our accumulated list of books are reference guides, have motivating stories and specially designed training manuals that will actually work on anyone’s body. The best thing about these weightlifting books is the accuracy of information that won’t ever go wrong for you.

Best Strength Training Books

Five Best Strength Training Books 2018

Strength Training Anatomy WorkoutHave been read by one million readers, Strength Training Anatomy guides you to achieve the muscular body you always desire. Chosen number one among the strength training books, the author Ferderic Delavier and Michael Gundill guides you with more than 200 exercises and 50 workouts that will work on each and every muscles of your body.   If you want to increase muscle mass, strengthen your core, sculpt back and chest, firm glutes or increase flexibility, then this book will be the correct guide for you.

Starting Strength Basic Barbell TrainingStarting Strength has been titled as the best strength training books by fitness critics. After the great success of the second edition, the author Mark Rippetoe has launched the 3rd edition which gives you a complete guide on barbell training. This book is aimed to help everyone who wish are looking for strength and conditioning books.  With Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, 3rd edition, you will be strong, fit and healthy like never before.

Bodyweight Strength Training AnatomyWish to increase strength, meltdown fat and increase muscle strength then Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy has step-by-step instructions, training advice and 156 workouts that will guide you to use your own body to weight to sculpt your physique. Get freedom from using weight or using same gym machine as Bret Contreras strength training books will help you build a sequence of exercise that will tone the muscles of arms, chest, shoulders, back, core, thighs, glutes, and calves.

Bones of IronThe Bones of Iron is a 182 paperback book written by Matt Forman who is an Olympic weight lifter, power lifter and has been coaching for multiple sports. This book is about his very own perspective and insights on how one can achieve great body by practicing strength training exercises. Bones of Irons is one the best among weightlifting books and appeared in the Performance Menu journal between 2008 and 2011. Foreman covers all the information and guidelines of body building programs in this book with hint of humor. Also, you will come to know about his personal experience followed by tips on achieving great body with weight lifting exercises.

Building Muscle and PerformanceIf you want to boost your strength, body mass and speed then read Building Muscles and Performance – A Program for Size, Strength & Speed by Nick Tumminello who has developed a high-efficiency program to build muscle strength and boost performance. Pick one of the best strength and conditioning books of all time. This book is a detailed guide to push yourself more to the limit, guidance on exercising, weight lifting and cardio conditioning workouts. Every workout will become more challenging and exhilarating yet in the end you will achieve the physique one you always dreamt of.

MaxFTT Maximum Fatigue Training TechniqueLooking for a guide on muscle growth, strength training workouts and nutrition guide, then MaxFTT Maximum Fatigue Training Technique: A Guide to Maximum Muscle Gain and Nutrition by Mark Hummel gives you all the essential information on how to turn your fat into lean muscles. If you are looking at too many strength training books, then Mark Hummel book will be best guide for you because it’s based on author’s personal experiences and what kind of exercise works for a common man. It not only guides you to practice workout with correct equipment but also emphasis on healthy diet that helps you gain lean muscles. If you want to shape your body then this bodybuilder guide is the correct choice for you.

Inside the Mind of an Iron IconIf you are starting strength training or wish to become expert in body building, then Stuart McRobert and Chuck Miller’s Inside the Mind of an Iron Icon is a spot-on book for you to read. Among the best weightlifting books of all time, it’s a definitive scoop on all the exercise to get you bigger muscles and built strength. Chuck Miller has more than 30 years of experience in strength training which is poured word by word in the Inside the Mind of an Iron Icon where you will learn do’s and don’ts of weight lifting. Pick up this copy today if you wish to rejuvenate your strength building routine.

The Body WhispererStrengthening a weak body can be struggle of many. Mary Kay Sellek has also gone through a phase where her body was weak, troubled with allergies yet today in her50’s she is in the best shape of her life. The Body Whisperer is a book that has been divided in four chapters Irritant Elimination, Nutrient Replacement, Weightlifting and Conditioning and Becoming a Body Whisperer. If you are looking for an easy way to buff up your body, then this is not the book for you. The author guides you to a strength building journey of your own to make you understand the body better and exercises that will help it to get stronger.

With these best weightlifting books, you will get the correct guidance regarding body building, strength training and conditioning. Choose the strength training books that will help you achieve in your goal. All these weightlifting books will motivate you and become guide that leads to success.



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