Best Raspberry Pi Books for Beginners


Best Raspberry Pi Books for Beginners

If you are an electronic geek, then you should be well aware of the use of Raspberry Pi. But, if you do not know where to start, then it may be a challenge to get started with your Raspberry Pi device, especially when you are a beginner in the field. The aspberry pi books will help you with that. The raspberry pi books help you in learning your pi device, knowing its parts and accessories, provide you details about various projects you can do with your raspberry pi starter kit and much more. There are tons of books are available for learning the raspberry pi, so it may be difficult to choose the raspberry pi books among them. So, for my potential readers, I have researched and filtered out some of the “Raspberry Pi Books for Beginners”. Check the list below and choose the best raspberry books, according to your level of learning and needs.

Best Raspberry Pi Books

Raspberry Pi User Guide by Eben Upton and Gareth Halfacree – 3rd EditionWho can give you a better information about the raspberry pi than the founder and owner of the Raspberry Pi itself? The founder of the, Eben Upton and his writing partner Gareth Halfacree have provided this complete user guide with the creator insights. The 3rd paperback edition of the Raspberry Pi User Guide has everything that you need to know for getting up and running with your raspberry Pi device. It covers all the latest updates, models and all kinds of innovative applications to earn the badge of the unofficial official guide to the raspberry pi. It can be put into the top position in the category of the raspberry pi books.

Programming the Raspberry Pi and Getting Started with Python by Simon Monk – 2nd EditionThis is an upgraded programming guide to getting started with Python and learning about the Raspberry Pi projects. The second edition by Simon Monk is the best seller on Amazon in the category of Mainframes & Minicomputers. You can learn to create fun games and inventive programming with your powerful raspberry pi device. The book is revised to cover the latest model of raspberry pi 2 and the upgraded Raspbian Operating System. You can also learn to write Python scripts, how to control external electronics, configurations of hardware and software, and how to create user-friendly GUIs. It is simply one of the raspberry pi books for learning to program with Raspberry Pi and Python.

RASPBERRY PI Raspberry Pi 2 The Ultimate Beginner's Guide by Andrew JohansenBe the master of the Raspberry Pi programming with the help of the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Raspberry Pi / Pi 2 by Andrew Johansen. You can understand the thinking of a computer and process of the input codes it uses to complete the instructions fed into its system. You can also learn about the software and hardware working to achieve the desired output from your raspberry pi starter kit. This one of the raspberry pi books for beginners can help you to have all the knowledge required to become the pro in electronics.

Raspberry Pi Cookbook by Simon Monk – 1st EditionSimon Monk has written this beautiful Cookbook for Raspberry Pi by including the new interface board and software libraries which are available all the time. This book provides you with above 200 ideas for running your low-cost tiny computer with Python and Linux programming. You can also learn to hook up the sensors, motors and other hardware including the ARDUINO, what better than this? You can go through the detailed tutorials about creating the awesome projects with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Raspberry Pi For Dummies by Sean McManus – 2nd EditionThis easy-to-follow guide by Sean McManus helps you to become the master of programming with your raspberry pi device. This 2nd edition for the Raspberry Pi is specially designed for Dummies. It is fully updated to align with the latest Rev3 board and exciting new technology to become a comprehensive guide for beginners. The Raspberry Pi book also includes the updated information about the PiStore, Noobs and making awesome music with the SonicPi to add the advanced operations and features to the basic raspberry pi.

Raspberry Pi 2 101 Beginners Guide by Andy GatesThis is the definitive step-by-step guide for the beginners of the raspberry pi by providing the best knowledge about getting started with your pi device. It is acclaimed as the #1 best selling book which is globally available now on Amazon. It helps the enthusiasts to accomplish their hobbies and professionals to create small scale designs as well as innovative concepts. This ultimate guide is not only one of the raspberry pi books for beginners but even if you are a pro in electronics, I am sure that it will let you  go through the production environment of the Raspberry Pi. After all, if you stop learning, you will left behind!

Raspberry Pi Projects for the Evil Genius By Donald NorrisThis amazing book by Donald Norris contains a dozen fun and wonderful projects of Raspberry Pi. It contains practical knowledge of the projects by making you understand the Raspberry Pi programming and the work environment of the Operating System. You can learn to build a weather station, a Bluetooth-controlled robot, a home automation system, a universal robot, and many more things with this amazing guide named as “Raspberry Pi Projects for the Evil Genius”. Each project of the book gives you the detailed information about the parts and components, material to be used, programming guide, and step-by-step instruction to build an awesome Raspberry Pi project.

Quick Compare:

Best Raspberry Pi Books Author Price Edition
Raspberry Pi User Guide Eben Upton $16.79 3rd
Programming the Raspberry Pi imon Monk $10.68 2nd
Raspberry Pi 2: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide Andrew Johansen $12.99
Raspberry Pi for the Evil Genius Donald Norris $17.00 1st
Raspberry Pi For Dummies Sean McManus $18.78 2nd
Raspberry Pi 2: 101 Beginners Guide Andy Gates $13.67
Raspberry Pi Cookbook Simon Monk $30.32 1st

The Raspberry Pi does not ship with an operating system or a storage device. It does not come with installed drivers too. You also have to configure the settings of the device to get the best output from it. But, not to worry about all these things as the above raspberry pi books will help you in a great way for that. There are the limitless possibilities can be done with your pi device, and the programmers guide and project books let you go through the step-by-step tutorials for it. So, do not sit back and just buy these raspberry pi books for beginners and create awesome designs with your beloved Pi device.



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