Best HVAC Training Books for Beginners


Best HVAC Training Books for BeginnersIf you want to pursue your career as an HVAC technician, then you need to have some guidance before jumping into it. On the other hand, if you want to do some do-it-yourself type tasks at your home, then also you need to have some basic and proper knowledge of the HVAC equipment in your home. And for both of these purposes the “HVAC Training Books for Beginners” will be your ideal teacher. The HVAC books come with all the Education about the HVAC equipment, their design, structure, and how you can repair them with some handy tools by following step-by-step guides. Check this list of the HVAC training books and save your money on repairs.

Best HVAC Training Books

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology (7th Edition)This 7th edition of the exceptional book is honored as the best seller for providing hands-on guidance, latest technology and foundation details, and practical applications which you need as an HVAC technician. This book is divided into ten sections and 49 chapters in 1696 pages. It is focused on the HVAC/R industry knowledge and will provide you a clear and accurate coverage of HVAC/R skills.

With the contribution of four authors; Bill Whitman, Bill Johnson, John Tomczyk, and Eugene Silberstein, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology’ is one of the tops selling HVAC books today. This book will provide you the knowledge and skills which will help you to maintain and troubleshoot all the complex and basic HVAC repairs of refrigeration and air conditioning technology.

101 Ways To Suck As An HVAC Technician by R J SchusterIf you are a beginner in the HVAC field, then you may not know that many HVAC technicians make mistakes and just suck with their plans. This book is based on their stories which are easy to read and light-hearted. After all, mistaking is an another way of learning! And for this reason, this book is quickly gaining popularity as one of the best HVAC books for beginners.

Written by R J Schuster, the ‘101 Ways To Suck As An HVAC Technician’ helps you in various things like planning a job, services techs and specs, finishing your HVAC job in a right way, etc. It consists of different short stories about mistakes, mishaps, and other funny situations which you may find something entertaining as well as knowledgeable.

Audel HVAC Fundamentals, Volume 1: Heating Systems, Furnaces, and Boilers by James E. BrumbaughThis is the all new 4th edition of this one of the HVAC training books. This book is all about HVAC fundamentals, basic background of the heating systems and the latest chip-based technology. It is the first volume of heating systems, boilers, and furnaces from Audel’s HVAC Library.

This HVAC book will provide you all the comprehensive information that you need for your HVAC/R job. Whether it is installing, repairing, servicing, or troubleshooting of a new or old HVAC system, you will find the solution in this HVAC book for beginners.

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning By Daniel C. Bracciano – 19th EditionThis book provides all the information about the design, size, installation, and repairs of modern HVAC/R systems. This 19th edition is reorganized with updated content for enhancing student comprehension. The HVAC beginners can learn the basic HVAC concepts in the book and then apply them to the simple as well as complex systems of refrigeration and air conditioning.

Five authors names as Andrew D. Althouse, Carl H. Turnquist, Alfred F. Bracciano, Daniel C. Bracciano, and Gloria M. Bracciano have contributed in this one of the most popular HVAC books on refrigeration and air conditioning systems. ‘Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning’ is an HVAC training book which provides all HVAC service information, skill development, theory and practical knowledge about the field.

The HVACR Professional's Field Guide to Universal R-410a Safety & Training Delta-T SolutionsThree authors; John Tomczyk, Joe Nott, and Dick Shaw have compiled this one of the most popular HVAC training books in the world. The Universal R-410a Safety & Training’ textbook provides the practical knowledge with necessary training for safety service systems.

This HVAC book includes all the needful information about the refrigerant and oil applications, security handling, and service techniques of different HVAC machines and tools. It will help the HVAC technicians to get the R-410A Safety Certification.

HVAC Level 1 Trainee Guide (4th Edition) by NCCERThis is an exceptional training guide which features technical hints, substantially illustrated designs, tips from the experts in industry, questions, and answers, and a lot more. This is the 4th edition of the textbook, ‘Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning’ which is specially designed and one of the most helpful HVAC reference books for beginners.

The key contents of this HVAC book include introduction to cooling, heating, air distribution system, mathematics, electricity, soldering, copper, plastic, and steel piping, and all other HVAC tools and machines. Get this book, and you can do many home servicing HVAC projects by yourself.

Residential Construction Academy HVACThe content of this fantastic HVAC reference book is purely intended for the beginner HVAC technicians and covers all the information about the installation, startup, and service of the heating and air conditioning systems.

The second edition of ‘Residential Construction Academy HVAC’ by Eugene Silberstein provides all hands-full training material for HVAC jobs. This full colored, comprehensive textbook is based on the NAHB/HBI standards.

If you know about the working of some particular machine, then it will be easier to repair it. The HVAC is a field that has not changed as fast as the other technical fields, especially the field of computing. You will find it difficult or almost impossible that a computer technician is hired for a computer repair which is 15 years old! But in the field of HVAC equipment, you will find many units which are ten to fifteen years old, or older than that. But, it is the other topic to discuss. Here, we are talking about the HVAC books. The above list of the “HVAC Training Books for Beginners” will guide you through tutorials, designs, and specifications about the different HVAC machines and tools. Find the best HVAC reference books for you and be your own tutor!



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